Friday, 28 January 2011

Sketches to Scrapbook Winter Release.

A new Winter release of the fabulous, must have sketch app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is available to buy. I was lucky enough to contribute again, and have 2 LOs this time. This first sketch was of the first time Drew 'walked' in snow.... he wasn't at all sure about it!This LO was of Harry's first nativity play, where he and the rest of the nursery children were twinkling stars. I used the actual star that Harry painted and glittered to wear, and love the fact that I have actually used glitter alphas.... I think possible for the first time ever!There is a Lite version of the app which can be downloaded here, but considering the full app is a bargain price of $3.99 you may as well splash out and download it here.

Still not got the original release app??? To celebrate the new release the original has bee reduced to $2.99 and can be downloaded here, this is for a limited time only so be sure to grab a bargain!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Exciting news.... for me!

I'm a Twisted Sister.... YAAAAAAY!!!!

I've loved the Twisted Sketches Blog since it first started and have enjoyed playing along with it. I fully intended to enter the competition for the very first team of Twisted Sisters, but got my dates all muddled up in my head and missed the deadline.... such a typical me thing to do! It was great to see Rach make it onto the first team though. Then I always seemed to miss the posts announcing that it was time for new teams, but still I didn't mind as another fab friend and talented scrapper, Jems, got a place. And now it's my turn.... whoop whoop for me:) I'm hoping that this is the kick up the backside I need to get me regularly blogging again.... it might work for 6 months, you never know ;) So watch this space to see Twisted LOs very soon. Once it's gone live on the blog I'll share the LO that got me a place on the team.
I can share a couple of LOs I have done for Sarahscards. I was sent some papers from the American Crafts The Classics range. Now I have to admit when I first opened the box and saw them I though 'eeeeeek' and closed the lid. After playing with them though, I have to say that I actually really like this range... in fact I am defo going to have to be buying a few sheets of the lovely peacock feather paper as I can see that being used on quite a few LOs.

Here are the 3 LOs I have created so far.
This fab photo of Drew stuck on the sofa was actually from a series of about 4 photos I got! He forgot there was a new toy box behind the sofa that blocked his escape route, and yes I am a cruel mummy for getting the camera before helping the child.... but come on, it had to be done didn't it... lol! Serves him right for trying to escape me... mwahahahahah!
The second LO was a very 'un me' LO created for my lovely friend, Jenny. Very strange not to use any mists, inks or distressing... not something I'll be doing often, as even though I like the LO, I don't love it iykwim. I'm sure Jenny will love it though, she's a wannabe scrapper... I'm sure I'll lure her over to the dark side soon!
The last LO is my absolute fave! It's a me LO. It has misting, scraps of paper and random stitching... and not to mention a photo of a super cute baby!
Right, as always this post has taken me forever to upload.... is there a quick way to add photos to a blog, because this is what puts me off uploading more often!!! Must go and cook tea for the family... curry, rice and naan bread.... yum yum!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

WOW, just how fast did last year go? I can't believe Christmas is done and dusted and the kids are back to school already! And in all that time, I didn't update my blog once.... he he he, some things never change huh!
So what's been happening? All the usual, getting ready for Christmas, lots of festive activities with the children, resulting in glitter, glitter everywhere!!! A bit of scrapping here and there, although that took a back seat whilst I played along with the Journal Your Christmas. My first time playing along, and I have to say I loved it. I've not quite finished, although I know what I'm going to do, and I decided to stop on Boxing day rather than continue until the 6th Jan. I didn't go for a typically festive themed book, as I don't really like all the Christmas papers and embellishments.... although I seem to have accumulated quite a few over the years!

Anyway, here are just a selection of photos from my journal. I can share some LOs created for the Sarahscards November kit. The colours were just gorgeous, lovely and rich and perfect for the ridiculous amount of photos I have of the boys playing in the trees at Sherwood Pines and Sundown Park.

This LO was done at the little crop get together we have at my house. It was one of those LOs that wasn't planned but had to be done just so I could use the gorgeous new stamps I had just bought! I am just loving the Glitz range of stamps at the moment. Only got a couple of sets, but I have my eye on the rest. I neeeeeeeeeeeed them all!!!!
Sarah of Sarahscards has a personal blog to showcase the fab quilts she has been making.... you need to check them out. They are amazing!!! I am thinking that I need to learn how to do this, because I can see me getting cozy under a gorgeous snuggly quilt.... oh dear, I think this could get expensive!!!
Sarah made me my very own quilted bits pot.... in pink, because let's face it, there's never going to be enough pink in this house!!!

Right, I have ignored the boys for long enough whilst fighting with blogger to put the photos in the right order... I will be back soon, as I do fully intend to update this blog each week ;)