Friday, 28 September 2007

Still poorly:(

Ok so I thought I was getting better, but it seems not:(
Will be back soon once I am feeling brighter X

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Being poorly is great for your weight!

Yesterday I spent the whole day throwing up... which is yak... BUT this morning I weighed myself and I had lost 5lbs!!! And considering I haven't eaten anything today either as I still feel rough, I am hoping for another 2lbs off tomorrow. Now I am not saying that I want to be ill permanently, but my jeans do feel loads better...LOL!!!
Not done anymore scrapping as I went to bed at stupid o'clock yesterday, but I have got the kit from Caroline that I need to use to design a class for the Masterchef competition... well I got most of the kit. It seems that quite a few of the pizza boxes suffered at the hands of Royal Mail... mine had flowers missing and a piece of ribbon trying to escape! I am going to sit with it in front of me tonight to see what ideas I get... it is going to be a challenge as it is stash I wouldn't have picked for myself. It is lovely, the photo doesn't do it justice, I just need to get my head around the non boyishness of it...LOL!

Today's prompt is 'stamp'. And if you know me, you will know I do love my stamps. So many sets which to choose... so I went for this really old alpha set, used and dirty but still loved as though they were new.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I feel so icky:(

I don't know whether it is because I am over tired or because I am coming down with something, but I feel so ick! and before anyone says I might be pregnant, I'm not... wish I was though, but lets not go there as I am starting to struggle with the broodiness again:( I thought it might be because I was hungry, but I have had a little brekkie and that has made me worse... whatever it is I hope it goes soon!

Today's prompt for HSMS is jug... we only have one jug in our space, and it is this one we use for juice. I t holds the 8 glasses your are supposed to drink in a day to stay hydrated, and I fill it to try and make myself drink enough... never seems to work though. If I did drink that much I would be constantly up and down the stairs to the loo!!!!
Yesterday I made a little altered clipboard using the September goodies from Scrapfairies. It is going to hang in our kitchen so we can write things to go on the shopping list... this will stop any of the 'why didn't you get such and such?'.... er because I am not psychic and didn't know that you had ruin out of shaving gel/branston pickle/sandwich bags!!!!

I have emailed the images across to Sam so you can see the 3 LOs and the clipboard over on the site HERE. Please let me know what you think.
What's going on with the Masterchef competition? well out of the 7 that got through to round 5, 2 dropped out, so the remaining 5 are all through to the final. Caroline is sending us each a kit with which we are to design a class with written instructions. There will be a mini crop on Saturday 6th October on the forum, where members can choose which class they want to do. If you want to join in the fun you can buy one if the kits HERE.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007



Well the obvious choice in this house would be the chewed bathroom sponge, or the novelty sponge cakes made for Oliver... but as I have used these for past prompts I went for the sponge scourers from the kitchen. You know the ones, the own brand cheapies... 100 for 10p!!!

College again tonight, so I have to try and get as much done today as possible. Wonder if both boys will sleep at the same time to make my life a little easier.... I very much doubt it...LOL!!!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Pencil Lines #51

Love love loved this weeks sketch and knew exactly which photo I wanted to scrap. I love this handy pandy photo I took of Harry last week, so it just had to be done. I actually finished the LO by 10:30pm, but couldn't be bothered to scan and stitch as I had to have an early night. Thought i'd get a nice clear photo this morning, but oh no... the grey Manchester sky is not giving good light, so this is as good as it gets i'm afraid!I also finished a LO that I started at the crop. It is using the stash from Sam at Scrapfairies, and in case you hadn't noticed by the sneaks you've had... I was given black and white papers to work with. They are from Imaginisce and are totally yum... but I am black and whited out...LOL!!! Just one more LO I have planned, but I am going to scrap a little colour first... hopefully tonight.

Well this is our excuse of a dog... a long neck westie. Jaspa is my first baby and is totally spoilt, although not as spoilt as a certain westie who goes by the name of Hamish! The first photo was taken a while back and I just love it... once the boys have gone to bed Jaspa just flops. This time it was at the top of the stairs and he stayed there all night until we went to bed. The second photo was taken this morning whilst he was sat on the back of the sofa looking out for cats on his fence.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Show it off Sunday

I took these pictures on Friday of Harry bear. I was actually trying to get a picture of him in his new trainers, but he was in an impish mood and kept throwing himself down on to the sofa. I love the look on his face, he looks so angelic... which is a laugh considering his playful mood at that time. And look at his chubbly bubbly handy pandy... how can you not love that (even if his nails needed cutting).

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Been cropping

Today was the monthly Cheadle Hulme all dayer, and I had such a great time. I didn't get much done... as usual, but let's face it crops aren't about scrapping really, are they...LOL!!! I got one and a half LOs done using the lovely stash from Sam at Scrapfairies, so here is a sneak of the finished one. It is also the first LO I have done with no photo on!!! and I must say I am loving it so can't wait to share it with you:)
Also you need to check out Jen's blog because she did a corker of a LO using the Bo Bunny Pep Rally papers, also from Sam at Scrapfairies (can you see a pattern emerging here... we don't just go to shop, honest... LOL!!!). Jen bought me a pressie too and it made me smile and put a roar into Oliver... he always goes T-Rex like when he is happy, weirdness he must get from his dad's side of the family!!!

We also need to give a TOOT TOOT to Andie, who actually got something done, but who has introduced me to twinkling H2os... hadn't thought I needed these but they look so diving I think I actually do!!!

HSMS ~ self portrait Saturday
Sorry guys but it's that time of the week again... here's a piccie of me taken this afternoon after I got back from the crop... looking tired and a bit rough, which is why I am trying to hide behind my fringe...LOL!!!

Friday, 21 September 2007


To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something. Find ' stare' in your space today.
This wooden carving sits on my shelf staring in the direction of the door. Rob hates her as he says she stares at him and he wants to get rid of her. I love her so she is staying, end of. I'll tell you a secret now, she was a bought for me by my first love on a romantic weekend away, so she also has happy memories associated with her. Rob of course does not know her history... good job really as I think her days would definitely be numbered...LOL!!!

What a poo pants day we are having in Manchester... rainy and miserable. I was hoping to get some craft sorting done for tomorrows crop whilst Niblet is asleep, but decided to make rock buns for Rob instead. He likes something sweet at night time, and as sweet and lovely as I am, I provide him with baked goodies to keep him happy:)

Be back later:)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

I scrapped last night!!!

and it felt soooooo good. I have been caught up with the mini book from hell for what seems like an eternity, so it was really good to get a quick LO done last night. I can't show you all of it just yet as it for Sam at Scrapfairies, but here is a sneaky peaky. Just need to give a big TOOT TOOT for my real life and UKS friend Monika who has had her first published LO win a prize:) You need to have a look in scrapbook inspirations at the Afro Kid LO... it is gorgeous, and even better in real life. Well done hun, you ROCK!!!


So the question for today is why do boys break their toys?!?!? I am sick and tired of putting heads/legs/arms/wheels back on Oliver's toys. This morning whilst tidying up I found this mystic force ranger lying abandoned with an arm missing. You might think why not throw it back into the toy box as I found it, but I just can't... I have to fix them before putting them away. So the hunt was on for a yellow left arm. After 20 minutes (yes I really did waste 20 minutes of my life looking) I found the arm... floating in the dogs water bowl!!!
So yellow ranger is whole again and tucked up safe and sound with the rest of the rangers... and I can relax until this afternoon when the toy wrecker returns!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

HSMS - Quirky

Something characterised by the peculiar or unexpected. Find something 'quirky' today in your space.
A friend bought me this nuts and bolts teacher after I passed my PGCE. Although they are quite common nowadays 10 years ago they were very unusual and quirky. She sits on my top shelf getting dusty, poor thing, must move her to some where she can be seen a bit more... Rob doesn't like her and Oliver thinks her boobs are really funny...LOL!!!

Last night was the first night of my pre registration childminding course... I hav a serious amount of work to do in the next few weeks, but on the whole I came out feeling very positive and raring to get started. Tonight I will start writing up my policies and procedures to go in my portfolio... I don't know eh, I just can't seem to escape Ofsted inspectors...LOL!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Pictures at last!!!

OK so here is my submission for round 5 of the masterchef competition (slide show above this post). We were asked to make an 'inspirational' mini book... not sure if it is inspirational but I am happy with it, and at least I have a record of our 4 visits to Sundown Adventure Land.



This is the clip hanging from our kitchen door where Oliver's 'artistic' creations are showcased. I use the word artistic loosely as I only ever seem to get blue or brown painted bits of paper!!! I see the other children coming out of school with their cute little drawings of people, flowers, trees and cars... and I get blue and brown!!! Doesn't Oliver know his mum is an art teacher for heavens sake!!! It doesn't matter how many times I get the crayons and paints out, if it has got wheels or a weapon he's not interested...LOL!!!
Sorry to the HSMS girls, I haven't left comments for a couple of days... it has been madness here with one things and another... will blog visit tonight when I get home:)

Tonight I start the college course to become a registered childminder. I am really looking forward to it, although don't Tameside know Tuesday night is CSI night and I will miss the start!!!

I have finished the mini book at long last!!! I am so fed up with it now, I can't wait to get some LOs done. When Reuben and Harry go to sleep I will take pics to upload and email off.... hooorah!!!

Monday, 17 September 2007


You and Me

I was searching through all of my photos stored on the lap top, and found this one of Rob and I. It was taken on a family day out a few weeks after Harry was born... but to be honest my face looks slimmer then than it does now!!!

Not a great pic, but it is a rare photo of the two of us together.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Show Off Sunday

&edited in case of letterboxes*

Anyway, this little fella kept us entertained exploring the top of Oliver's sit in car. The pictures I got aren't in as sharp a focus as I would have liked but he just wouldn't keep still... and the wind kept blowing his feelers about!

We had a good time at the party yesterday... and guess whose child cried the most? In fact whose child was the only child to cry? Yep, mine!!! such and such did this, such and such did that... like he is the most perfectly well behaved child ever. Boys eh? they start being mardy men very young...LOL!!!
Last night I made real progress with the mini book, it is almost finished... although I had to stop once the alcohol had kicked in, me drink and a craft knife is not a good combination! I am going to try really hard to complete tonight so that I can upload pics and get on with some LOs.
I have drawn a template out to make a doodlebug style chipboard house. Not sure if I am actually breaking the law by breaching some kind of copyright, but if it is for my own use then I can't be doing much wrong, right? I want to have one on my shelf in the living room, and think I am going to decorate one for friends who have just moved in at the bottom of the garden... not literally in our garden as that would just be silly, but their house backs on to ours.

Right a niblet is a squealing which means it is time for dinner!!! be back soon with more mini book pics... hopefully!!!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Self Portrait Saturday

Here I am again folks... I'm sorry to inflict piccies of me on you every week. To make things a bit easier for you this sunny Saturday it is just a close up of my eye...LOL!!!

We are off to a birthday party in about an hour, so once I am back and the boys are bathed fed and in bed i'll be round to see your portraits.

Have a great day:)

Friday, 14 September 2007


An instrument for picking up small objects. Find tweezers in your space today.

My very old tweezers, they look a bit worse for wear but they are great for getting stray eyebrows!!! It seems every year I get a new set of tweezers from somebody in a stocking filler gift, but none are as good as this pair.

I went out last night with the girlies and had a great time. We went to a gorgeous restaurant and ended up being turfed out at 11:35pm, so didn't get home until 12:15... we had all told our hubbies that we wouldn't be late, but you know what girls are like once they get chatting...LOL! A good time was had by all, but today I am soooooo tired. Wonder if I can have a power nap the same time as Harry....

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Sneaky Peaky

Here are a few more peaks at my mini book. All sides are covered, just need to add photos and embellish to withing an inch of it's life...LOL!



This is one of the scenes in the Lollipop Castle at Sundown Park. The big mouse peeps in and out of the hole and it's whiskers move. Harry loves staring at this mouse and gets really excited when it moves... he bounces about like a crazy thing and squeals really loudly.

Be back later with another sneaky peaky of my decorated front cover.... yes that is as far as i've got...LOL!!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


AKA: Pucker up, swap spit, snog, tonsil tickling (tee hee).A show of affection by means of mouth to mouth contact. Go on, give us a kiss!

We have lots of photos of the boys being kissed, not enough of us kissing each other and this one of my mum moving in on my dad for a kiss!!! So technically it isn't a picture of a kiss... but it's the one i've chosen for today... and it's almost there!!!

The postman came a knocking this morning, well ringing to be precise, with a box full of yummy goodies from Sam at Scrapfairies. This girl has such good taste when buying for the shop... everything is just so gorgeous, I am so excited to get playing...

Last night was spent sewing name tags into PE kit, more polo shirts and taking more trouser hems up. So no fun stuff for me, although CSI NY was a good one and I hadn't seen it before. Tonight I am going to get cracking on decorating my mini book, but here is a sneaky of it in it's naked form.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007



This is a close up of a collagraph print. It is in my portfolio and is an example done to show my year 7 students. The project is all about texture and they learn 3 different printing processes, but this one is always the favourite.... I never get bored teaching this either.
Made my mini book last night for the masterchef competition... just need to work out how to decorate it. Think I need a bit of a stash shop for more papers... any excuse eh...LOL!!!

Monday, 10 September 2007


A soft, sweet food. Find 'cake' in your space today.

These were made yesterday by me and Oliver. All ready for his first whole day at big boy school!

And whilst we are on the subjetc of baking, I made it through to round 5 of the masterchef competition...woooohoooo!!!
Only 7 of us left, so the next round is going to be so hard. We have to create a mini book on a topic of our choice, using whatever takes our fancy!!! This is the hardest round yet... I do do mini books but they are only ever decorated Lippychicks... not sure they would be allowed so will have a bash at making my own.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Pencil Lines #49

These photos were taken this afternoon when we took the boys to the park around the corner. Now that Harry can sit without falling over all the time (he does still have his baby left or right moments) he is loving exploring his surroundings. Today he was fascinated by the freshly cut grass. We thought that his hair was going more blonde, but since it has started to thicken up a bit it is obvious he is going to be a little gingernut! And doesn't he look gorg in his new togs?

The patterned papers are by Bo Bunny and you can get them from Sam at Scrapfairies. Think I am going to have to get another set as they are just gorgeous.

And here is a photo of Harry not sitting!!!

And one of both of my gorgeous boys together... although Harry does look a bit startled by something!!!

And another of Harry not sitting, and Oliver falling over in sympathy... I wish this one came with a soundtrack because the giggling from both of them was fantastic.

Look what the boy grew!!!

This is my 'show it off Sunday' photo. It is Oliver holding a heeoooooge tomato that he grew with the help of his grandad. He picked the biggest tomato last week and was so proud that he had to have his photo taken with the prize specimen!!!

Edited to add... he doesn't like tomato, won't even try it. AND he won't believe us that 'dip dip' which he has on virtually every meal, is made from tomatoes!!!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Self Portrait Saturday

OK so it is that time of the week again... time to take a self portrait!!! So this is me today.

I have so much housework to do today. Got to clean the hamster out, do the ironing, make a shepherd's pie and prepare veg for tea.... when I am rich I will pay a really fit man to do all these jobs for me!!!

Good news though... Casualty is back tonight!!!! YEY!!!! I love casualty, tis the highlight of my weekend...LOL!!! Hoping to get some scrapping done too, it has been a bit quiet on the paper front as I have been cross stitching a name for a christening present... just got a couple of bees and a butterfly to add th.en it is done. Will post a piccie later

Thursday, 6 September 2007



Another cheat from me, but you have to humour me as I am missing the boy badly. This was taken last week and is of Harry bear enjoying a rusk.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sending BIG hugs

To a very special friend. My heart breaks that life is so unfair to such wonderful people, beautiful on the inside and on the outside. I pray everyday that your dreams will come true, and until they do I hope you find peace and happiness in everything else that you do.
You know who you are.


This childminding milarky is soooo tiring. I have only had Reuben for 2 days and I am shattered come 10pm! He is a little star so it makes the job enjoyable, so much so that I have decided to become a registered childminder. I went to a meeting with Tameside Council last night to find out more. The meeting was designed to put you off, as they went on and on about the national standards and ofsted, but when you have worked in education this does not put you off at all. The way I see it is if I am at home making sure that mine own are well looked after, stimulated and exposed to a variety of experiences to enrich their development, I can offer the same to other children.
The only part that daunted me was the bit about marketing yourself... I'm not too sure how I would do this?!?!? but I hope it will come to me in a flash of inspiration....LOL!!!

So HSMS people, that is why I haven't been around... too busy during the day with a little boy who is not my own, and too shattered at night to sit leaving comments on blogs!!! I will catch up with all of you tonight, I promise:)
So my photo for today is a bit of a cheat as it was taken last week... but I wanted to use this one of niblet's chubbly bubbly pandies holding his sponge, which he loves to chew on whilst he is having a bath. We get through a sponge a week since his peggies came through, but will he chew anything else? OH NO!!!!

2 more sleeps until I get him back:)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I'm missing Niblet:(

Now it has been a whole 2 nights away from the little man I am missing him sooooo much.... at least I have Reuben to kiss and cuddle in his absence. I finished this LO of him last night. It was started at the Cheadle crop last Wednesday, but because of the distractions I didn't get very far with it. I think it is still lacking something but don't know what, so I am going to leave it for a while then go back to it.Last night I had to take Oliver's school trouser up by a whole hem length, and they are still too long unless he has his shoes on! he gets his 'under tallness' from his dad's side...LOL!!! He is so excited about starting big school today and can't understand why he can't go all day until next week. I am just waiting to see what state he comes home in after he has had PE for the irst time, he is not the best at getting dressed on his own and looking tidy!!!

Monday, 3 September 2007


At the weekend Oliver had a fall off the step outside Grandad's greenhouse resulting in his first 'blood' injury!!! (we've had plenty of bumps and bruises but no blood). He cried at the initial fall, but soon stopped after a cuddle. Then I pulled his cut offs up to check his knees which he had grazed. He asked what it was and when I said blood it started him crying again.... in fact he cried so much that you could see neighbours curtains twitching...LOL!!! A magic plaster, just for big boys soon made everything much better, although he did walk round for the rest of the day holding his trouser leg up so everyone could see the 'magic' plaster!!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Home sweet home:)

I am back from a few days away at my mum's, and although I am glad to be back in my space, I have left Niblet behind, so I am a bit sad:( I know he will be well looked after and be taken out lots and cuddled lots, but there's nothing as good as a mummy huggle... I just hope he gets excited when he sees me on Friday.

So what did we get up to? Oliver and I had our hair cut, mine was just a tidy up, but Oliver has a spider web in his... he looks soooooooo cool. We went to see Annie and Lola on Friday which was lovely, but even better was spending the day together at Sundown Park on Saturday. Isn't Lola just the most gorgeous little girlie, she is such a sweet little girl I could steal her for keeps. We had lots of fun and the weather was so nice, so a good day was had by all.
As promised here is my LO for round 4 of the masterchef competition. I am really pleased with it, just hope it is good enough to get through as the LOs that have been put up already are fab... it is amazing what can be done with just plain cardstock.HSMS - Show off Sunday
After being totally jaw droppingly amazed by Vanda's spider web photos, I braved it, I got near a web and took a photo!!! I did send Oliver to check there was no sign of the spider first though... I'm so brave... send in the 4 year old first....LOL!!! Now I know it is no way near as good as Vanda's, but I am pleased with it, and even more impressed that I got so close to a potential death trap (spiders are dangerous you know).