Thursday, 5 July 2007


I have finally got round to scrapping this fab piccie of Oliver and the raptor!!! We went to the Manchester Museum and I wanted to take Oliver's picture with the model, but he wouldn't go near it... I kept moving him back and back and managed this snap quickly... the odd look on his face is because he was in the middle of telling me that he didn't want to get any closer...LOL!!! What a cruel mummy I am, traumatising my kids for photo ops.... mwhahahahahahaha


Jenga said...

cruel? I thought that was normal??? LOL

Jemma said...

:) - you meanie!! - love the photo though :o. ANother great lo, i love how you put pp together, so envy you :P

Vanda said...

He, he, Louise, it's what we do best ~ lol! Fab LO, LOVE the colours and Olivers face :O) xXx