Saturday, 19 January 2008

Self portrait Saturday..... again!

I have actually missed a couple of the s.p.s's due to being away, so I have made the effort today and have taken my pic. Well actually it is a bit of a cheat so that I can show you my lovely new scarf. Do you like it? I crocheted it yesterday and it only took 3hrs. I am so impressed with myself, this time last week I couldn't crochet at all, and now I have a scarf and a bag that just needs the handles making. So that is one of my new year resolutions achieved.
I have not got around to posting the HS:MS prompts for the past couple of days. I don't know where time goes... well actually I do. The time where I usually sit on my bum and blog hop leaving comments has been allocated to Natalie Cassidy. I have been doing the dvd every evening and must say I do feel better for it... probably don't look any different, but feeling better is a good start. So here are my catch up photos for 'number' and 'dangle'. The first is of the
rather lovely present my bessie mate Annie got for Oliver when he was little.... 100 wooden blocks!!! And believe me I have picked up those blimmin blocks probably as many times since Harry became mobile! We still have all 100 as I count them back into the bucket, and have to go on a block hunt to find any that have gone astray... very sad I know, I think I have a touch OCD when it comes to things like this.... I can't rest until all the blocks are found, and I am the same with the stacking cups, and the 40 Mr Potato Head pieces!
The second photo is of the string decorations Oliver and I made. They were up for Christmas but we like them so they are allowed to stay up a bit longer.
Rob was out last night so I took the opportunity to do some scrapping. I actually got to play with my Scarlett Lime kit, and I have to say it was delicious to use. The LO was based on a sketch challenge that we are doing in our UKS team. The sketch can be seen here. I have been meaning to scrap this photo of Oliver since the summer, and the papers in the kit were perfect.


Louise Woolford. said...

WOW love that scarf its very pretty how clever are you, is it hard to do?? also love that layout too very colourful. Fab photos

Helsbells said...

Gorgeous stuff Lou! Now, I want to be able to crochet!! Love the string decorations too :)

Rachael said...

you've got me wanting to crochet now too!! Fabby layout I love it. Don't envy your Mum carrying you I was only 6 and I can clearly remember how hot it was that year! x

Anonymous said...

Ooh well done on learning to crochet so quickly! :o) The scarf looks great!

Absolutely love the layout! Must check out those kits - would you recommend them?

Really useable sketch too!


Di said...

Love all your catch up photos. I'm new to hs|ms! :) Your sps is beautiful - I love crocheting. Such a lovely scarf! x

Sarah said...

Great SPS and I love your scarf, might have to research this crochet business!

Jenga said...

Cool scarf :) You is gettin a bit clever ;)

Love the sketch LO - I was supposed to be doing it tonight but am too wiped out after today :o

Shannon said...

I like the LO. Very cool. May have to steal it.
I love your dangle. You could almost leave those up all year. You could take and string some lights in them.
I like your scarf. I have no business knitting and that is where I stand on that subject. Great scarf though. Will the bag be tomorrow's SOS?

MJ said...

Wow love the scraf, can't believe how quickly you picked it up, one of the things I must learn.


MJ xx

maz said...

Scarf envy! I bought one in Bath today, cost an arm and a leg!I'll hve to learn..

Bambi said...

great job on the scarf!

Jenga said...

Oooh new header too!! Cool ! I wish I could figure out how to get a nice header in my template :(

Jemma said...

i thought i had commented!

love love love the scarf!!!!!

love the lo too, now i wish i hadnt thown such a strop over my sl kit!!!!

i love the header too, far too technical for me!

Paul Browning said...

Bloomin envious of your crochet skills. A whole scarf!!! I tried it once and got no further than 12 stitches before giving up.

And you must let me know how you made the balls. I can guess but I'd rather not go down trial and error route if I can avoid it haha

You'll have to stop being so darned clever - youre making the rest of us look bad haha

etteY said...

Lovely scarf Louise! you look very pretty too :) lovely layout and catchup pictures :D