Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hands up!!!

Ok, I admit it.... I am the worlds worst blogger lately. I am going to make the bestest of efforts from today to start blogging regularly. It has been a busy old time of late here... it was my birthday on the 16th, then we went to Lego land for our holibobs, then ma and pa came to stay as it was Oliver's birthday on the 26th. He had a fab birthday, getting spoilt with lots of PS2 and Wii games, toys and more money than a 5 year old should have!!! he had a joint party with his friend Cormac at Slide and Seek... which with 18 5 year olds was a VERY noisy affair. On Sunday we headed off to Rhyl again for the day, and even though I applied factor 50 every time I slapped it on the kids.... I still got burnt!!! we had a fab day though and at least I look nice and healthy now the redness has gone...LOL!!! I haven't actually got round to getting the photos off the camera and on to the pooter yet so this is going to be a photo less post.

Huge congratulations to sometime cropping friend Helen on the speedy arrival of baby Oliver... cool name;)

If I haven't been to visit blogs recently I apologise... I will get back on the case.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Ok so I had all yesterday available to scrap, I also had quite a bit of time today for scrapping.... so how many LOs did I get done???

I have however left all my scrap stuff out so I may get another done tomorrow night... may, or maybe not... we'll see.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Ok so haven't been around again for a while... maybe I should just give up on this blogging milarky! I have already realised that I am winter scrapper, not much gets done in the summer... not that we are having much of a summer!!!
The kids are keeping me busy during the day.... my own and the ones I mind, which means I haven't had a chance to play along with HS:MS. Then to get all my scrap stuff out at night is a pain as I then have to make sure it is all away before I go to bed so that it doesn't get into little hands in the morning.

I do plan to get a serious amount of scrapping done this weekend though... so watch this space ;)

Here are the LOs I did for the guest spot on Sarahscards DT. The kit was so gorgeous to use, and it was fun using papers that I may not have bought thinking they were a bit girly.
On Wednesday night we had a letter pushed through the door for Harry. A few weeks ago there was a fun day at the local park as they shared their plans to develop it into a place for the whole community. There was a balloon race and Harry's balloon won!!! It was found in Leek, Staffordshire so it had travelled a fair distance. He has won a Fitness First goody bag with a months free membership (which Rob will use) swim passes for Tameside pools, and he has to have his photo taken with the manager, the friends of Granada Park committee and the Mayor... scrapping opportunity!!!!

My friend Jen has her 20 week scan today... thinking pink thoughts for you, but more importantly healthy baby thoughts.

Huge hugs to another dear friend... you know who you are.

And by for now from me... I plan to be back with another post over the weekend :)