Monday, 18 June 2007

Pencil Lines #37

Had a trauma scanning this, and it is still blurry, and I can't be bovvered to rescan now.

My take on this weeks sketch is a LO to contrast with the last one I posted of niblet... proof that at times (usually 10:00am, 4:oopm and 7:30pm) he turns into the baby from hell!!! The halo slips and little bumps appear on his head where the horns try to poke through!!!
The journalling is so true though, I have scratch marks on the back of my arm where he pinches and scratches at me!!!


JERM said...

poor wee thing!! - love this lo and your take on the sketch !!!

oh i feel so sorry for him, hes going to love this lo when he starts taking girfriends home! :)

Julie said...

This is great! Its good to record these moments too! And I love the way you have done the heart.


Ann(i)e said...

love this layout and LOVE how you have incorporated the heart!
you los are always amazing!!!

Rach said...

Awwww bless him, love the LO Lou xx