Saturday, 30 June 2007

Louise needs...

OK so I got this from Jen's blog... you put your name then 'needs' into google and see what you get...

Louise needs your vote on Wed 23rd.
Louise needs a glass of lemonade made from 'crystal clear, free-running, natural, spring water'
Louise needs to. pick the tickets up for the Carleton next Tuesday
Louise needs to make some nomination slips and. send an e-mail
Louise needs to express how much she cares and provide as much support as she can
Louise needs 2 hours to run the first 10 miles (the first half of the course) and 1 hour to run the last 10 miles (the last half), meaning she needs 3 hours

But my favourite has to be

Louise needs a pig nose mask!

Love it... now off to get me a pig nose mask...LOL!!!

What do you need?

Crop day:)

Today was Cheadle Hulme crop day and I had a great time. I wasn't too sure about going and leaving a poorly niblet, and then there was the whole 'she who should not be named' issue!!! but I am so glad I did... I sat next to Jen, and so will use her as the excuse for me not even getting 1 LO finished.... nothing to do with the amount of time spent stash shopping/talking/faffing at all... oh no, all Jen's fault :P

So todays Not HS:MS prompt was set by Barry... cutlery. Not a great photo at all as the light was really bad due to the glorious Manchester weather...LOL!!! so I will have another go tomorrow...

Friday, 29 June 2007

Prompt for the day

OK so we have 3 people to play... Barry, Nikki and me. A prompt a day whilst HS:MS is away, not trying to compete or take over before anybody gets upset... just getting some practice in before Kirsty and Anita get back:) But if anybody does want to join in, please do... we can take it in turns for setting the prompt.

Clock: a timepiece that shows the time of day

Another LO to share

Well I did finish the LO last night, but it was quite late and I couldn't face scanning stitching blah blah blah!!! I have always been quite envious of the fabby sneaky peeks shots people take of their work... I have tried sooooo many times with my ickle compact and they always look poop.... but look what I have done this morning...

I can't share the whole LO yet, just in case I do decide to enter it into the Mojo blog DT. And thanks to all those people who have said I am good enough :)

I am really missing the HS:MS prompts, the game that has been started just isn't the same... I like seeing different interpretations of the same prompt... so I am really hoping that Nikki and Barry will start giving prompts.... go on, you know you want to:)

Better go and paint my little clown ready for nursery... be back later with piccies.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

HS:MS on holiday

I don't believe it, I get my new camera and HS:MS goes on holiday for a month!!! They have left us with a game though, and I chose 'rattle'.

This rattle used to be Oliver's... I bought it because I really liked it and Oliver was never really interested in it... and to be honest Harry isn't either!!! I on the other hand am still fascinated by how the orange balls change to pink when you tip it...LOL!!!

Tomorrow is 'clown' day at nursery, so we have been to the toy shop to buy face paints. It will be the first time that Oliver will have had his whole face painted... so we'll see how it goes, I'm looking forward to doing the painting though.

My smile for today is because Harry 'talked' for the first time... he was sat in his pushchair whilst I put the washing out and he was jibber jabbering away to himself. Now obviously he makes noises all the time, but this was different... he was really expressing himself... talking away to his bling rings (teething rings).

There are a couple of DT comps being advertised at the moment for blogs... not sure if I am going to go for them... one part of me says yay, the other part of me says nay. Might do the LOs anyway, and see how they turn out...

I started a LO last night, but it just wasn't happening... so as I have been really good and done lots of housework today I am hoping to get it done tonight. Will upload it later... if it gets done:)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ornamental fine wire work. Show us filligree in your space.

When I saw todays word I thought oh eck, we don't have filligree in this space... then I saw this necklace on the coffee table. I bought this on Saturday morning and wore it to my friends wedding the same day.... not what you'd call fancy, and it only cost £1.95, but it's the nearest to filligree i've got!

And these are the first photos i've taken with my new camera... not understanding it yet, but I like the fact I can focus on small things...yay!!!

It's been a bit of a poop day today, lousy weather, poorly sick niblet who has screamed ALL day, an Oliver who has tried to match the noise created by niblet....aaaaarrrgggghhhh!!!! So my smile came when Rob walked in the front door and I could pass the baby!!! Makes me sound like a bad mum... but OMG what a day!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Butterflies, flowers and PINK!!!

Oh I love scrapping in pink... I really indulged my girly side, butterflies (which I hate irl but paper ones are good), flowers, beads, gem stones, lace and glitter embossing powder.... can you tell I don't get the chance to do this often....LOL!!! I love this photo of Lola... the next piccie I scrap of her, you will see just how beautiful she is....

It does look better irl... the butterflies are stitched on down the body so the wings stand up, and the beads add texture which you can't really see... and the chipboard swirl has glitter embossing powder on it.... yummy!!! Hope you like it Annie, I'll pop it in the post to you:)

What made me smile today? My dslr arrived and it is fabby doodle do!!! I just need to learn how to use it properly now... tis all a bit scary, with so many buttons and sticky out bits... LOL!!!

Yey!!! Barry's blogging

A round, deep dish. Show us a bowl in your space today.

You really really need to keep an eye on Barry's blog... only day 2 of playing along with HS:MS and WOW!!! those photos are truly fantastic. I for one will be blog stalking, even at the risk of developing an inferiority complex...LOL!!!

Well my piccie for today is of a cute little bowl I got for Harry... it says 'give peas a chance' in the bottom... not flippin likely, peas are the devil's food!!! There is nothing nice about them, yet they are everywhere... peas are evil and should be banned... when I am queen, peas will not be allowed to be grown... it will be the law!!

My new camera still has not arrived... mind you I have had a card pushed through the door saying there is a parcel to be collected from the depot... so fingers crossed.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Todays smile is the biggest smile yet :) Tonight I spoke to my bestest friend ever for the first time in waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Annie is one of the kindest people I know and has the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world... and she has emailed me pics so I can scrap in pink....woooohooooo!!!
*waves* hello ickle Lola Polar Pants, give pupster a kiss from me X


A position in which we relax. Who is sitting in your space today?
Little Harry hotpants in his Bumbo...

Pencil Lines #38

Quite an early finish for me tonight... scrapped, scanned and blogged all by 12:15!!!

Love these pics of Harry taken a few weeks ago. He was fascinated by one of the rollercoaster rides at Gulliver's World and everytime one of the cars went down the hill he would chuckle away... awwwwwww sweet.

So what have I used? a bit of a mix and match really... papers from the love Elsie Toby range, Junkitz, and BG Phoebe... Heidi Swap chipboard alphas inked and embossed to change colour, love Elsie ribbon, Aunty Sarah's bloomer and acetate letters.... oh and PM brads, and Junkitz bling!!!

What made me smile today? a lovely message from a wee Scottish lassy... just what I needed thank you.... mwwwwahhhh!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Yesterdays smile

Didn't get the chance to add my smile from yesterday so here it is now. We went to my friend Billie's wedding, and had such a brill time. Billie looked amazing in her dress and Tony looked lovely in pink, and let's not forget gorgeous little Eva in her bridesmaid dress....

So yesterday there was lots of smiling. Smiling from being with friends I haven't seen for ages, smiling as I got to introduce Harry to those friends, smiling watching Oliver and Elijah dancing like loons, but the biggest smile had to be seeing Billie for the first time ever NOT in trousers.


A product we use to halp us clean. Find soap in your space today.

We love Kandoo soap we do... even mummy and daddy use this...

Saturday, 23 June 2007

To make marks wth a pencil , paint or ink. Show us writting in your space.

My Weight Watchers journal used to write down every morsel that passes my lips (well almost every morsel).

Friday, 22 June 2007

Scrapagogo kit LO #2

Finished this LO tonight... it is a piccie of Oliver when he was a baby. He used to love going up to the forest when we visited mum's. On this day we went looking for acorns, and Oliver found a stick... or 'tick as he called it. Some older boys were climbing in trees and Oliver was fascinated... so we let him sit in a tree too... he wanted to stay there for ages and got very upset when we put him back in his buggy....

Thank god for scrapping... without it memories like this could be forgotten forever.

This is also my 'technique Tuesday' as set by Monika... basically our team on UKS has started having a task of the week as set by one member... I started off with paper rolling, then Monika set the challenge to alter chipboard some way... this was actually quite a challenge for me,as I normally hide my chipboard away only using it as a template...LOL!!! On the 'T' I covered it first with Bazzill, then inked it... I stamped onto it, and stuck another chipboard shape on top of it... on the brackets I inked and then added rub ons... not altered to the standards of the altering queen... but hey I had a go and at least I USED the chipboard!!!

Smile or cringe or both!!!

I can smile about it now, but OMG how embarrassing!!!! I only went and got caught happy dancing ON MY OWN in the living room... couldn't even use the excuse that I was entertaining the boys... they were both upstairs. Full on silly (almost but not as bad dad stlye) dancing... and who caught me? only our rather tasty window cleaner....MORTIFIED!!!!
Think I may need to move....

*note to self* remember to shut the blinds if the urge to happy dance takes hold again!!!

So all be it a cringe story too when I think about the moment I turned round and saw him grinning away at me... it makes me smile.
Her space : My space

Moving or extending in only one direction. Show us straight in your space today.

Oliver's cars all lined up in a perfect traffic jam, today strategically placed in the hallway to trip mummy up as she carries the ironing upstairs!!!
This afternoon the boys and I are going to mum's for the night... we usually go for the weekend but as Oliver now has swimming lessons on a Sunday morning our wings have been clipped!!! It is all a bit of a faff to be honest, packing up taking everything Harry needs and then spares in case he poops/pukes/dribbles... but if we don't go this weekend it will be 4 weeks before we can go again as mum and dad are going on hols next weekend. So in a mo the Meriva will be packed, the boys will be fed, the CD player will be on and off we go...
Will be back online tomorrow night, I have a LO to scan and upload and then will need to do my HS:MS piccie too... Also need to do my CJ entry. Before we know it it will be Sunday and Pencil Lines night again... where does the time go?!?!?!? Wonder who they choose for the DT? I did enter but looking at my LO now there is no way I'd be lucky enough to be chosen... I really should have thought about what I was going to do more carefully... oh well, one day I hope *fingers crossed* to be on a high profile DT, it will most likely never happen but a girl can dream!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Why am I smiling today?

Because I got an email to say my new DSLR should be here in a couple of days... nuff said!!!
Her space : My space

A drink with jam and bread, that will bring us back to Doh, oh, oh,oh. You must have tea in your space - show!

Very boring, but you just shouldn't mess with the humble tea bag!!! Never mind those fancy schmancy herbal teas and fruit teas... give me a good old cuppa made with PG Tips any day!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Todays smile

Todays smile came whilst reading Oliver's nursery homework book with him. It has no words but we get a couple of photocopied sheets that tell us the story, and give us some question prompts. The story was called The Lost Teddy, and basically it tells how Kipper left his teddy on the bus, and his mum takes him to the depot to see if it has been handed in. In the lost property office there are boxes of different items all catorgorised.... so I point to different boxes and ask Oliver what is in each of them, glasses, teddies, pipes and HANDS!!! well I nearly choked with laughter... and do you know when something really tickles you and you just can't get a grip for ages... well I was like that all afternoon.!!! Of course there wasn't a box of lost hands, it was a box of gloves.... but the thought of loads of dismembered handy pandies in a lost property office makes me smile.

RAK #6

A little box of 'chill pills' for our busy doctor... never enough hours in the day, but everyone needs to make a little time for a treat. Fill this box with the sweet of your choice and take a few minutes everyday to relax...

Her space : My space

To compress, extract, squeeze, urge and manufacture. How do you see Press in your space?

The fastening of choice in our house...LOL!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Big Knickers!!!

I don't care if someting else funny happens today, this conversation with Oliver this morning is my 'smile' for today.

O - Mummy.... (said slowly and drawn out..... muuummmmmeeeeeeeeee)
M - yes sausage
O - look how big those pants are (pointing at next doors washing line)
M - mmmmm
O - why are they so big?
M - because some people like to wear big pants
O - why?
M - erm, when people get older they wear big pants because they are comfortable.

long pause

O - well grandad is old and his pants aren't that big.
M - mmmmm (trying to end the conversation as neighbour is now in the garden)
O - maybe grandads pants are uncomfortable and that's why he has to sit down and rest a lot.

So I had to sneak into the house to take a piccie of the big knickers that fascinated Oliver so much...LOL!!!

Her space : My Space

A creamy white liquid nutrient provided by animals. Have you got milk in your space?

Oh yes we have milk... mainly booby milk, but we are trying to wean onto formula... not very successfully might I add!!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Pencil Lines #37

Had a trauma scanning this, and it is still blurry, and I can't be bovvered to rescan now.

My take on this weeks sketch is a LO to contrast with the last one I posted of niblet... proof that at times (usually 10:00am, 4:oopm and 7:30pm) he turns into the baby from hell!!! The halo slips and little bumps appear on his head where the horns try to poke through!!!
The journalling is so true though, I have scratch marks on the back of my arm where he pinches and scratches at me!!!

What made you smile today?

I bought the Mika CD... which by the way is fab! very singy alongy and happy. In the booklet (which does have words...YEY!!!) there is the most fantastic image that really made me smile. I have been stressing more than usual lately over a number of things... my weight being one of them, and this picture just made me happy.

This has made me think of another little project I am going to start... a Smile Diary. Everyday for 1 month I am going to think of something that has made me smile that day, whether it be a conversation I have had, something I have read, an image I have seen... whatever, no matter how big or small. I am then going to record that thing in a journal, so that I will end up with a book of happiness for those times when you need a little pick me up. This is my page 1...

If anyone else wants to do this with me, spread the laughter and share your giggles, post a link to your blog.

Her Space : My Space

A liquid refreshment. Find one in your space.

And have you tried dandelion and burdock squash? no bubbles but tastes the same, and it is sugar free... it is lush!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

A RAK for me

Well my exciting email was from Anam from Pencil Lines... the girls on the DT all liked my LO for sketch #36. They have awarded me with a 'spirit of Pencil Lines' RAK... and it arrived this morning. Gorgeous Junkitz goodies... so guess what i'll be playing with tonight? *insert big cheesy grin*.
AND not only that, as if that wasn't good enough, they are going to do an ickle post about me on the blog *insert even bigger cheesy grin*. OMG I get to be on my favourite blog, all be it in a very small way, but YEY!!!! Crikey, imaging how hyper i'd be if I ever won the lottery...LOL!!!

Last night I did a little late night scrapagogoing!!! The June kit is gorgeous and I am very impressed withmyself that I have actually used it so soon... The piccie is of Niblet, and fitted really well with the little go go challenge. Harry is very much like Oliver, and yes obviously people are going to comment on that... but personality wise he is soooooooooo different. Oliver is a placid little boy but Harry has quite a temper, is already stubborn and strong willed. I just really hope that people will see him for the unique little person he is, and not just assume he is 'like his brother'.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Do you know what gets my goat?!?!

People who act all holier than thou!!! On UKS a little bit of harmless fun has been blown out of all proportions by some daft bint wanting to cause trouble!!! Honestly, I ask you... what is the world coming to when people can't see the funny side of things... tis very sad indeed.
Apparently I have been 'outed' and 'shamed'.Hhhhhmmmm, nope, nothing to be ashamed of here!!! I would however be quite ashamed if I was one of a few people who hijack a thread to get comments on my gallery... might as well go round waving a banner saying 'desparate for praise' on it.
he he he.... desparate-for-praise-athon!!!
And I would be doubly ashamed if I went on to a public forum and started actual name calling... Harmless fun within a team thread, what does that say about me? I like to have a giggle... Using profanities and name calling, what does that say about that person?!?! I know which character trait i'd rather have!

Anyways after the hilarity of that mountain out of a mole hill... I got a very eciting email yesterday... will keep you in suspenders for a bit longer though, coz I can smell pizza, so am off to fill my face!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Live the Foof-a-Life

Don't have this book yet? Then go and get it, right now... seriously you NEED this book, it is gorgeous beyond belief... loads and loads of fabby ideas for chrimbo pressies!!!

Pencil Lines #36

OK so if you want to get all technical and nit picky about details, this LO is a lie... I actually did this weeks pencil lines sketch on a Wednesday night... but that is only because I was in bed poorly sick on Sunday!!!

Had lots of fun with this weeks sketch and once again used only paper from my scrap box... anything to stop Rob frowning at how much is in there!!! Every week I draw out the sketch quickly on a piece of paper from the telephone memo block... perfect as it is a scaled down sheet of 12x12...LOL!!! I don't know why, but I always keep the bits of paper... just in case I want to use them again I guess, which doesn't make any sense as they will always be in the archives on the blog, but just humour me right!!! So now 4 of them have come in handy and found their way onto a LO!!!
I hand wrote the title copying the font from the pencil lines blog (sorry Jems I know you hate that I can hand draw titles..... I won't do it again). In the bottom corner I used gem stones, a couple of hand cut arrows and a hand cut @, in a clock formation to show that 8o'clock is the time this all starts!!! And why include piccies of the boys... because they are all tucked up fast asleep dreaming of rusks and power rangers whilst mummy plays downstairs... not to mention the fact that they are just so damn cute when they are asleep!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

RAK #5

The photos are not fantastic so I will take more later when the battery has recharged.... or maybe I can convince Rob that I really, really do need that digi SLR like NOW!!!

I finished this little tin last night using the gorgeous SEI papers... I used my fancy schmancy tag stamps and a couple of flowers and buttons to decorate.... and that bloomin gorgeous big flower on the top... got to get me some more of those from Sarahscards.

No need to tell you who this one is for... it is exactly who it says on the tin...LOL!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Don't look Jen!!!

Guess what I've been doing tonight... I tried to resist but it was no good... I simply had to tacklle it... IRONING, ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I must admit I have a touch of OCD when it comes to this chore... I just CAN'T not iron!!! I have tried and tried but I can't do it... does this mean I need help?!?!?!

Not been around

Well I have not been on to update for a week... why? well on Wednesday Monika came to play, although to be fair not much playing got done, but there was plenty of jaw exercising going on...LOL!!! Had a really good day in the sun, well Mon did, I was mainly in the shade with niblet, but my left elbow did go red!!!
Then on Thursday I went to mum's to get Olliepants back... had my hair cut way too short, but it'll grow back soon, I hope...
On Friday I started feeling unwell with dizzy spells, then when I got home I got worse!!! Saturday and Sunday were spent lying down, being sick and bumping into things.... I couldn't even bear to look at a tv/pc screen, so coming on here was a no go. Infact it was because of this symptom that Rob knew I was proper poorly...LOL!!!
Anyways, a trip to the docs yesterday and 4 doses of meds and I am upright again.... woooohoooo!!!

So what have I missed? and what do I need to catch up on?

Pencil Lines #36, a fun and busy sketch that I can't wait to do... just need to sweet talk Rob to going into the loft and printing some piccies for me, either that or use some old photos still waiting to be scrapped!!!

Scrapbooking the secret prompt #2... will have to think about this one... but have you seen Jems take on the prompt... how fab is that!!!

DT Sarabinder for Crop Til You Drop... half finished, just need to get a into g and complete it.

RAK #5... idea in head, materials gathered, hoping to do this tonight.

Birthday card to make for team swap.

CJ entry to complete ready for first posting next week.
Here are a few piccies of my CJ so far

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Scrapping the Secret

I signed up for Anita's online workshop Scrapbooking the Secret, and tonight I got round to completing a LO. We had to scrap something in our life that we are grateful for. An obvious choice for me would have been the two wonderful boys I never thought I'd have... but instead I chose to scrap about Rob and the support he gave me when things got pretty tough.
Journalling reads;

After my second miscarriage I had what can only be described as a mini breakdown. Tears and grieving were to be expected but I couldn't shake the pain and heartache I felt. You were there everytime I needed to cry, everytime I got angry at the unfairness of it all, and everytime another pregnancy was announced. My erratic emotions and behaviour caused fractures in
friendships that may never heal, yet your love remained strong. I am so grateful you are the person you are... a lesser man would have walked. I love you very much.
We also had to use something out of our stash that we had been saving for 'that special LO'. So I used the lace edging and the lush paper from Rouge de Gaurance, which I have been coveting for far too long...
A very theraputic LO... I was in tears by the time I had finished it... so thanks to Anita for the prompt. Looking forward to the next part of the challenge.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

RAK #4

I know I said that it was going to be a rak a week, but I am having so much fun....

I made this little fella last night...

I love this little chick chick chicken, and am so going to have to make some more. I am going to make a couple to have in the boys rooms with lavender oil on... to aid restful sleep, well anything is worth a go...LOL!!!

So who is this RAK for? hhhhhhmmmmmmm I'll give you a clue... a baby cat covered in sparkly stuff!!!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Pencil Lines #35

And I think I might be taking the doodling backgrounds too far, because I've done it!!!

Another fabulous sketch with lots of inspiration from the Pencil Lines girlies... but as much as I love the challenges, they are playing havoc with my beauty sleep!!!
I didn't start the sketch until 10:35pm, then at 1:45am thought I had better go to bed... I normally like to get the LO done, scanned and blogged before bed, but OMG how long did that journaling take to cut up and stick down!!!!
One thing I really loved doing was playing with shrink plastic. I had forgotten I had a few sheets of it left over from way back in the day when I used to like watching/buying from create and craft *hangs head in embarrassment*
Well I am impressed and amazed by the stuff all over again... and how good do the AL stamps look in miniature!
The journaling reads;
I only left the room for a few seconds to put your pyjamas in the wash basket. When I came back in you were both still laid together on the bed. It was only when I went to upload photos later that evening that I found THIS photo on the camera. You have seen me hold the camera up to take photos so many times I guess you were just imitating. It makes me smile that you wanted to take a picture of you and Harry together... who knows maybe next time you will manage to get a little more of you both in the picture.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

RAK #3

I have made a Jacob's Ladder for Janet... it can be seen HERE.
They are a lot of fun to make, and so addictive... I am loving them a lot and methinks that everybody will be getting them at christmas...LOL!!!

OK off to see what Pencil Lines has in store for us this week...

Saturday, 2 June 2007

RAK #2

I haven't had chance to get on here as my Mum is up visiting. We have been lucky with the weather and have been out and about with the boys, so not much chance for scrapping... but tomorrow Ma goes home AND takes Oliver with her for the week.... so methinks lots of opportunity for scrapping in the next few days!!!

Last night I completed RAK #2. I don't need to give any clues as to who this is for... we only have one 'Mitchell' on our team!!! So Miss Nikki, I hope you will like this little mini book... left blank for you to add your own wonderful photos... Stalk that postie, i'll post it on Monday.