Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm back!

I have had a few days off from blogging as my mum has been up, and it would be rude to sit on the pooter whilst you have company.
We went to the paper craft extravaganza in Harrogate on Saturday in pursuit of beautifulness. I have to say it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but mum loved stash shopping and spent a small fortune. It was aimed more at card makers than scrapbookers, so there was loads of (in my opinion) naff stuff. Art From The Heart and the Hobby Horse had to be the best stands, and that is where my money went... although I was very good and spent less than £40 on me... I got mum a few bits for mother's day, rather than give her money that would more than likely disappear and having nothing to show for it, as money seems too, or be spent buying something for the boys.
I also got to meet a couple of my UKS teamies for the first time... and lovely they were too. There is always a risk when you have online friends that they are in fact very dodgy people who you wouldn't get along with at all. Eileen and Nikki were the same in real life as they are online, so it was great to finally meet and put a voice to the face. I also bumped into 3 crop buddies, and although we missed the crop to go to Harrogate we will be reunited in mischief at the Warrington crop next Sunday.
I haven't done any crafting for an age... and I am staring to feel withdrawal symptoms. I need to get another LO done for a class over on Carolinezcrafts for Saturday. I also have chipboard mini books to do, and a rather cool chipboard skull and crossbones to use on a LO. Soooooooo I need to get my fat bum off here and go get started on the list.
Before I go I bring you my HS:MS 'cuddle' shot. This was taken this afternoon whilst Oliver watched Power Rangers on tv. He may think he is getting all big and 'growed' up, and may be into big boy programmes... but he still cuddles Mr Snuggles when he is tired. I really thought that he would have grown out of his comfort toy, but it still goes to bed with him, still gets brought down in the morning and still has to go with us when we go away. Fellow HS:MSers, I will be round to your blogs later this evening:)


Zoe said...

Love the shot, tiredness always brings out the babe in them doesn't it? Sounds like you had a busy weekend xx

Jenga said...

awwwww cute cuddles :)

Naffness at Harrogate serves you right for going there instead of cropping with me :P

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh He's soooo cute . . . look at his eyes :-)Lovely cuddle shot :-)

Josh had his Red Devil & Blanket for seven/eight years and even then had them when he was still at Primary School but poorly.

Weekend sounds fab. It's such a let down when there isn't the stash to buy but sounds like your Mum enjoyed herself :-) Precious memories :-)

Paul Browning said...

I had my teddy for years which I took to bed with me. In fact I still own the said teddy (he was bought the day I was born so is exact same age as me - I have a soft spot for him but don't take to bed - often). Agree Harrogate not up to usual par - LB crafts & Bana Frog were missing. Spent my cash at AFTH too.

Louise said...

very Cute. DD's speacial toy (a bear called ian!!) is part of our family, I think we'll all be destraught when she finally lets him go.

Jemma said...

toooo cute!! he does look tired! What a cutie though!! Glad your back xx

Rach said...

Lovely shot. My 11 year old still sleeps with his cuddly dog and you know that Matt at 14 still has bears on his bed. What I haven't said is that they both still take them away with them even on school overnight trips. My kids don't care what anyone else thinks! x

nikki said...

was great to meet you too!! not sure if being the same as I am online and irl is a good thing or not :lol: - harrogate was pretty crap but still managed to spend a bit and had fun!!