Friday, 24 April 2009

We are still here... honest!

Thought I better upload again before weeks turn into months! Not much going on really, still pretty much in the same position as last time... either pinned down by a feeding Dinky Doo or walking round with a Dinky Doo strapped to the front of me!!! Seriously, he's 7 weeks old now and still as clingy as ever... if not more!!! This photo was taken at the weekend, and even though I hate pics of me, I have pledged to have more taken with the boys as currently there are very few. A bit morbid to be thinking about, but if the worst did happen there would be hardly any pics of me with any of the boys. So time to get over the how awful do I look in this pic paranoia and make sure I am in photos too.
Although Dinky Doo will have to have a name change soon as he is not so Dinky anymore... yesterday we had him weighed and he is a whopping 10lbs 10oz now! He's grown out of his new born clothes which was a sad day... putting them all away never to be worn by a baby of mine again... sob!
This was my favourite babygro which was worn, washed, ironed and worn again constantly... and I just loved this photo with his eyes wide open.These photos were taken a couple of days ago after Drew got the lovely outfit in the post from Dr Eileen, a very lovely UKS team member... thank you Eileen, he looks adorable in it, and Bear loves the Bear toy.

Speaking of Bear... does anyone know how to stop a 2 year old bulldozer from having constant bruises on his face?!?!? I swear people will start to think I am beating him up soon... we've had 4 big bruises on his face in the past 3 weeks! This first pic was a cracker of a bruise that went straight down his forehead and face after a collision with the school railings!!! It was one of those moments where the whole playground went silent... except Harry!!!The latest was done whilst in Daddy's 'care'. Only a man would let a freshly bathed child go out to play on the watered lawn in his pjs... an accident waiting to happen and it clearly did! The black eye doesn't look to bad on this photo but that is because Harry is squinting... he really does look like he's had a bit of a to do with Ricky Hatton!!!
Bear maybe a bruiser and always in some sort of trouble or other, but at the end of the day he's also still my baby and still needs his afternoon nap.... seen here snuggle up on Daddy along with Dinky Doo in his papoose!
harry also has a new love in his life... her name is Marigold and yes she is a cow! We have been to Reddish Vale Farm Park a couple of time over the holidays and I have to say it is love. He goes on about her all the time, pretends he is on the phone to Marigold and carries 3 pictures around with him pretty much everywhere!!!
At the same farm park there is an area where the kids can play in the straw. Strange how the only two children actually in there were mine, and typically Oliver came out the worse off in the straw fight that lasted 15 minutes and would have been longer had we not of broken it up before Bear got too carried away!
Yesterday I had an Ofsted inspection so am waiting for the results of that. It'll be interesting as when the inspector knocked on the door I had Dinky in my arms having just thrown up all over him and me. Harry and Freya had tipped most of their dinners on the dining room floor and the house was a general tip. She didn't give much away so I'll just have to wait and this space!
One last thing. A big fat congratulations to my best friend Annie, her Rob and beautiful girly Lola on the safe arrival of Jonas Henry.... we can't wait to meet him.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Totally Useless Blogger.... Rach gave herself the title but I think I can say that the crown is definitely mine!!!

I cannot believe that I have been AWOL for soooooooo long. But to be fair I have been a bit busy!
Baby number 3 arrived on the 2nd March, 3 days before his due date. I had to be induced to high blood pressure and 'grossly abnormal' bloods, but he didn't want to hang round.... so after a 44 minute labour Drew Isaac Stevenson came screaming into the world.... and to be honest he hasn't really stopped screaming since! OK so that might be a bit mean... he only screams when you try to put him down, so as long as he is curled up on my chest, or snuggled into the crook of my arm he is absolutely content and cute! Of course this means that housework and internet time are limited and I seem to remember a hobby called scrapping.... seems such a long time since I did any though!
We were expecting Drew to be another big baby after the whopper that was the Bear, however he was only 8lbs born, and at 4 1/2 weeks he weighs 9lbs 1oz.... still quite a bit smaller than Bear was born!!! We were also worried about how Harry would react to having a baby around, but he has surprised us and is very gentle and protective over Drew (nick named Dinky Doo, as Bear calls him Doo and he was very Dinky).
Anyway enough of the baby talk for now... here is a piccie of the little guy, although I really need to get more taken.... bit difficult though when I am holding him all the time...LOL!!!
As for scrapping... I have been promised scrapping time tonight whilst Rob is on Dinky Doo duty.... yey!!! I bought some lovely stash before I had him and can't wait to get stuck in and use some. There are a few LOs I have done for the Sarahscards DT that I can share with you now. These were made using MME papers which are gorgeous and thick.... a bit too nice to be cut into to be honest. These ones were made using the January kit.... I also got to play with the March kit which was full of fresh spring colours... I am going to make much more of an effort now to be back scrapping/blogging/blog visiting! I had a spooky dream about a friend last night and need to go check their blog to see if there is anything in it!