Monday, 30 July 2007

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Yey I got through!!!

To the next round of the Masterchef Sprinkles comp! Thank you to all of you who voted for me. I was really pleased with my LO, which will be a pressie for my friend Billie as it is of her gorgeous little girl, Eva. I hope I can produce another piece I am as happy with for the next round, the ingredients are

1 sheet of plain cardstock
3 patterned papers (1/2 sheet of each)
3 buttons
2 x 12 inch lengths of ribbon
1 large blossom
1 slide mount

Will get my thinking head on tomorrow after the strongbow haze has gone...LOL!!!

The Pencil Lines sketch went live again tonight, and although I have done it, I am not happy with it... drunken scrapping is so not a good thing... will give it another go when I find time *rolls eyes*

Here are the flowers I made for the teacher pressies... they were very happy with them, or so they said. I really like them too, and have 5 sat on my mantel piece. Rob isn't so keen, but what does he know eh?!?!
And last but not least a few piccies of my big 4 year old on his new bike. We have had a few accidents already resulting in scraped knees and elbows, but he is loving being a 'big boy' on posh wheels!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I'm back, and I'm smiling:):):)

Sorry for the moany post... I am smiling again:) And thank you for all the kind comments:)

Tonight I have been decorating chipboard flowers ala Anita Mundt in SI, for teachers presents... I have taken pics but the light is pants so I will take more in the morning:)

Tomorrow is Oliver's 4th birthday... OMG where did that time go?!?!?! scary!!! I am so excited... all his friends have 'big boys bikes' and Oliver has a baby trike... we have told him that as he can still ride the trike he doesn't need a bike, and can have one when he is 7. We obviously have got him a bike, and it is so funky... he will be given his power rangers in the morning, then Mama and Grandad are going to surprise him by collecting him from nursery, and I will be in the playground with his new bike:) Then it is Pizza Hut for tea with a yummo chocolate button birthday cake:)

Will be back with piccies tomorrow:)

Monday, 23 July 2007

:( :( :(

Didn't get on the Mojo DT. Has knocked me back a bit today... and made me feel a bit down. Stupid I know, it's not like it's a big deal in the scheme of things, just feel really disappointed. Fed up with feeling like this so once I am knocked out of the Sprinkles comp i'm not entering anymore.
Of to eat chocolate...LOL!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pencil Lines #42

I can't believe I had started and completed 2 LOs in one day... and I can't believe I have cut into not one but two sheets of my beautiful new Rouge de Garance papers!!!
This photo was taken last weekend, and I just love it. It is slightly annoying that Oliver will always smile nicely when having a piccie taken with Grandad, yet any other time we get the silly exaggerated cheesy grin...LOL!!! He does love being with his grandad:)

My afternoon and evening of scrapping has played havoc with the washing and ironing, as in I still haven't ironed Oliver's uniform for tomorrow... good job he's only little and it doesn't take too long to do!!! Will have to spend some serious time getting the house ship shape to make sure it is up to 'Sue standards'... in other words my mum coming to stay...LOL!!!

Sunday afternoon scrapping

Had a chance to have a quick play this afternoon when Rob took the boys to the park. I did this scraplift from the Mojo blog. I have tried to scrap these photos taken last summer so many times... tried and failed to colour block (ok I hold my hands up and admit to failure, I just can not do it). I am quite pleased with the LO, but more than anything I am pleased I finally go the piccies scrapped.

Oliver's party went well yesterday... he was the first to cry, and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th!!! He had the mardies on yesterday for some reason. I didn't get many photos as I was chatting to some of the other mum's, but here is one of Oliver with his spider man cake.

Yesterday the postie bought me the most wonderful birthday maze book from good friend Nikki. It really put a smile on my face AND brought tears to my eyes... Thank You Nikki, you're a star:)

Friday, 20 July 2007

What's the difference?

Since last time I blogged?

I am now 31... OMG!!! My birthday was on Monday, and I had an *interesting* day... not the birthday I was expecting, but I can't go into too much detail in case of letterboxes... you never know who is peeping in. So that's mine been and gone, now we are on countdown to Oliver's 4th birthday. Tomorrow is his party, him and 11 friends at Whale-a-Round... pay someone else to make the food, entertain and clean up after...LOL!!! He is so excited, and chose a spiderman cake for the party... all the goody bags are prepared and ready to go... just hope everyone turns up. Will post some piccies tomorrow.

So what else have I been up to in my blog absence? On Tuesday and Wednesday I looked after Reuben whilst his mummy went back to work... just a little taster for September when the new school year starts. I had a mild panic on Monday night worrying about how I was going to cope with 2 babies and getting Oliver too and from nursery... but it went well... maybe it is a sign that I need another baby... if only it was that easy eh!!!

I have been scrapping, but I can't share too much just yet. I have done my LO for round 2 of the sprinkles DT comp... I am really happy with the LO but am not sure whether it actually meets the criteria of 'unlimited' use of ribbon enough... guess we'll soon see.

I have converted another person into a scrapper... new mummy Emma, who was already a mad photo taker, has now turned into a mad scrapper!!! She's only gone and cut a section our of the shower curtain to include on a LO!!! It's a slippery slope once you're on this scrapping bandwagon... hope you're prepared Emma:)

Anyway, I did this LO for Emma to put in Cian's first album... just a quick one to have a play with the lovely stamps sent by Jemma... only just got round to cutting the stamps out, but I am so glad I did... they are DIVINE.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Pencil Lines #41

I haven't blogged for a few days as I have been to my mum's. Had a good couple of days there, and Oliver and Harry had fun too.

Came back to find out that I had made it through the first round of the Spoonful of Sprinkles DT comp.... woooohooooo!!! only to find out today that round 2 does not allow the use of patterned paper... so as pp is my thing, that's me out then... still I am pleased that I got through the first stage:)

Being away from home meant that I haven't had the chance to scrap, so it was a real joy tonight to sit down to Pencil Lines sketch 40. These photos were taken last weekend at our local park. Oliver has got to the stage now where he is happy to pose for one piccie... any more than that and I have to resort to threats or bribery!!! So I decided to just snap away, and am actually really pleased with these random photos.
I also want to TOOT TOOT for Monika... she has just been asked to take part in the sketch challenge for Scrapbook Inspirations. Way to go Mon, it's about time you were in print:)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Pencil Lines #40

I have left the sketch this week until Wednesday night as I wasn't sure about it... not one of my faves, but never one to be beaten (except by colourblocking.... shaking my fist at you Nikki) I finally gave it a go. Not one of the best LOs I have ever done, but hey I had fun playing with my new cropodile.... went a little eyelet mad...LOL!!!

Still not sure wether Oliver is a cute clown, or bordering on a little bit freaky.... think I am leaning more and more towards the freaky side!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


No I'm not being rude.... it is Nikki's photo prompt. Really boring photo as we don't have interesting knobs in this house... preferring drawers with handle holes iykwim...LOL!!!

I think it is my turn to prompt... have lost track a bit, so my prompt is 'wheel'. My photo is of Oliver's go cart wheel against the grass in the park.

My photo for the
HS:MS game is 'robot'. A transformer robot that is usually left lying around waiting to trip me up!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Last minute madness!!!

So I have known about the spoonful of sprinkle DT challenge for ages, so I have had plenty of time to

a) think of an idea
b) have a photo taken when I have been spot free
c) create a LO without in my own good time

So what do I actually do? I leave it until 7:40pm on the deadline date...LOL!!!

Need to take a piccie of me... OMG where did that spot come from (find concealer and do a rush cover up job)
Need to print photo... laptop says printer can't be found (how is this possible when it is sat at the side of it and is connected by a wire)
Need to come up with a design... choose papers first... decide against 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice of papers.... rummage through scraps box... find the perfect papers.
Push pieces of paper around the page for ages before DH tells you that you need to just get on with it (what does he know....grrrrrrrr)
OK so DH is right (this time only but don't tell him) so get on with it, and actually quite like the end result :)

So that's 2 LOs of me in as many days... I must say I am actually quite enjoying my BOM:)

I really enjoyed making the paper doll and the outfits... wouldn't it be fab if you could get clothes in the exact pattern as scrapping papers... I'd love a dress in the AL French Twist green, but then again I'd love a figure like the doll more...LOL!!!

Photo prompt catch up... as set by Barry the prompt is 'stationary'. I knew straight away that I had to take a piccie of my favourite pens... I just love these, the colours the shape, the case they are in, the way the write... is it possible to love a pen?

Monday, 9 July 2007

Eeek a picture of me!!!

This picture was taken at my friends wedding... and although I hate it of me, I thought it was important to scrap as I don't have many of me with Harry as I normally the one doing the snapping. But isn't Harry the most gorgeous little chappie... I could eat him all up:)

The journaling reads 'you made my heart happy again'. I saw friends at the wedding who I hadn't seen for months... the same friends who had seen me at my lowest in the months following the miscarriages and through the trauma of TTC. They commented on how happy I looked, and it is all thanks to this little fella...

Now for my latest trauma.... COLOUR BLOCKING!!!!!! Nikki's TT set last week was to use this technique.... and I just can't do it. I have spent ages pushing bits of paper and photos around and no matter where I place them, it all looks like poop!!! I am determined that I WILL complete this tomorrow, so hold on to your hats and prepare for a LO that will make you giggle at its rubbishness!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Nikki's photo prompt for yesterday was 'art'. I couldn't take the piccie until today as the certificate was in our bedroom where niblet was fast asleep... So my photo is of my art degree certificate...

I think it is my turn to set the next prompt... and I have chosen 'needle'.

This morning we took Oliver for his swimming lesson and he was awarded his Teddy Bear 1 badge.... awwwwwwwww, a proud mummy moment:) I did get a strange look off the woman when I asked if I could buy another badge for his scrapbook... I guess unless you are a mad scrapper you just don't understand...LOL!!!

Last night we watched The Devil Wears Prada and drank way too much wine. So I woke up this morning feeling totally cack, and had to have a KFC wrapstar for dinner, which was YUMMO!!! So that's blown my really good week of counting points... will need to be extra extra good now until the weigh in on Tuesday.... booooooooooooo!!!

Friday, 6 July 2007

RAK #8

And last but by no means least is a little accordian book for our little Whizzy Invader. These are so much fun to make, and really easy peasy quick quick too.


Barry's prompt for today is 'beans'. You've got to go and look at his pics, they are amazing... I love the smell of coffee beans, but can't drink 'real' coffee as it sends me hyper!!! So what beans do we have in our space? We have chilli beans.

Oliver won't eat kidney beans, but he loves 'chilli' beans... LOL!!!

On the subject of Oliver and his faddy eating... we now have him eating sandwiches. They have to be cut into the shape of a dinosaur but who cares if he eats them... so my trauma over what to put in his packed lunch in September is over. The boy eats sandwiches....wooooohooooooo for cookie cutters!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2007


I have finally got round to scrapping this fab piccie of Oliver and the raptor!!! We went to the Manchester Museum and I wanted to take Oliver's picture with the model, but he wouldn't go near it... I kept moving him back and back and managed this snap quickly... the odd look on his face is because he was in the middle of telling me that he didn't want to get any closer...LOL!!! What a cruel mummy I am, traumatising my kids for photo ops.... mwhahahahahahaha

Zip it up!!!

Today's photo prompt is 'zip'.

This is the zip pull on Oliver's school jacket... it has his name on it, yet he still managed to come home with someone elses coat on!!!!

HS:MS game

My follow on letter was 'D' so here is a picture of one of Oliver's dragons... I love this font but don't use it that often, but it just seems right for this pic:)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

RAK #7

Is for our UK girly living in the US... Happy Independence Day:) It is an ickle hand stitched cushion for a corner of your home... I hope you like it.

Today's prompt was set by Nikki and is 'light'. Well there isn't much natural light here today, so I went for the dining room spotlight.... a B&Q special, nothing near as fancy as Nikki's chandelier...LOL!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Thank you!!!

To Jemma for sending me these gorgeous stamps... a lovely surprise on yet another rainy Manchester morning... Your are a star.
I feel really spoilt as not only did the postie bring these, he also brought me a set of 4 macro lens thingies... all this and it is still a couple of weeks until my birthday!!!

Didn't get the chance to scrap last night after a rather traumatic hoover experience!!! It isn't very often I use the big hoover downstairs, as we tend to use the handheld then use floor wipes as it is all laminate... but last night, for some reason I got the big hoover out. Hoovered the living room, no problem... hall way, no problem... kitchen... OMG!!!! I moved the mop from the corner behind the door and the BIGGEST spider ran straight out at me!!! I screamed and threw the hoover, went to run away and and hit the door...OUCH!!! so that will teach me... hoovering is not a good thing to do and should be left well alone!!!

So I log on this moning to see what the photo prompt is... and it's 'hoover', set by Barry..... arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!! So out it comes again for this quick pic... our poor old Dyson... one of the original models in now looking a bit worse for wear with its scuffs and scratches. And now they come in so many funky colours... will ours give up the ghost so I can get a nice new one... oh no, on it goes and goes and goes....LOL!!!!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Pencil Lines #39

Probably the quickest yet!!! Short post tonight as niblet is stirring so I better get a bottle ready before he wakes up properly!!!

Pictures are of Oliver last summer, when he spent most of the day with an old pair of wellies on his hands... mind you, by the end of the day when the rest of him was very dirty, his hands were very clean!!!


Brush: A device consisting of bristles fastened into a handle, used in scrubbing, polishing, or painting.

I decided to take a piccie of my pan scrubbing brush... just because it is a nice colour... NOT becasue I like doing the pots!!! In fact it's rather good condition would suggest that it doesn't get used as often as it should...LOL!!!

LOs to share

Well I have decided to share the LOs entered into the Mojo DT... I really like them, but I don't think they will be good enough to win a place, as they are not 'out there' and different iykwim?!?!? Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained and at least I have 2 more LOs to my name... well one actually, as one is for Annie.

Todays photo prompt 'shoes', has been set by Nikki. I knew straightaway which shoes I would take a piccie of... my lush flygirl shoes... they are the bestest shoes in the world. I got these ages ago, when it was ok to spend £80 on a pair of shoes... those days are long gone now...LOL!!!