Thursday, 31 January 2008


Not me!!! I am one of those people who always misplaces things, leaves things until the last minute and packs the world to go to a crop. So when I saw that 'organise' was today's prompt over at HS:MS I thought eeeeeek!!! Then when I sat down to have a little play with stash this afternoon, I saw my sewing threads box... all organised and tidy... perfect. And I promise you it was found like this, I didn't arrange by colour for the photo.

A very short blog post today as I am mid cooking tea. My smile for today came after a trip to the post office, knowing that there is a present winging its way to someone special.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Housework mysteries

This morning I took Harry Bear to playgroup again... he is so independent when he is there, doesn't want me anywhere near him, unlike a lot of the other toddlers who stay really close to their mums. He is also a tad on the daring side, climbing on the climbing frame, throwing himself down the slide, and then crawling into the area where the cars and bikes are. If I took him out of that area once, I did it 10 times, and still he kept crawling back to get crashed into some more... strange child!!!

This afternoon we went and did a little bit of shopping, so the little fella hasn't had a nap... which only means trouble later on!!! I also decided to do a spot of hoovering... we are still battling with a rug that is no longer new, but still malts like a big hairy dog! Seriously... how long can a rug malt for without going threadbare??? Well I decided that whilst I had the hoover out, I may as well do all of downstairs.... living room and dining room, fine no problem... into the hall way, hoover seemed a bit sluggish... gave it a tug, all seemed to be ok... into the kitchen, it went sluggish again, turned around and there was a Harry Bear climbing on the hoover!!! So that is my smile for today... what should have been a quick whip round with the hoover, turned into a 10 minute hoover ride for Harry.

Today's prompt is 'currency'. I have opted for a really obvious piccie... play money. Not Monopoly, although that was my first thought... but Operation money. This game is out on the dining room table ready to played later... so it was just asking to be photographed.

Hoping to have a play tonight with the chipboard books I have been sent by Carolinezcraftz... they are dead cute, and perfect gift size, you can see them here, I have the round and the love book.

This is making an appearance on quite a few blogs at the moment, so I thought i'd have a play too. I quite like my CD cover. My group is called Zaronoff, and the song title is A Form Of Wealth... cool eh?
The title of the first article on the page is the name of your band:
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album:
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover:

Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together ... and hey presto! You have your album cover:

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


No I'm not telling you to think, that is the prompt for today's HS:MS. I had to cheat on this one... we don't have a lot of thinking going on in our space, so I used a piccie of Oliver taken a couple of weeks ago. And to be fair it would probably be better suited to 'concentrate' than think... but I guess when you concentrate you are thinking, so that's good enough, right???
Santa bought Oliver a dig for a T-Rex kit, and this photo is of him doing his archeology bit.... see how his concentration tongue is sticking out... love that! It has to be the messiest thing in the world.... dust everywhere. And it didn't warn you on the pack that you ran the risk of a getting repetitive strain injury, as it was so hard to dig.... that is until we soaked it in water... LOL!!! It was much easier for Oliver to uncover the bones after a good soaking, and he really enjoyed himself, he got so excited each time he unearthed another part of the T-Rex.... bless.

My smile for today came in a little brown jiffy bag.... some gorgeous tags from a fabby Etsy shop.

Aren't they delicous?

Monday, 28 January 2008

A of A-Z... at last!

I have finally got around to doing my A page for the A-Z journal over at It's A Creative World. I went for the word 'again', and have listed 5 things that we want to do again this year. This idea came from a conversation with Oliver, when he told me how excited he was about going to Lego Land again. I asked him what else he would like to do this year, and he said he wanted to go back to the crocky trail and wanted to play at the seaside. Rob and I are really hoping for a good summer (please god it has to be better than last year) so that we can spend lots of family time in the garden and have BBQ parties with our friends. No piccies on this page, but I quite like it... makes a refreshing change 'scrapping' without pics.

My B page is already planned, so I am hoping to get that done tomorrow evening... I think now I have started I will really get into the swing of this:)

LO #3

My third LO using the Junkitz kit has gone up on A Spoonful of Sprinkles today. When doing DT work, I try to vary the themes of my LOs a bit... not everyone wants to see my kids on every LO do they.... LOL!!! So this one is about Rob and my Dad trying to fly a huge Nemo kite on a day when there was no wind!!! The chipboard tags were all patterned, and autumnal themed, which didn't really go with the photos. I stuck them to the LO and painted over them, which I think works quite well. I may stamp or doodle some more over the tags... I haven't decided yet, one of those LOs that needs putting away for a while and looking at again with fresh eyes iykwim.
The prompt for today is 'snooze'. I could go upstairs and take a piccie of Harry or Freya who are both having their mid morning nap, but I don't want to run the risk of waking them just yet... so the only other option is J Bear... our fluffy puff westie who is desperate for a haircut. He spends most of his day on the sofa snoozing... oh to have a dog's life eh? Tonight I am going to do my A & B pages for the A-Z journal... already behind, how bad am I!!! It's not that I have lost interest before we even started, I just could not think what to do for a. After a conversation with Oliver last week, inspiration struck so I will get it done tonight and be back with piccies.
Today's smile came tonight at tea time. I cooked garlic chicken on skewers (often the only way to get Oliver to eat meat is to stick it on a stick). When I put his plate in front of him he asked what it was, so I said chicken on a stick. When Rob sat down Oliver told him that he had chick dick on a stick. Obviously this was a totally innocent comment... I think!!! At school they have been talking about rhyming words, so he was just putting his knowledge into practice.... but as adults this made us giggle, the more we giggled the more Oliver repeated it... I just hope he doesn't tell them at school tomorrow what he had for his tea... LOL!!!
As promised I have updated yesterday's post with my smile piccie :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another LO on Sprinkles

The second of my LOs using the gorgeous Junkitz kit has gone up on A Spoonful of Sprinkles today. I had to do a spot of photo editing with these pics so that they went with the papers. There was too much happening with all the different colours in the background, so I turned the photo to B&W but left the ball in colour.
Today we took the boys to Head over Heels in Chorlton to run/crawl off some energy. We took Adam too, and met Cormac and Erin (and their mum Pauline). I have to say I love that place as it's big enough for adults to be climbing in too, and the slide is quiiiiiiick!!! Harry loved crawling and climbing in the under 3's section, and I think we have a Casanova on our hands as he made bee lines for all the girls!!! So back home with tired children, and have left dinner in the hands of Domino's... yummo... although this means I am unlikely to lose any weight this week!!!

Have you smiled today? I have had lots to smile about today, I got to have a lie in, I didn't have a bad head when I woke up, seeing the boys have so much fun, laughing with Pauline, pizza for tea. The smile I have chosen for today is when Rob picked up all the foam stamps that Harry had tipped out (because I had left them in the hallway rather than putting them away) and put them back in the basket. He put the basket down turned around to get the last stamp which had been flicked under the buggy, turned back around and Harry had crawled out into the hallway, tipped the stamps out again and had the basket on his head.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Crop day

Today was Cheadle all day crop, and I got *drum roll* TWO LOs done!!! That is really good going for me, I normally get 1 done, but think this could well be a first getting two done. I used the January Scarlet Lime kit for both, and am really pleased with how they turned out... I am so loving this kit company at the moment.
Both LOs are of Christmas photos. Usually I hate doing Christmas LOs, but I think it is more that I don't really love Christmas papers, I buy them every year, and every year I put them away unused. It plays on my mind that I need to get my Christmas photos scrapped, so I think maybe I just need to scrap them as I would everyday photos and not get hung up about using themed stash.
Last year I set a little challenge to myself to record a 'smile a day'. Jems has re-launched the challenge, starting today and ending on the last day of February. The idea is that everyday you post about the thing that made you smile the most that day. Even on the most pants day, there will be something that makes you smile... no matter how small it is. If you have a blog, you should post about your smile with a piccie, if you don't blog you could journal/scrap about it and upload to online galleries. At the end of the time you will have a record of things that you would probably have forgotten about, had you not have recorded them. I know that Jems is planning to scrap a LO of each of her smiles in mini book form. I know that this will not happen for me, so I plan to do a DLO at the end of the time... something to go into my BOM. If you want to play along please leave links so we can come and share your smiles.
Hopefully we can spread the happiness, and those people who are always doom and gloom will cheer the f*ck up!!! I am sure you know the type... people who can find something to moan about in everything, people who basically bring down the mood of everyone around them... the kind of people you want to shake... If you know one of these people, go and slap them with a happy stick :)
So this brings me to today's smile, which was a comment made by our lovely crop male, Paul. It's one of those things where when I explain it to you, you won't think it is funny, you had to be there. In fact even the people that were there didn't find it that funny... but it really tickled me.
Basically, Sarah of Sarah's cards, was asked whether she wanted a tea or a coffee. She said to surprise her, and Paul said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear, 'mud... that'd be a surprise'. Well it had me in fits of giggles, so lovely Paul and his mud comment gets my smile :)
I have also been tagged by Nikki. You have to list 5 songs that mean something to you. To be honest, this is a bit tricky for me, as even though I love music and there are a lot of songs I really like, there aren't many that are 'special' to me. So here goes...
1) Goodybye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
My last relationship turned violent, and on the day I finally moved out of the house I shared with my ex, this song was playing on Lincs FM as I drove away. Everytime I hear it now it reminds me of the feeling of relief of moving on.
2) Firestarter - The Prodigy
I have a fantastic memory of my uni friend Laura falling over a table in Silk in York, this was playing and the strobe lighting... and possibly the obscene amount of alcohol we had consumed, made her fall seem very slow and dramatic. That night also turned out to be quite eventful for other reasons too. Everytime I hear this song I am reminded of this night and it makes me smile.
3) Mr Blue Sky - ELO
My great grandad used to let me stand on his feet and dance around with me to this song when I was little. A family fall out meant that we didn't speak after I was 7, so this is was of the few memories I have of him.
4) You Were Always On My Mind - Elvis
My first real love sang this to me in the middle of the Shambles in York. I had got upset with him, and he drove from Nottingham to York to sruprise me... sang this to me, and asked me to marry him.
5) Catch - The Cure
I had this playing in the car the first time I laid eyes on Rob. I can picture the scene now and little did I know then that I would end up marrying the man in the black hooch t-shirt... nuff said.
But I am putting a couple more on that I have just thought about...
6) Shiver - Coldplay
A couple of friends and I went to Radio 1's One Big Sunday in Leicester in 2001. Coldplay came on last and the first song they played was Shiver. I love this song anyway, but at the moment they started playing the intro Rob phoned me on my mobile, so he got to listen to it too... love love love this song.... and love love love Rob.
7) What Do You Get - Deacon Blue
Another song, another man singing to me...LOL!!! This song was sung to me via karaoke in Ibiza, by a footballer, who shall remain anonymous. I met him there and went on to have a short but lovely fling with him. He still phones me every year on my birthday which is nice, but doesn't go down well with him indoors.
I tag Rach, Andie and Paul.

This LO was created for Carolinez Craftz. You can get instructions for how I did this HERE.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Only 1

Well I said I was going to scrap last night, and I did... but I only got 1 very simple LO done. I got distracted by The Empress' New Clothes, which wasn't great, but still managed to get me watching! This LO is of Oliver and one of the remote control vehicles he got for Christmas. He has had some form of remote control vehicle from Santa for the past 3 years, normally a Subaru, and normally because Rob wants one!!! The first Subaru was dropped so many times as Oliver insisted on carrying it around, that it gave up the ghost. The second Subaru met a watery end after being thrown in the paddling pool, along with a talking Thomas. Last year's Subaru, was crashed into so many obstacles that it fell apart, and after visiting the repair shop (daddy with the superglue) a number of times, it was made up of more glues than anything else. This year he got a quad bike and a Subaru, and when we took him to the park on Boxing Day, we were all amazed to find that Oliver can now use the remote control properly. Now the only problem we have is that he drives the cars around the park so many times we are going through batteries like there is no tomorrow!!!
The HS:MS prompt for today is 'three', and today's photo is courtesy of Oliver and his strange little ways. I am sure the mums of boys will be able to identify with this... finding random toys in the most unlikely of places around the house. Today I found this group of 3 mini dinosaurs on the front window sill. I'm not quite sure why they are arranged as they are, but to the untrained eye it would seem as though one is eating the head of an other, whilst the other is sniffing his nether regions!!! I am sure in the mind of a 4 year old, there is a very interesting story happening here.

Tomorrow is Cheadle crop day, so tonight will be spent stash selecting... I am so determined not to take everything, so I really need to have some kind of idea of what I am going to do!!!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Guess what I did last night???

I sat on my bum all night with the lappy on my knee... meaning I got bugg*r all done in the scrapping department!!! So tonight, I will not switch the lappy on until I have started a LO... at least if I start a LO I have a good chance of getting it finished even if I am online chatting!
Just a quick blog post today to play along with HS:MS. The prompt is 'overflow' and Anita has posted the most delicious looking frothy, sweety topped drink. My overflow is no way near as yummy looking, but it is the thing that overflows the most in our house... the ironing basket!!!
I will be back tomorrow with a LO to share... I will, I will, I will!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Toddler group mayhem!!!

I took Harry to a different toddler group this morning and he crawled his little legs off bless him. He crawled up the slide, down the slide, under the slide, through the caterpillar tunnel, over other babies, under chairs... you name it, he crawled over under or through it!!! We got home at 11:45 and I gave him hi lunch, and he was so tired that he fell asleep with a mouthful of curry and cous cous!!! He is still tucked up sound asleep now, so I am popping on here before I go and wake him from his slumber.
Today's HS:MS prompt is 'tube'. My first thought was smarties, and we do have some in the cupboard, but of course they have changed the packaging now to those stupid hexagonal tubes without the alphabet plastic lid. So because I still strop about the change of packaging I wasn't going to take a piccie of those tubes... LOL!!! So my photo today is rather uninspiring and is of my BG precision file set tube. Then as I uploaded the photo, I spotted another tube... my hand cream. This is the only hand cream I have found that touches the really bad dry skin I get on my hands. Trouble is Rob has discovered how good it is, and now he uses it too... that is fine, as long as he doesn't get soft handy pandies, I like my men with man hands!!!Tonight I have some scrap time, so I am hoping to use some of the new SL kit... just need to get my a into g, and not sit on here for hours on end!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Love Scarlet Lime

Our January kits arrived yesterday, but I couldn't pick them until today... OMG they are gorgeous. There were a few bits and bobs in the December kit that I am unlikely to use EVER, but I have to say I can see me using everything in this months kit. Got a really nice surprise too in that we all got a sub gift of a really cool set of Autumn Leaves stamps... a set I hadn't even seen before, so happy days all round. Now I need to plan how to use the goodies so that I can travel really light on Saturday to the all day crop.
Last night I did my second LO using the December SL kit... now would you believe me if I told you that someone I know, didn't like this kit and threw most of it away in a stash strop!!! tis true, but then we always knew she was a little bit on the barking side.... LOL!!!
The picture is of Hannah and Harry taken at a local soft play centre. Hannah is the sister of Oliver's best mate, Adam, and she is such a great girl. She is our babysitter in training... we only have a year to wait until she is old enough to look after thing 1 and thing 2. It has to be said that she is fantastic with Harry... and he adores being with her, so when the time comes I really don't think we will have any worries about leaving the boys.

I didn't get round to posting my HS:MS photo for yesterday's prompt 'ring'.... sometimes I just don't know where the day goes. Anyway today I have done the photo for ring... and it is, a ring. Pretty unimaginative compared to others piccies I guess, but I love this ring. I bought it in my second year of uni, way back in 1995. The characters mean joy, prosperity and fruitfulness. I have worn this ring everyday since I bought it... well apart from late on in pregnancies when there is no way anything smaller than a tractor tyre would fit on my sausage fingers!!!
Today's prompt is 'wrinkles'. Difficult one as I don't have any wrinkles.... yet. Our dog isn't wrinkly, just over fluffy as he needs a cut. The kids aren't wrinkly... Rob is at work, so I had to have a good old think. Then I found this oil painting I did when I was doing GCSE Art. It is of that actor who was in Prisoner... Patrick Magooen???

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Self portrait Saturday..... again!

I have actually missed a couple of the s.p.s's due to being away, so I have made the effort today and have taken my pic. Well actually it is a bit of a cheat so that I can show you my lovely new scarf. Do you like it? I crocheted it yesterday and it only took 3hrs. I am so impressed with myself, this time last week I couldn't crochet at all, and now I have a scarf and a bag that just needs the handles making. So that is one of my new year resolutions achieved.
I have not got around to posting the HS:MS prompts for the past couple of days. I don't know where time goes... well actually I do. The time where I usually sit on my bum and blog hop leaving comments has been allocated to Natalie Cassidy. I have been doing the dvd every evening and must say I do feel better for it... probably don't look any different, but feeling better is a good start. So here are my catch up photos for 'number' and 'dangle'. The first is of the
rather lovely present my bessie mate Annie got for Oliver when he was little.... 100 wooden blocks!!! And believe me I have picked up those blimmin blocks probably as many times since Harry became mobile! We still have all 100 as I count them back into the bucket, and have to go on a block hunt to find any that have gone astray... very sad I know, I think I have a touch OCD when it comes to things like this.... I can't rest until all the blocks are found, and I am the same with the stacking cups, and the 40 Mr Potato Head pieces!
The second photo is of the string decorations Oliver and I made. They were up for Christmas but we like them so they are allowed to stay up a bit longer.
Rob was out last night so I took the opportunity to do some scrapping. I actually got to play with my Scarlett Lime kit, and I have to say it was delicious to use. The LO was based on a sketch challenge that we are doing in our UKS team. The sketch can be seen here. I have been meaning to scrap this photo of Oliver since the summer, and the papers in the kit were perfect.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sneaky peakies

I said yesterday I'd take piccies today, and I have... although the light still isn't great as it is tipping it down again today!!!So far I have done 3 LOs with THIS kit, and have loads left over to do another tonight. The classes go up on Saturday so you still have time to buy the kit if you want to play along.

The prompt for today is 'indulge'. Normally finding some edible indulgent items in this house wouldn't be a problem, but as I am on my quest to lose some blubber I have bought or baked anything indulgent. I am also on a stash diet as I am saving for the Harrogate show... where I shall no doubt indulge myself with loads of yummy new goodies to play with. One thing I can't help but indulge in though is buying these little beauties....
Ok so it may be a bandwagon to jump on... and some may think that collecting these deserves a smack... but I don't care, I love momiji dolls.
This has to be a quick post as Harry is currently trying to climb up the lamp in the corner of the living room... quite how he has got to it I don't know, as it is behind the little table and in between the chair and sofa... no place in this house is sacred from stunt puppy Stevenson!!! I took these pictures of him this morning... he loves to get his hands on the PS2 controllers... but this morning he was playing with the buttons and looking at the cartoon on the tv at the same time... he kept laughing, and I really do think he thought he was playing..... awwwwww bless.
Do you like his tank top? I knitted it for him and I think he looks well cute in it :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Just a quickie

Eeeek what a day, I haven't had a moment spare to get on here.
This morning the boys and I had a dental appointment, all was well until she went poking around the back of my mouth... she did something that nearly made me go through the ceiling!!! After x-rays, and a mini battle to have another look in my mouth, I have been referred to the hospital to have two wisdom teeth out :( So what should have been a quick check up turned into a really long appointment.

I dropped Oliver at school on the way home, and by the time I got back there was only time enough to give Harry a bottle before Reuben descended... followed by Freya half an hour later. Then Jackie came to pick Reuben up and stayed with Elijah so that he could have a play with Oliver... 4 tired and hungry boys meant that squabbles soon started!!! After Jackie and the boys had left it was time to feed Harry and Freya, then Rob came home, then Freya's dad came to pick her up. Cooked tea for Rob and Oliver (Ikea meatballs, chips, peas and peppercorn sauce... yuuuuuum!!!) then as if I wasn't knackered enough from the lack of sleep last night (thanks Harry) I had a go at the Natalie Cassidy dvd. I have to say i actually really enjoyed it... it's a lot of fun and the instructor isn't annoying like the two on the Davina dvd. Quick shower, and at last a little bit of time before CSI to get online. Whoever said that being a sahm was a breeze...LOL!!!

So I know I said I'd take pics of the LOs, but I haven't had time... I will do them first thing after the school run tomorrow morning. Even the HS:MS pic is a cheat as it was taken at the weekend... I wanted to get a piccie of Harry crawling from behind. I did , but because he crawls soooooo fast he was out of focus before I could press the button!!! I will try again to get a better shot in the next few days, because I so want to scrap a piccie of it.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Out with the girls

Last night I went to the cinema with a few friends, including Jen. We went to see PS I Love You, as it is a total chick flick and there is no way hubbies and partners would want to go and watch it. I did really well to hold the tears in... they were there but they didn't roll, well not until I got home and told Rob about the film, then I cried.... I'm such a wuss puss!!!

I have been busy scrapping 3 LOs for Carolinezcrafts, using this kit. I will take a couple of piccies tomorrow to share with you... there is no point in doing it now with the flash. I have another planned, then I can get playing with my Scarlet Lime kit that is sat calling to me.

I have a short week with Freya this week as her mum is not working Thursday and Friday so I am hoping to get some scrap time whilst Harry has his morning nap, although in reality I will probably spend the time cleaning and tidying!!!

the prompt for today is 'CDs'. We have soooooooo many CDs between us, a few are out on the shelf next to the stereo, but the others are in boxes under the shelves. It's a total pain in the bum when you want to find a particular CD and have to go searching, but on the other hand when you go searching you always find something you forgot you had. I don't have a favourite type of music, my collection is quite varied. I like cheesy pop, indie, rock... if it's catchy I like it.

LOL!!! In response to Suzy's comment... this is just a section from my side on the CD shelf... not staged at all.
All my cheesy and embarassing CDs are in the car....LOL!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Look what I learned to do

I have always wanted to be able to crochet. I have had books from the library in the past, followed the instructions carefully and always ended up with a tangled mess. My best friend Annie, sent me the most fantastic scarf for Christmas, and it fired up my desire to learn to crochet again. I found a fantastic site today and sat down to have a play.... and OMG I made two granny squares in less than an hour. OK so they may not be the neatest pieces of crochet in the world, but I learnt, I followed a pattern, and it is easy... so that's a start.Today we took the boys to the park across the road. Oliver insisted that Harry went in his push a long car so that he could race him with his go-cart. Harry loved it, the faster we pushed the more he squealed. When we stopped he would grab the steering wheel and rock back and forth to try to make the car go on his own. The fresh air did him the world of good as he had his afternoon nap with no fuss at all.Whilst we were at the park I took my s.p.s for HS:MS. So this is me today... sorry about the smirk, but Rob was taking the p*ss out of me holding the camera up to get pictures of myself. Yesterday's prompt was 'cold' but I didn't get the chance to post. So here is my very uninspiring shot. The minging cold tap from our minging bathroom.When we got back Oliver and I continued our quest to unearth a dinosaur. He got a dig for a tyrannosaurus kit for Christmas... it says it is for ages 7+, but OMG it is so hard. We had a proper good go at it, well I was doing the hard work and Oliver was brushing the dust away... and we managed to free part of a rib case, a leg and a claw. Only 7 more parts to find!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Last night was crop night and it was a lovely little gathering. I got absolute diddly squat done!!! Well that is technically I lie as I did kind of do a LO, although I am not really that happy with it. My mojo has gone on a long break just lately, and I think it is because I am one of those scrappers who doesn't plan what to do in advance. I just sit, sort, faff, then do... and although it may take a long time to do a LO this way, it works for me. Now that I have children other than my own to look after, I can no longer get housework stuff done during the day, also I don't close my door until 6:00pm which means that the boys are fed and bathed later than usual, all this results in having less time in the evening to get creative. Add that to the fact that Harry is being a complete nightmare at night time, resulting in me getting about 4 hours sleep, I am just so tired... which we all know is not good for creativity.

The prompt for today is 'thread'. I have so many embroidery threads from various cross stitch projects over the years. A lot of them are in storage boxes, carefully wound on card bobbins and labelled with their numbers... this jumble however lives in my work space. My mum goes nuts when she sees it as she would have hers all neat and tidy... I have to say I like having a rummage in the tangled mess to find the colour you want.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Be prepared!!!

I have adopted the scout's motto for crops. I always take soooooooo much stuff with me, spend an age going through it to see what I want to use, then only use a fraction of what I select!!! I am going to try really hard this year to be more organised and prepared for crops so that I can limit myself to my crop bag, cutting mat and guillotine.... it is crop night tonight and I have done nothing to prepare yet... this does not bode well!!!
We have spent the past few nights catching up on Lost series 3, ready for series 4 starting. We missed so many episodes after Harry was born that we decided to just watch it when it came out on dvd. I post them on to mum when we have done so that they can catch up too... have to say we are all gripped!!! Does anyone have any idea at all what is going on??? I have various theories which fit at certain times in the story, then something else happens and you're like damn... it's not that then! They better not kill Sawyer off... he is such good eye candy, and as Rob likes Kate we are both happy...LOL!!!

The prompt for today is 'steam'. I was going to set up the Thomas the Tank Engine track thing we have with safe steam, but I looked at the pieces and though nah!!! So off to the kitchen to prepare my hot water and lemon... a twist of the kettle to face the window and we have our steam shot.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

My baby is 1

I cannot believe that the past year has gone so quick... it seems like only yesterday I was holding myself up on the door frame waiting for Rob to fetch the neighbour to stay with Oliver!!!
We didn't get Harry many presents this year seeing as it is only 2 weeks after Christmas, and he doesn't understand that it is his birthday. We got him a little tikes police car as a joint present with mum and dad, and then put money in his account. Oliver got him a rainbow aqua draw which has gone down a storm with both of them... and mummy likes it a lot too...LOL!!!
he got some lovely things from friends, and had lots of fun when Reuben and Elijah came to play this morning. Freya was here this afternoon, so little boy has had a busy day.
I didn't get round to doing the HS:MS prompt of 'bling' until now... so sorry for the pants with flash piccie!!!
The paper that my fake bling necklace is on is out of the Scarlett Lime kit that finally arrived today. I have to say I am really pleased with the kit, the papers are lush, the embellies are gorgeous and the stamp is divine.... the only thing in there that was dodgy was a piece of ick fabric... although I may well challenge myself to try and use it!!!

Monday, 7 January 2008

So behind....

I have fallen way behind with my scrapping just lately... I really need to become more organised. I seem to spend so much time doing house and children stuff that I never find the time to scrap. Last night I managed to do 2 LOs for Sam at Scrapfairies... can only show you a peak as I still need to email them in. I found these a real challenge as they are not colours I would normally use... have got another LO planned, which I hopefully will get done tonight.
One of my sneaky peaks is perfect for today's HS:MS prompt 'fold'. Anita has taken a piccie of her gorgeous puppy's folds of puppy fat... I too have folds, but they are not half as cute...LOL!!!
A lovely box of stash was delivered this morning from Carolinezcrafts... I have two kits to use for classes, both of which are gorgeous. One class goes up on Jan 16th, and is ideal for anybody with Autumn pics to scrap... and the other goes up on March 1st. Both kits can be bought here.
We had a fabby time at mum and dad's this weekend. We went for a meal on Saturday, and although the food was lovely the wait for it to arrive was ridiculous. I have written to inform the manager how disappointed we were, and how disinterested the staff were... wonder if I will get a reply.
After the meal we took the boys to monkey mania, which is an indoor soft play area. It was the first time that Harry bear could really join in, as last time we went he couldn't crawl. He had a whale of a time climbing over the soft blocks and splashing about in the ball pool... so much so that he was asleep on Rob's shoulder before we even got him to the car!!! Typically my batteries died after 2 photos, so I have to wait for mum to get hers put onto a disc for me. Mum lost her new camera case which had new rechargeable batteries in... I knew I had seen her with it in monkey mania, and as it wasn't busy the search was on.... do you know how hard it is to find a camera in a ball pool??? blimmin hard I tell you... after about 25 minutes of moving balls about I found 2 dummies, 3 odd socks, a chewed sweet, 10p, a hair bobble and eventually a camera case!!!
Anyway, off to prepare lunch before Freya comes to play. Have a great day.