Saturday, 20 November 2010

Sketches 2 Scrapbook Is Here!

The Scrapbook Sketch App for you take to crops is available on itunes now.

There are two versions: a FREE Lite Version with 12 sketches in it for everyone to demo the app, and a FULL version with another 104 sketches for the low price of $4.99 (US Dollars) - the FULL version also gets you the sketches from the free version (so a total of 116 sketches).

Here is a link to the FREE version: itunes/scketches2scrapbook/lite

Here is a link to the FULL version. itunes/sketches2scrapbook

Here's the description from the itunes store....

Sketches2Scrapbook is a Scrapbooking Sketch application that will allow you to think creatively on the go with over 100 unique sketches and layouts to keep you inspired.

Most Scrapbookers are people with busy lives – always on the go and trying to fit scrapbooking in with everything else. When they do get to scrapbook, they bring their phone with them... to the crops, at the store, to their scrapbooking space.

Sketches2Scrapbook is a totally self-contained system where you can search the sketches for the one that suits the layout you want to make - you can search by style, by number of photos, by embellishments, even by the number of different papers you want to use.

Once you have your sketch selected, you can flip to see a sample layout made by some awesome Scrapbookers from around the world. Each of the beautiful layouts comes with a supply list of all the products they used to create the sample layout.

This App will help you to find the perfect sketch for your photos saving you both time and tote space – no need for magazines and books taking up valuable paper or embellishment space, no need to sit in front of your computer or print our online sketches to take with you. And when you are out at the store, you can use the app to pre-plan your layouts and even use the supplies list to remake the layouts with your own photos.

With 104 sketches, you have enough to make 2 layouts every week for a year plus the 12 free sketches for 1 extra layout each month (the Lite version comes built into the full version as extra sketches) – that’s a lot of inspiration especially with the sample layouts added as they are inspiring in their own right.

Sketches2Scrapbook is a way to give you more time and space to scrapbook by keeping all the sketches you need at your fingertips.

I've downloaded mine and have to say I think it is fantastic. The sketches are fun and versatile and varied to suit all tastes.... and don't forget that if you rotate and flip them, you actually have far more sketches than the 116 stated! The LOs included are super, and having the list of all supplies used on each LO makes shopping for the things you simply have to have right now, immediately, straight away, easy peasy.

In my honest opinion, this app is an absolute MUST HAVE for all scrappers with an iPhone/iPad/iTouch, and at such a bargain price there's no reason not to go and get it RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It's been a while...

Well just for a change it's been a while since I last blogged. I think about it often though... so it's not a fully neglected blog, not just yet!

So what's been happening in the Stevenson house since I last updated?

My grandad (mum's dad) got taken into hospital as his cancer had got worse.
My (and I use the term very loosely as I really do not consider her to be part of my family) Nanna reported my mum to the police for harassment.... twice! The two incidents of harassment being

1, knocking on my grandad's door (when she knew his wife wouldn't be in) to see him. As t turned out he was in the hospital, but a neighbour reported that mum had been there.

2, sending a card to my grandad at the hospital.

Now I don't know what was more outrageous, the fact that Nanna actually reported this as harassment, or the fact the police turned up at my mum's house at 11.45pm on a Friday night!!! Like, seriously... do Nottinghamshire police have nothing better to be doing on a Friday night!

To cut a long story short, mum refused to sign a document agreeing to stay away from Grandad, thanks to a really lovely sister at the hospital, she got to go and see him outside of usual visiting hours. They both got to say goodbye to each other, and make their peace with each other alone, without the interference of malicious family members.
Grandad died a week later.

After posting a comment on my cousin's Face book status basically saying R.I.P. Grandad, I got
some hate filled messages from my so called Nanna, basically saying that Grandad never loved me, why would he when he had two other grand children that were his whole life... blah, blah, blah!!!
One good thing that has come out of this whole sorry mess, is that I got in touch with my cousin for the first time, and got a lovely message from her. Even though we grew up in the same small village we don't know each other as our parents do not speak to each other.

Anyway enough of the doom and gloom! I have had some fun too!!!

I went away for a child free weekend with the Sarahscards DT to Bottomhouse Barn.
Same place we went to last year, and we had a fabulous time again... in fact it was better this year, as we all knew each other better, and more of us stayed for 3 nights instead of just 2.
Here are a few photos stolen from Rachel's blog....
and some other stolen from Rachael's blog....
On Saturday night we played with sparklers.... what a talented bunch we are... look what we!!!
Clever Gemma, took the photos and arranged the montage.
I only managed 4 LOs over the weekend.... but to be fair, we did do a lot of Twilight watching, so there's only so much paper shuffling you can manage with distractions like Edward Cullen!!!
This LO was done using the current sketch on the Sarahscards blog.... make sure you play along and leave a link to your work for a chance to win a £10 voucher for the shop.
I used mists on this LO, but instead of spraying with them I unscrewed the lid and used the tube to drip it down the page like blood. Not as messy as you'd think and I really like the result too. The papers are My Mind's Eye Haunted, and are so gorgeous. If you haven't got them, you need to... they are flocked with black velvet and are just divine to touch. They are so much better in real life than on a computer screen. You can find them HERE.
This LO was created using the same papers, and the same drippy mist technique... one trip pony, yeah yeah yeah!!!
This was also done using the My Mind's Eye papers.
This LO was the first I did at the retreat. It doesn't have a title, but I don't think it really needs one. The photo is of Drew and his buddy Sam. Sam is the son of good friend Jen.... who doesn't blog anymore!!! Sam is actually 4 months older than Drew... not that you'd think that when you compare weights!!!
I used a mix or Indie Girl and Webster's Pages... both of which are just scrummy.
This LO was a mix of all sorts, and didn't really come together until the last bit was glued into place! Photo of Harry doing his first stomp off to sulk when he doesn't get his own way. I'm not saying he didn't sulk before this, but this was the first day he deliberately walked off to lean with his back to us, all because he couldn't go on the horses as we had to go and book in!!!
I was sent the Crate Paper: School Spirit papers to play with, and here are a couple of pages I did... using Maya Road mists and Prima masks too. I am just loving misting right now... the only problem is when you do a page without misting it just looks so wrong!!!
Lastly... I'm really getting into ATCs at the moment. I did some a few years ago, but didn't really take to them all that much. After playing around with mists and scraps, I've found that I love the speed and ease of ATCs... here are a few I did the other day.
My plan is to do loads and have them framed in a big frame for in my bedroom... just got to decide if I want a theme/color scheme/random collection.
These ones were done for Oliver, because he complained that all the others had been too girly!!!
PHEW!!! and breath!
Well, that's all for now folks... no doubt I'll be back with another monster catch up in a month or so ;)