Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Got to scrap!!!

Just a quickie post from me today as I have to go and scrap... I got nothing done last night as it seems I have caught the lurgy from somewhere. I went to bed early as I was knackered then was up throughout the night to change pjs due to extreme sweating.... niiiiice!!!
I feel better today, but have had a rough afternoon with Harry and Freya due to them being over tired after a busy morning at playgroup. I am ready for some me time.

Oliver and I have just got back from a trip to buy new school shoes... just how do boys manage to wreck a pair of good quality leather shoes in 2 months??? His 'old' shoes were ripped at the front and had holes in the heels.... you really would think that a pair of £32 shoes would be a bit more hard wearing! He is loving his new pair though, as they have not one, not two but three velcro straps... and as he loves doing and undoing his shoes (normally in the car to drive me insane), he's going to be in velcro ripping heaven!
Onto today's prompt over at HS:MS which is 'tower'. This tower is made up of brightly coloured, stacking cups. We have a bit of a ritual in this house... When Harry goes for his nap, I make a tower for him. When he comes downstairs, it's the first thing he looks for, his face lights up, he claps his hands... then when I put him down he speed crawls over to give it a push. He pushes so hard that the cups fly all over the place which then makes the dog go all skitty, he tries to run away but can't get a grip on the laminate... kind of does a Scooby Do running on the spot thing, which makes Harry laugh, then chase after him. Jaspa tries to escape the wild child, who follows him to his bed in the kitchen... he crawls into the dog's bed, so the dog jumps out and runs back into the living room. This chasing and running away continues until the dog jumps onto the back of the sofa out of Harry's reach. I tell you, it's all fun and games in this house...LOL!!!
Right off to get busy with paper and glue!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Yummy chipboard!

Carolinezcraftz have loads of new chipboard goodies up for sale... I was lucky to be sent this fantastic skull and crossbones which I played with last night and added to this LO. I was so impressed with quality of the little fella, and the scalloped heart book that I have also been sent to play with, that I went to see what else was on offer. So a little spend later, because let's face it, these are so well priced that a big spend would be hard, and I have some wings, a winged heart, a large jigsaw, and an In the Mix book... as well as some other bits I can't remember. If you love chipboard, you need to get over and grab yourself a bargain or 2 or 3 or.... I have an apology to make to my fellow HS:MS peeps. I didn't get round to leaving comments last night as Harry woke up and had the mother of all paddys. By the time he settled (well until 4 hours later) I gave in and went to bed. Today's prompt is 'fungus'. The only fungus we have in this space is the mould in the bathroom. It is quite embarrassing admitting that we have a mouldy bathroom, but as it is minging, I have not looked after it particularly well... not opening the window to let the condensation out, not using the anti mould spray often. This mould is soon to be vamooshed! we have a plumber coming round tonight, and another tomorrow with a tiler... we are hoping one will be able to fit us in over the Easter school hols... so fingers crossed we will have a brand new sparkling white bathroom in the next 4/5 weeks.... goodbye minging cream and gold!!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm back!

I have had a few days off from blogging as my mum has been up, and it would be rude to sit on the pooter whilst you have company.
We went to the paper craft extravaganza in Harrogate on Saturday in pursuit of beautifulness. I have to say it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but mum loved stash shopping and spent a small fortune. It was aimed more at card makers than scrapbookers, so there was loads of (in my opinion) naff stuff. Art From The Heart and the Hobby Horse had to be the best stands, and that is where my money went... although I was very good and spent less than £40 on me... I got mum a few bits for mother's day, rather than give her money that would more than likely disappear and having nothing to show for it, as money seems too, or be spent buying something for the boys.
I also got to meet a couple of my UKS teamies for the first time... and lovely they were too. There is always a risk when you have online friends that they are in fact very dodgy people who you wouldn't get along with at all. Eileen and Nikki were the same in real life as they are online, so it was great to finally meet and put a voice to the face. I also bumped into 3 crop buddies, and although we missed the crop to go to Harrogate we will be reunited in mischief at the Warrington crop next Sunday.
I haven't done any crafting for an age... and I am staring to feel withdrawal symptoms. I need to get another LO done for a class over on Carolinezcrafts for Saturday. I also have chipboard mini books to do, and a rather cool chipboard skull and crossbones to use on a LO. Soooooooo I need to get my fat bum off here and go get started on the list.
Before I go I bring you my HS:MS 'cuddle' shot. This was taken this afternoon whilst Oliver watched Power Rangers on tv. He may think he is getting all big and 'growed' up, and may be into big boy programmes... but he still cuddles Mr Snuggles when he is tired. I really thought that he would have grown out of his comfort toy, but it still goes to bed with him, still gets brought down in the morning and still has to go with us when we go away. Fellow HS:MSers, I will be round to your blogs later this evening:)

Friday, 22 February 2008

Trail of devestation!!!

That is going to be the title of one of my next LOs. This morning I have spent the morning following Harry around tidying up after him. Firstly he managed to leave chewed toast pieces everywhere, then he found a sheet of paper which he ripped into pieces and scattered all over the floor. He then got into a packet of photo paper and found a mini disc, this kept him entertained for a short while enabling me to sweep up the toast and confetti. Then he got into the cupnoard under the stairs... my fault, I obviously didn't shut the door properly. He decided to go through the drawers getting out colouring books, crayons and stamps and scattering those around too... with his end trick of scribbling on the wall! Once bored with that, he went into the kitchen and emptied the dog's bed, flicked the dog's bowl and mat across the floor. He then found a packet of kiwi fruit on the shef and pulled them down, and probably bruised most of them trying to release them from the net! I have taken a few pics, and think this definitely has to be recorded on a LO. Watch this space.
The prompt over at HS:MS today is 'packet'. One kind of packet we have lots of knocking around is tissue packets. I am sure those of you with little ones totally understand where I am coming from with this one... we have to have tissues in the car, in the pushchair, in every room of the house, in coat pockets and in every handbag. After wipes, I think tissues have to be one of the most important bits of kit in a parent survial kit.
Right, off to finishe tidying ready for mum landing... got to make the most of nap time before Hurricane Harry hits again!

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Is the prompt over at HS:MS.... the thing that confuses me the most, and something I keep putting off doing, is reading the manual for the camera. I know I am not using the camera to it's potential, but when I open the manual all the technical speak just baffles me!!! Maybe I will have another go again soon... maybe I won't. I have been playing with the match kit from Carolinezcraftz... it is made up of BG Scarlet's Letter, which I love. I never bought the collection pack as I knew I would not have the nerve to cut into it... but I couldn't very well say to Caroline that I wasn't going to use the papers... and I have to say I have really enjoyed using them. So far I have done 2 LOs, a card and a magic wallet card... they should be up at the beginning of March.

I took Harry to playgroup this morning, a bit of fun for him before he had his jabby jab. Talk about performance... Harry was so melodramitic you'd have thought he'd have been spiked by a 6' spear! After a quick mummy hug, and a chocolate biscuit baby bear felt better, and calm was restored to the doctor's surgery. Calm however did not follow us home... Harry has spent the whole afternoon climbing. Climbing onto Oliver's chair, standing on the chair and swinging back and forth, then climbing on to the little people garage and on to the window sill to bang on the window... of course no matter how many times I get him down he goes back to the climbing... and inevitably this resulted in him falling straight on to his head, and now sporting a nice bump and a bruise!

Mum is coming up tomorrow as we are heading to Harrogate for the day on Saturday. Planning on spending an obscene amount of money on pretty papers and other stash... just hoping we are not disappointed.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Quickie Scrapping

Harry and Freya have both gone for a nap at the same time this afternoon, and as I have done all of my jobs this morning I have had chance to do a spot of scrapping. I fully intended to just sort papers and photos ready to scrap tonight, but have surprised myself... I finished a LO in about half an hour!!! this really does have to be a first. OK so it is simple, as the pp is so busy, and I used alpha stickers and die cuts... but even so, I am impressed with my speed!!!
The LO is about Rob and his love of all things old skool. He still loves his decks and his vinyl collection... which is expanding to silly size!!! No ipod for this man... not even a CD walkman, oh no.... Rob still loves his Sony walkman that plays cassette tapes!!! bless him...

On to HS:MS, and the prompt today is 'cozy'. With the lovely frosty morning we had this morning it would have been very easy to take a piccie of Harry Bear all wrapped up snuggly buggly in his pushchair, which I intended to do... but he decided to poop just as we were about to leave, so I had to change him as soon as we got home as he was whinging... can't be much fun sitting on a turdle though can it...LOL!!! So I turn to another creature that spends most of it's time all cozy and warm in his little house... Rex the hamster. In this piccie he is poking his nose out as he heard me open the door to his cage and thought there was food being put in.... he didn't seem to impressed with having a camera in his face!!!
Right, off to wake the babies to get ready for the school run...

Monday, 18 February 2008

Happy Birthday Jemma

Today Ower very own Scanottish teamie is a step nearer to the big 30... ok so she may still be a young thing in her 20s, but she is catching up with me and Jen!!! Now most people get a few nice little pressies for their birthday, maybe something a little bigger if it is a special birthday, but not Ower Jems, oh no... this girly is getting a new house today! A brand spanking new house... how spoilt is that!!!
Well I hope the move goes smoothly, with as few arguements as possible, and hope that by evening you can sit and enjoy a stella shandy or two with your boys:)

I haven't blogged since last Thursday... how bad is that?!?! Well since then I have got my boys back... harry's halo that he wore all week at Mama's house well and truely slipped the moment he got back home! He has tipped the water bowl over, dug soil out of the only plant we have, licked the tv, climbed up everything, had the hamster cage off the shelf... you name it, he has done it!!! Oliver was glad to be back to his PS2 games, so spent most of the weekend shooting various aliens and bugs. Yesterday we went to a soft play centre and met up with Elijah and Reuben... we were hoping that the boys would wear themselves out and sleep well, but oh no... Harry was up at 3:30am, had a bottle, was put back to bed, but at 4:00am decided that he didn't want to be in his cot, and being in mummy's bed was a much better option... meaning that he went soundly to sleep and I stayed awake until the alarm went off!!! Why do I have children that don't sleep through the night!!! Tis not fair!

Anyway, last night I was supposed to be doing some scrapping... but after Lost had finished we watched Primeval, and that was that... no scrapping!!! Hopefully I shall get some done tonight... but we shall see!!! I haven't even played along with HS:MS... must look back to see what I have missed... although to be honest I probably won't get around to catching up! I have however done today's prompt of 'hole'. We have lots of holes in our house... especially in Rob's work t-shirts. I don't know what he does to them, but they look very moth eaten... even the newish ones. I decided to take advantage of the lovely sunny day we are having and took the camera outside.... it may not be the most inspiring of shots, but it is a hole that causes us a few problems. The people at the bottom of the garden have a HUGE German Shepherd dog, which continually jumps up at the fence. It made this hole last summer and even though we have patched it so many times, it keeps making the hole again and again and again. It sticks it's snout through the hole which sends Jaspa nuts, and scares Oliver half to death... we have asked the owners if they can repair the hole from their side but they don't seem bothered.... ggggrrrrrrr!!! I think a new fence panel will be needed this year, and even though it should be a shared cost I suspect it will be down to us to get and paint!!!
Over at Carolinezcraftz the weekly classes have had to be stopped due to lack of interest. This is really sad as so much effort goes into them by Caroline and the rest of the DT. The sprinkle blog gets a lot of visits each day, but hardly anybody finds the time to leave a comment, whic is very disappointing. If you visit there for a spot of inspiration, why not leave a comment to know that the hard work is appreciated... and maybe even pop over to the forum for a chat and to leave some suggestions as to what you would like to see on the forum and on the blog.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you are all loved and being spoilt by your other halves... or even getting surprise annonymous cards ;) Went on to Google this morning, and love love love this Valentine image... the teacher in me still saves all the different Google designs, in preparation for if I ever get my studens to enter the doodle for Google competition again.

Last night was a really good giggle. It was a little crop as only a handful of people went, but with Paul and Jen there, it was a good one. I even got a LO started, faffed with and finished... then packed away with time left to flick though a magazine... how good am I! I used papers from the December Scarlet Lime kit, I cannot believe how much you get with this kit, and how verstaile it is... loving Scarlet Lime:) The photos are of Harry Bear in his first Halloween costume. He didn't go anywhere, we didn't have a party, but of course he still had to have a costume! He didn't think much to it though and kept pulling the frilly bit off to shove in his mouth! Jems has got her Feb kit already so it shouldn't be too much longer for us UK girls to wait. I feel like it has been an age since I have had new stash... I haven't bought online since before Christmas as I am saving for the Harrogate show on the 23rd. I am planning to have a big spend on patterend papers and alphas... might even get me some lick and sticks ;)

So on to today's HS:MS prompt of 'diligence'. I'm afraid it is another cheat from me... I was looking through all the photos stored on my lappy, and found some taken of my last year 7 group I taught. They were a difficult all boy group, and it took the best part of a year to crack them... but by the summer term we had an understanding with each other, and they were pretty well behaved. This photo shows them working on their designs for a Keith Haring 3D model that they went on to make. It's when I see photos like this that I really think I want to go back to work... I do miss teaching, and will go back one day... I just need to remember that for each piccie of the kids working, I could have taken 20 of them being disruptive and confrontational... there you go, I am more than happy to be a sahm...LOL!!!

We are off to the pictures again later... this time to see Sweeney Todd... and yes, I know itis a musical, but hey it has Johnny depp in, and a girl has to have some eye candy on a day like today:)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Running behind

I seem to be lagging behind everyone else on the A-Zjournal... I did my 'A' page late and my 'B' page is only half done. I have however done my 'C' page. This one is all about cinema visits this year. I trimmed an envelope down so that it is open at the top, and will keep all the cinema tickets in there. All the papers are scraps left over from my Scarlet Lime kits, and the tickets and rub ons are also from the kit. And before anyone comments... YES I KNOW I LEFT THE MIDDLE OF THE A & E IN.... LOL!!! Better hold on to something Jen, don't want you shaking and toppling over ;)I also finished this LO of Oliver digging for a dinosaur. It's one of those LOs that took an age to do, ended up nothing like it was supposed to, and one I'm not too sure about. It doesn't feel finished to me, but I don't know what it is missing... I have put it to one side and will look at it again with fresh eyes in a couple of days, and see if inspiration strikes.Tonight is crop night and I am all prepared and packed... lightly too!!! Looking forward to a bit of a natter with Jen... and a gossip about who we like, who we really like, and who has the laxative effect!!! So if you feel your ears burning, which catagory do you think you'll be in?!?!?
A very late post for HS:MS. Today's virtuous prompt is 'charity'. If this prompt had been yesterday I could have taken a piccie of the 3 charity bags that were posted through the door... 3, all from different charities, wanting clothes etc. We get loads of these bags shoved through the letterbox each week... how many clothes do they think we have to give away...LOL!!! Mind you, there are about 12 boxes of clothes in the loft that Harry has outgrown, most of which are as new!!! Anyway, today I have had a great time listening to loads of music I haven't played in an age. You know when you go through all your CDs and play 1 or 2 songs from each... really loudly, and sing your little heart out. This was prompted by a phone call from an ex flingee (I know this isn't a real word, nut you know what I mean) this morning... we were chatting about this and that, and loads of memories all came flooding back. So my little sing song this afternoon has made me smile for today. I haven't posted all my smiles, but I have been recording them ready to scrap.... and I will share the LO when it is done, and list the smiles then. This CD is fantastic. It's 1Love and is a collection of various artists singing covers, I love the whole album, and am glad I found this again... a percentage of the cost of the CD went to the War Child charity, so good music and a good deed.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Just a quickie

Very quick blog post today whilst Freya is sleeping. We are up to our eyeballs in paint and glitter, making a valentines mobile. I will hopefully be back later with a piccie of the LO I did last night.
But for now here is my HS:MS photo for today's prompt of 'temperance'. I have no will power at all, especially where food stuff is concerned, so I couldn't do a fabby shot like Suzy's. Instead I tormented Jaspa with a doggy treat... and wouldn't let him eat it until I said he could.... how cruel am I!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Pure thoughts

So HS:MS made us take a look at a our dark side last week, and this week we are looking at the more virtuous side to our characters. The first word is 'chastity', which I really struggled to come up with something... when you are TTC and have no kids around... did I mention that I have no children for a whole week;) there isn't a great deal of being chaste in this house!
So I took and easy option and spelt out the word 'chaste' with stamps... poor I know... but flippin eck, I thought Anita's prompts were hard, Andrew and Suzy are well and truly making us think!

Sorry I didn't get round to blogs yesterday, I scrapped, watched Lost, and even did some painting... something I haven't done for soooooo long! I will get round to you all later.

So I shall leave you with the LO I did last night... decided to finally have a go at using PSE to better effect, rather than just to add text to photos. I quite like the final result, I am loving the Blonde Moments orange embossing powder... I have had this for well over a year and never used it... now I think there is a danger of getting carried away with it!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Catch up!

I didn't get round to doing yesterday's HS:MS prompt as I had a REALLY lazy day... just because I could! I spent all morning in bed.... bliss, then caught up with a view programmes we had stored on Sky+ (thanks Annie... Rob loves his new toy). I played on the PS2, something I hardly ever do. Then we had a lazy evening which included pizza, wine and the Bourne Ultimatum.
I did manage to get a LO done in the evening... it is a for a team challenge that Jen set for us. We had to use the word 'difference' in our title. I actually cheated a little as I extended the word to 'differences'. I can't show you all of the LO just yet as I used the kit from Carolinezcraftz March class.... which is a lovely kit, and would be perfect for any Valentine photos you need to scrap.
Yesterday's prompt was 'envy'. I wouldn't say I am a jealous person, apart from when TTC and then I am jealous of everyone who is pregnant! I thought about what makes me envy people the most... and one of the main things is people who are slim. I decided not to use this as the basis of my photo as I am trying to do something about this. So for my interpretation of the prompt I turn to one of my scrapping idols.... Celine Navarro. This girl is just so darned talented, everything she does is amazing, which in itself is enough to be envious about... but let's add in the fact that her amazing talent lets her travel the world teaching classes.... and yes, I have to say, I am a little envious. Seriously though... how cool would it be to be so good at scrapping that you travel the world teaching and taking part in scrap events?For today's prompt it would have been so easy to take a piccie of Thing 1 and Thing 2, of which I am so proud. But as they aren't here... did I mention I am childless for a whole week?!?!? So I had a scout round to see what else I am proud of. I could have taken a piccie of the shelf Rob put up in the cupboard under the stairs this morning... it has stuff on it and it is still up!!! I could have taken a piccie of me in my gym gear having just done an exercise dvd... but that would be too shocking for Sunday viewing. So instead I took a piccie of Oliver's Teddy Bear 2 swimming badge. He has been having swimming lessons for less than a year, and he is doing so well. Considering he would cling to you like a limpet the moment you got him in water and would cry if he got splashed in the face, he now swims with 1 disc on each arm, but can swim without any for a short distance, he jumps in on his own and can do all of the moves they have to do each week. He is proud of his badges and we are proud of him:)OK so I am not going to waste today... I am going to go and do my 'C' page for the A-Z journal.
Back later with piccie pics.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Quiet and Tidy

We have a quiet and tidy house, and it seems really weird!!! I can walk wherever I want and not go slip sliding on toys... I can put things down and know that they are safe from little hands... the dog is flaked out and looks dead chilled safe in the knowledge that he isn't going to get poked, prodded or have a toy dropped on his head!!!
So that's it for a whole week, loads of us time... which we fully intend to take full advantage of ;)

Yesterday's smile came last night when Harry wouldn't settle until I took him to be with me... I know people say you shouldn't do that, but the way I see it is they are only little for such a short time, what harm is it going to do in the long run. It was rather lovely to have him pressed into me all night, even though he could have had half a double bed to himself.... oh no, had to be on mummy's side :)

The prompt over at HS:MS today is 'wrath'. There are a few things that make me angry.... quite often they are small things that I shouldn't let bother me, but I do. I admit that I do have quite a temper, and woe betide anyone who makes me cross... it's not a great personality trait, and I do try and keep a lid on things, but when I blow, I blow big time!!!

Harry bear has inherited my temper. He knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it... watch out!!! These photos show Harry tryong to get his hands on Oliver's Power Rangers game. Oliver wouldn't let him have it, and in the third picture you can see Harry scratching Oliver's face. This was the last photo in the series as I had to put the camera down to rescue my poor big boy from my wild little one!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

last day with my things!!!

That's Thing 1 and Thing 2. Both boys are goign to stay at my mum's for the half term... yes both of them, AT THE SAME TIME!!! I'm not sure they fully understand what they have let themselves in for. Mum says they have 'Harry proofed' the house... I say there is no such thing as Harry proof! Mind you, I bet the little bugg*r decides to wear his super shiny halo all week, AND sleeps through the night!!! I know both boys will have a fabby time as they will be taken here there and everywhere, and spoilt lots.... I shall miss them all the same.

Today's prompt over at HS:MS is 'sloth'. After taking Oliver to school I went upsatirs to strip his bed... Oliver hates having clean sheets put on his bed! The dirty little creature says he like the covers when they are 'warm', in other words stinky and grubby!!! When we have to peel him out of his bed in the morning we refer to it as his pit... so it fits today's prompt.

Have you been to check out the peel off revolution yet??? go on.... have a go, you might even like it:)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Feel the Peel Off Love

Over at Carolinezcrafts they are starting a new peel off revolution. Now I know what you are thinking.... peel offs... ICK ICK ICK!!! I HATE peel offs with a passion, so when Caroline said she was sending some for us to use I thought blimmin eck, well actually I thought a bit more than that...LOL!!! She promised they were funky and not the usual hum drum gold and silver sentiments... you know the ones, we all bought them when we started crafting. The ones that were either binned, donated to another newbie crafter or still lie at the bottom of your stash pile having not seen the light of day for years!!!
Well I have to say that some of the new generation peel offs are funky, and I hold my hands up and say I would buy some of them. You can see some examples from the DT here. In a bid to get you all feeling the peel off love, Caroline is holding a competition... all you need to do is create something using peeloffs as stocked by Caroline, and you could win a lovely bundle of stash, and a spot as guest designer, meaning even more free stash to play with... so what do you have to lose, go on... give it a go... peel the love man!!!
This LO used funky flower peel offs. Initially I thought OMG flowers... how am I going to use flowers when I mainly scrap the boys, but I used the peel offs as a mask to create patterned paper with acrylic paint, then used the flowers to decorate the blue paper... I think they work really well with the photo and the other papers. HS:MS
Today's prompt is 'greed'. I haven't had chance to take a pic today, so this is a total cheat take on Oliver's 4th birthday. He had just had his dinner at pizza hut, which included a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake, yet when he saw his birthday cake he asked if he could eat it all!!! I just don't know where he gets it from I really don't ;)

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


A bit of a cheat for today's prompt of 'gluttony'. This photo was taken on Christmas day after Harry had had 3 chocloate buttons... 3 single buttons, not 3 packets... how on earth can you make so much mess with 3 choccie buttons!!! Harry is just like the rest of us, a total chocolate fan... we limit him to 5 buttons a day, and he gets so excited when he sees them coming, bless him, he'll love it at easter:) I started a LO last night but left it in a bit of a strop as nothing I did worked... I came down this morning and looked at again, and it's not actually that bad... hopefully I will get it done tonight so will share later:)
Yesterday's smile came from a comment that Rob made about someone who p*sses me off... I can't really share but it was funny and had me giggling for ages. Sometimes you have to love that hubby of mine.
Today's smile came this morning when I was trying to get Harry Bear's brekkie ready... he kept climbing up my legs, but for the first time he very clearly said 'mum', well actually it was more 'mum mum mum mum mum mum' but as it is usually dad dad dad dad dad... it made me smile. He got his brekkie, and hasn't said it since!!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Another day, another tag!!!

Thanks Jen.... jeeez, how many questions!!!
Well here goes...

Where were you born? Aldershot
Middle name: Anne
How old will you be this year? 32 (eeeeek)
Nicknames: Looby
Are you taller than your mother or father? Taller than both
Do you cry often during movies? yes, especially at Big Fish... I cry uncontrolably for about an hour after.... I love that film.
What is your biggest pet peeve? noisy eating!!!
Favorite colour: green
Favorite foods: hummous, olives, feta cheese, chocolate, pizza
Favorite restaurants: Papa's Greek Restaurant in West Bridgford, Dukes '92, #1 Oriental Buffet.
Favorite beverage: Chocca mocha
Favorite cold cereal: Honey nut fitness
Favorite smells: Fresh baked bread, Johnson's baby talc.
Favorite time of day: bed time
What brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use? which ever straightening stuff is on offer at the time
Favorite make-up products? Virgin Vie foundation powder
How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
Do you play an instrument? Piano to grade 7
Have you ever been skinny dipping? yes, in my thinner, pre stretch marks days
Did you do any sports in High School? rounders, cross country, trampolining
What was the last movie you saw in the theater? PS I Love You and yes I cried too
What is your favorite article of clothing? jeans
What is your dream vacation? Canada to meet Jems, Barry and Ham
What was your first impression of your spouse? funny... ha ha, not peculiar, that came later...LOL!!!
If you were an animal what would you be? panda
What is your favorite "me- time" activity? Scrapping
Favorite TV shows: LOST, Ally McBeal, Casualty,
What is your dream car? black!!!
What is one of your weaknesses? chocolate
What do you fix for dinner when there's nothing to fix? toasted cheese sandwhiches
If you could live in a different decade/era which one would it be? I'd love to wear fancy Victorian dresses
What is the emotion you feel the most? Happiness
Do you consider yourself outgoing? yes
What is something you are constantly working on? LAUNDRY and ironing
Any hidden talents? obviously lots... but they are still hidden!
What is a word or phrase you overuse? What did I just say?
What was the hardest thing that happened to you this past year? having to reduce spending due to not working
What is the best thing that happened to you this past year? being a stay at home mummy:)
What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year? i'd really like to make a thing 3, but realistically that's not likely to happen.... so I will go for filling my quota of minded children:)

Ok I tag Nikki, Nikki's SIL, and Annie (get blogging woman)


I nearly died of heart failure this morning when I logged onto HS:MS to check out the prompt. Suzy B and Andrew have hijaked the blog for a couple of weeks, and have decided to use the 7 deadly sins as the prompts for the next, well 7 days I guess! So today's sin is 'lust', and both have bared their botties for the world to see. I am so jealous of Suzy's pert little bum, and as for Andrew... well all guys have little bums don't they, so nothing offensive there either. There is no way I would bare my bum, and as the camera doesn't have a wide angle lens there would be little point anyhow! But, I have given you a peep of my pants. It just so happens that I have my Little Miss Naughty pants on today, with I love being naughty written across the back. Edited to add... after looking at this photo again it looks like Iam wearing HUGE granny pants... they are actually those short type pants NOT granny pants...LOL!!!
So there you go... that's as much of my flesh as you're ever going to see!!!Will be back later for smile updates:)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Chipboard Love Book

You have to get one of these... they are so cool to work with as the dinky size means you can get them finished really quickly. I decided to make mine a book devoted to the things that Oliver says that makes us laugh. I have loads more to add into it, and I know there will be things in the future that will need to be included... I think I need to buy a couple more of the books, as well as a couple of the round ones to add more pages, using a bigger book ring will mean that you could end up with a really FAT book of loveliness. It is also a fab way to se up some of your pp scraps... go on... go and grab yourself a couple, you know you NEED to. I haven't bored you with all of the pages... but you get the idea:)

Friday, 1 February 2008

Doctors and vets!!!

We have been to both today. Harry had to go this morning to have his back checked, just to make sure the cream and bath additive he is on is doing the job, and it is... so happy days for him. When we got home, I stroked Jaspa on the head and he let out a massive yelp... I assumed I had caught him in the eye or something and didn't think anything more of it. Later I stroked him again and he yelped again, and after looking in his ears I could see that something was wrong in his left ear. So off to the vets, to be told that the fungal infection he has (which is being treated) has spread into his ear canal. He is now on two kinds of tablets and has drops to start on Sunday... 3 little packets costing almost £60!!! I bought him a new bed on the way home, and he is now lying in it, giving me the sad puppy dog eyes... in true male fashion he is going to milk this for all it's worth!

When Harry had his afternoon nap I started a chipboard mini book for Carolinezcraftz... I am quite liking it so far, and am enjoying working on a small scale. I should be able to get it done tonight and have a few piccies to share tomorrow.

The prompt over at HS:MS is 'string'. My picture is very unimaginitive... a ball of string!!! I really didn't have time to go hunting for interesting string, if string can be interesting... this was on the dining room left over from making the decorations I used for the 'dangle' prompt.

My smile for today comes from a comment made by Oliver. On the way home from school, he said out of the blue, 'Mummy when I grow up, I want to be a mummy just like you so that I can buy my little boy ice cream'. Ok so maybe I should be a tad concerned that my boy wants to be a mummy... but OMG, how sweet is that.

Looking forward to tomorrow night as I am out with a few friends... well actually we aren't out, we'll be in, but I'll be out of the house even though I'll be in someone elses iykwim. You can't beat girls nights in though, lots of gossip, giggles, a ding dong from dominos and a few bottles of wine. Not looking forward to the SPS though... I have a major teenage outbreak happening on my face... must think tonight about how I can disguise myself... LOL!!!