Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Love Scarlet Lime

Our January kits arrived yesterday, but I couldn't pick them until today... OMG they are gorgeous. There were a few bits and bobs in the December kit that I am unlikely to use EVER, but I have to say I can see me using everything in this months kit. Got a really nice surprise too in that we all got a sub gift of a really cool set of Autumn Leaves stamps... a set I hadn't even seen before, so happy days all round. Now I need to plan how to use the goodies so that I can travel really light on Saturday to the all day crop.
Last night I did my second LO using the December SL kit... now would you believe me if I told you that someone I know, didn't like this kit and threw most of it away in a stash strop!!! tis true, but then we always knew she was a little bit on the barking side.... LOL!!!
The picture is of Hannah and Harry taken at a local soft play centre. Hannah is the sister of Oliver's best mate, Adam, and she is such a great girl. She is our babysitter in training... we only have a year to wait until she is old enough to look after thing 1 and thing 2. It has to be said that she is fantastic with Harry... and he adores being with her, so when the time comes I really don't think we will have any worries about leaving the boys.

I didn't get round to posting my HS:MS photo for yesterday's prompt 'ring'.... sometimes I just don't know where the day goes. Anyway today I have done the photo for ring... and it is, a ring. Pretty unimaginative compared to others piccies I guess, but I love this ring. I bought it in my second year of uni, way back in 1995. The characters mean joy, prosperity and fruitfulness. I have worn this ring everyday since I bought it... well apart from late on in pregnancies when there is no way anything smaller than a tractor tyre would fit on my sausage fingers!!!
Today's prompt is 'wrinkles'. Difficult one as I don't have any wrinkles.... yet. Our dog isn't wrinkly, just over fluffy as he needs a cut. The kids aren't wrinkly... Rob is at work, so I had to have a good old think. Then I found this oil painting I did when I was doing GCSE Art. It is of that actor who was in Prisoner... Patrick Magooen???


Shannon said...

OMG! YOu did that painting? Wow! I am impressed. Very cool. I like the ring, silver is not me but I like your ring.
I did some scrapping for my a-z journal over the weekend. I got a kit last wek but I am saving it for girl scout weekend next weekend.
I love seeing you boys! They always look so happy!

maz said...

That is a fantastic painting! Do you still paint? Wanna see more! I'm totally in awe...
groovy ring too..

Rachael said...

Wow great painting puts my GCSE offering to shame and my "A" level come to think of it. You can't tease us like that though you have to show it all. x

Jenga said...

Love your ring ;)

Woo to to the SL kits :D Can't wait until Saturday :) As to you know who and her stash strops :O :o :o

Deanne said...

fantastic oil painting louise - blimey
i've never seen a SL kit, must investigate.

cass said...

awesome painting Louise and perfect for the wrinke prompt

etteY said...

great catch up pictures :)

Jemma said...

love the ring

Love the LO but im sure your friend isnt barking =)

i did throw a strop didnt i!

great painting thats amazing!!!