Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

I can't believe it is that time of year again... where has this past year gone!!! This time last year I took my only child, Oliver, to Asda to choose a pumpkin and get some last bits... it was the day before he started big boy nursery and he was so excited. A year later and we have a Harry bear who is so close to crawling it's scary... my baby is growing up too fast:(
These photos were taken yesterday... they are not perfect photos as Harry doesn't stay still for very long! Isn't he kust the most gorgeous little Dracula you've ever seen...LOL! Yesterday I got his costume for next year in the Sainsburys sale... I can't believe they had all their halloween stock half price already. Pity I couldn't get Oliver's too... but he is so fussy he would have to choose his own.
I carved the pumpkin last night... opted for a pirates of the Caribbean skull and swords. I think Oliver will love it when he comes home on Friday. He better... I have a blister on the end of my thumb from poking out the design with a needle...LOL!!!HSMSDrawers... now we have the usual clothes drawers, mine are tidy, the boys are tidy and Rob's are messy. We have the usual kitchen drawers with the naff plastic cutlery tray and the child locks on just to confuse my dad when he comes to stay. These however are the top drawers in one of the little wooden units I have from Ikea.... you know the ones as I am sure we all have them!!! I have two sets and they sit snugly in my craft space, they are full to capacity with all the little stuff that would get lost and forgotten about if not organised as they are. I am still very guilty of not using the stuff I do have though... just look at those yummy Bo Bunny brads in the heart shaped packaging... two packets still unused!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I seem to be getting later and later with the HSMS photos... crikey, if I get my quota of children once I am registered I may not get the prompt done until 10pm!!!
Today we have to find our favourite spot in our bedroom. These bamboo lights hang above our bed and I love them. Rob took the mess when I put them up, about me getting all romantic and trying to seduce him!!! from that day on they have been referred to as the 'love light'...LOL!!! It's not often that they actually get put on as they are actually quite bright, and the bedside light is much softer. Harry loves them though, and if he comes into bed with us in the morning Oliver puts them on for him and he just stares and stares at them.
Last night I started doing a LO for the cyber crop over on Carolinez Crafts. There will be classes and inspiration going up daily in the month of November, and the kit can be bought HERE, if you want to play along.

There is no college tonight with it being half term week... I was thinking YEY more time to scrap... but oh no, Rob has earmarked tonight to sort out the mountain of baby things taking over the loft!!! I refuse to do it on my own after an incident with a spider running at me, so he says he will do the box moving and emptying and be ready to catch any 8 legged freaks!!! Still not sure though... spiders are cunning you know... I bet one still tries to get me!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Had a great weekend

Spent the weekend in Nottinghamshire and had a great time. We spent Saturday with ma and pa, and a delicious Chinese take out in the evening... followed by yummy scrummy chocolate birthday buns.
Sunday we met bessie mate Annie, her husband Rob and their beautiful girlie, Lola at Rufford park. The dogs has a whale of a time running about chasing sticks, and it was great to see Lola toddling about being all independent. We then went back to their house and had a nice relaxed day... Oliver loves it there and was quite adamant that he didn't want to leave... I think the jumbo chalks and chalk board had a lot to do with it...LOL!!!

So once again I manage to escape the trauma of self portrait Saturday... he he he!!! I am around next weekend though, so will have to think about how to present myself this time!!!
Today's HSMS prompt is to take a piccie of your favourite window. I love Harry's bedroom window... well not actually the window as it is just a bog standard upvc one, but I love the thing on a spring that hangs in the window. We bought the wooden mouse at the European christmas markets last November.

Now don't laugh... but tonight I am starting... RUNNING!!! Well to be fair it will probably be more a case of occasional jogging between lots of puffing and panting!!! I want to do a charity run next year, but at the moment I wouldn't be able to run for a bus never mind run a race. So tonight I will start to build up my fitness levels, in an effort to do my bit for charity. I'm going to take the dog with me so that I have an excuse in case I am spotted by anyone I know... OMG what am I doing?!?!? I am so unfit... i'm likely to need oxygen by time I get in!!!

Friday, 26 October 2007

HSMS - The bathroom

So what is my favourite part of the bathroom? the door that closes to hide it from view!!! Thisis the only room in the house that we have done nothing to... yet! It is cream and gold and HIDEOUS!!! We are going to have it done next year when the kids can go and stop at my mum's... then it will be all white and gorgeous.So for today this is my shot... daddy rubber duck. My bessie mate Annie gave me a set of 3 ducks after I had Oliver and they sit on the window sill looking all happy and jolly. They still make me smile when I look at them.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Today's prompt is to find the favourite spot in the hallway. Our hallway is a good size but it is always cluttered... it's where the pushchair stands, then there is the ickle coat stand for the boys, and don't even get me started on the shoes that just get abandoned and don't make it to the shoe cupboard under the stairs!!!These blocks hang from the banisters at the bottom of the stairs. It spells out Welcome. I love these blocks and bought them the day we signed and the house became ours. Oliver swings on them which drives me insane, but only this morning he swung on them and they flicked over and whacked him on the head.... ha ha ha, that'll teach him!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

At last!

I have finished the pesky LO that has been driving me mad for ages! Here is a peaky and you'll get to see it all on the Scrapfairies site soon.
Right, off to play with December's goodies...

HSMS catch up

Yesterday was spent doing college work that needed handing in last night, and as always I leave things until the last minute! I was printing the documents out at 6:35pm as I had to be at college at 7:00pm... I have always been like this, I don't suppose I will ever change so I'm not even going to say i'll try too...LOL!
Yesterdays prompt was the last of the colours with pink replacing violet in the rainbow. These are my pink and brown glove/mittens. I love these as they keep you so warm, and you don't have to take off the whole mitten to be able to get money out of your purse or open the front door... just folded back and button up and you have fingerless gloves... how clever is that?!
So today we start a new challenge on HSMS. Favourite spots in and around your home, today being the living room. Now I could say that my favourite spot in the living room is our big comfy sofa but I decided to show you my elephant ornaments. I think these are the oldest things I own, as they belonged to my great great grandparents. They are made of ebony and should have ivory tusks, but not many of these are still in place. These are the only things I wanted from the house clearance when my nan passed away. Even though they are antique I think they have a modern look about them and really like them. In the background you can see part of a photo of Oliver playing with his trains. This is one of my favourite photos of him, and it was with these photos that I first learnt to do spot colour in photoshop.Tonight I plan to finish a LO that has been hanging around half done for a few weeks... it's for the Scrapfairies November gallery, but I am so eager to start using the December stash as it is gorgeous.... I must be strong, I really need to finish the LO first or I fear it will get pushed to the bottom of the pile and never get done!
Also got a fab delivery of naked cd envelopes to make a few mini books with. And I am expecting a kit from Caroline ready to do a doodling class for the Sprinkles blog. The kit is only £5 so if you fancy having a go at the class I am going to design you can get one HERE.

Monday, 22 October 2007


Do you know when you have the perfect thing for a prompt and you can't find it! well that happened to me today... somewhere I have a gorgeous book on indigo textile dying. I went to find it this morning, and it's nowhere to be seen. It's not with the rest of my books, so I thought maybe it was with all my portfolio stuff in the loft. Went up there, moved a bag of paints to be ran at by a HEEOGE spider....eeeek!!! So the book could well be up there, but after that near death experience (I did nearly fall down the step to the hatch trying to get away from the spider!) it can jolly well stay lost!
The only other thing I could find was this sleep mist. It's gorgeous... I spray it in the boys room every night before they go to bed, and spray it in our room too. It's meant to relax you into a calm sleep... don't know if it actually works as I could sleep on a washing line most of the time, but it smells good, and that's good enough for me.
I was so sad to see that Anam had left Pencil Lines. I find this girls work so inspirational, I used to love logging on at 8:00pm on Sunday to see her interpretation of the sketch... always so different and always something to learn from her. It's not going to be the same without her. I would like to wish Anam every success with whatever she chooses to do in the future... not that she'll need my luck with the endless amount of talent she has running through her veins.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Been cropping

And only managed to get one LO done! I am such a faffer... I knew what papers I wanted to use so at least that was one problem solved. The first thing that I did wrong was gut a little too much of the base cardstock, so a rethink was needed to cover the hole! Then after pushing bits of paper around for ages, I took the plunge and stuck them down. I bought the most delicious chipboard shapes from Sam whilst having a break from the LO, which of course meant that I then needed to use them so had to have another rethink...LOL! In the end the LO turned out completely different from the idea I originally had, but I am happy with the result. And I love the paper rolling in the bottom right and corner.
Had a wonderful time chatting and laughing. Thanks Paul for the posh serviettes, thanks Jen for the loan of the stamps, thank you to Michelle for the loan of the scallop template. Thank you to Mary for the lovely cups of tea... everybody should have a Mary at their crops:) Thanks to everyone else for the giggles. But most importantly, huge APOLOGIES to Jen for ykw...

Self portrait Saturday
Well I look grim, but this is what I look like today... my cheeks are a bit flushed and the dark circles under my eyes aren't a good look... but at least I don't have tons and tons of spots at the moment!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Domestic Wonder Woman

That's me... I have been baking buns for tomorrows crop... the most calorific chocolate filled and chocolate topped buns in the world!!! I was going to go with a healthy weight watchers recipe but couldn't find it, so thought what the heck... let's go full cholesterol increasing indulgence!
Once they are all filled and topped I will take a piccie and post it so you can drool.

This little piggy came free from the Alliance and Leicester. I loved it but not the writing on the side... my wonderful husband who spends his days mixing solvents and inks and the like, made a solution to get the print off, so now we have a perfect plain blue piggy. It has Oliver's pocket money in it, although there isn't much in at the moment due to a toy shop spend the other day!

Thursday, 18 October 2007


This fun pen was sent to Oliver by my bessie mate Annie for when he started big school. He loves it and will only use this pen when he is 'writing stories' in his notepad. Trouble is Harry also likes the pen, and all hell breaks loose when Harry makes a grab for it! Oliver gets mardy and cries, Harry gets more determined and growls... and this goes on until I step in and remove the pen! Oh how I look forward to when Harry is properly mobile and the arguments that will happen!!!

Bit of a busy day today. I had a doctors appointment at 9:00am, so had to drop Oliver off with a friend to be taken to school, then off for the appointment. Then to the chemist to get the prescription. Back home put the dog in the car to take him for his haircut. Then to the post office depot to pick up 3 parcels that had been there since Monday. Back home put niblet to bed. After lunch it's off to the cashpoint to get money for the dog's new do, then go and get the dog. Back home to give niblet a bottle, then round to fetch Oliver from school. Quick walk home bundle both kids in the car to go back to the doctors so Oliver can have his pre school jabs! Then it will be a trip to the toy shop to get a small treat for being brave. Back home for a pre swim snack. bath and feed a niblet. Off to swimming lesson, then post swim Macdonalds, before finally getting in at about 7:00pm!!! Who says being a sahm is being lazy...LOL!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


This colour was a bit trickier than the last two... so I'm sorry but I had to resort to another toy! This is the large and VERY noisy remote controlled JCB digger my mum and dad bought Oliver last christmas.... why do grandparents do that? buy the nosiest most annoying toys ever!!!
The only time Oliver ever seems to want to play with it is when we are trying to watch something on tv or if we are trying to get Harry to sleep!!! I had Reuben for the last time today for a week. His mum is a teacher and is on half term next week, so it will be just me and Harry whilst the noisy one is at school. I got all my ironing done today whilst both boys slept at the same time, so tonight I have time to scrap scrap scrap:) These photo were taken this afternoon... excuse the yukky throw covering the sofa cushions... but you know what kids are like...LOL!!! Isn't Reuben just the most gorgeous little thing... I'm really going to miss having him around after christmas.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Going through the colours of the rainbow... we come to orange. The most obvious orange in our space at the moment is the HEOUGE pumpkin sat waiting to be carved for halloween. Last year I left it until really late and so we ended uo with a mis-shaped pumpkin that was a mare to cut. So when I saw this beauty last week it was in the trolley in a flash. Just got to persuade Oliver now that we don't want Scooby Doo carved into it!!!
Week 5 of the childminding course tonight... so no scrapping will get done today. I will however have time to catch up with all the HSMS blogs that I have neglected of late... see you all later

Monday, 15 October 2007

Scrapfairies LO #2

I had the opportunity to scrap scrap scrap for two whole nights whilst Rob was away, so what did I manage to get done??? 1 LO... yep 1...LOL!!! And I only finished it this morning... so although I laugh at Jems only getting 1 LO done whilst she was at crop4kids, but I am no better!!!
Another LO for the Scrapfairies DT, so I can only show a little of it at the moment... the colours are not great either as they were taken this evening using a flash.
I have been mentioned on the UK scrap smack blog... and it put a smile on my face. I haven't been 'smacked', but someone said they would choose me to be a best of British winner. As the poster was anon, I assumed it was written by Jen or Jems, but apparently not... so I have an unknown admirer of my work, and that makes me smile:)
Of course by putting this on here, I do realise I am as good as pulling down my pants for a smack... but you never know, I might just enjoy it...LOL!!!

We have loads of red stuff in our space... I love red. Harry was wearing a red top, but you must be sooooooo bored of seeing his gorgeous mug by now! I decided to take a piccie of J-Bear's red collar... just because it's days are numbered. He got it a couple of Christmases ago, and I love the little bling bling bones on it.... which I have just noticed you can't see in the photo!!! Rob hates it and says that he looks gay... can a westie really look gay?!?!? I think he looks cute... so the hunt is on now to find a new collar that is equally as 'gay' looking, just to annoy Rob...LOL!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

A bit of a cheat!

So it is self portrait Saturday and I haven't had a moment to myself to set the camera up and take a pic... but this picture sums me up today!
Fat fat fat!!!

*edited to add*
I am not saying that women who are this size or shape should not wear bikinis... neither am I saying that being this size is wrong or ugly, and neither am I making judgements on anyone who is this size or bigger. I know I am not this actually this size, but on this day this is how big I feel. No offence should be taken, whether we are a size 8, 16, 20, or 26... we all have days when we feel double our actual dress size, and that is what this picture represents... me and how I feel about me at this moment in time.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Home alone

Rob has gone away for the weekend to Poole, so I am a single parent for a few days! So once the kids are in bed it's guilt free scrapping time for me:)

We need to go and get Oliver some more school shoes this afternoon... it was only when he was rolling on the floor in the playground yesterday that I saw his current shoes have holes in the bottom!!! does this make me a bad mum? I clean the shoes 2 or 3 times a week but had never noticed the wear and tear... well how often do you look at the bottom of your shoes... unless you have fabby Art company shoes like mine:) So off we will go after school and have the trauma of feet being measured, and choosing shoes that we both agree on. All I can say is thank goodness he isn't a girl because it must be 10 times worse agreeing on a pair as there is so much more choice for girls.

Bit of a strange one today... I could have taken a piccie of my tongue complete with one of those little white spot things right on the tip... OMG how much do they hurt!
I tried to take a piccie of harry's tongue... it's usually sticking out, but as soon as I point the camera at him in goes his tongue! surely he can't have learnt so young to not let mummy get any photo that will embarrass at a later age...LOL!
So today's picture is of another annoying toy that we have in our space. It's a pull along dog that barks and pants as it goes. As if this isn't annoying enough, when you stop playing with it, it whines!!! Thank god for off switches!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Look closely...

Can you see who is on my latest LO?I can't show you the whole LO just yet as it is for the Scrapfairies gallery.

First there was Adam

then there was Jamie!!!
I bought stick insect eggs about a month ago and have watching them daily for signs of life. Rob has been laughing saying that I had been done, and they were in fact just bits of gravel! PAH!!! what does he know!

Last Tuesday night I checked the eggs... no sign of life. Wednesday morning... no sign of life. Wednesday afternoon I walk into the kitchen to see a little stick insect walking along the work surface! So not only had it hatched unnoticed, it had also escaped from the tank and was making a bid for freedom. I scooped it up and returned it to the tank and inspected the eggs. Still 10, all looking exactly as they did before. So this made me wonder whether this was the first to have hatched or if others have hatched and escaped unnoticed!!!

This morning when I went into the kitchen I noticed that we now have two babies. This one still has its egg stuck to its foot... poor thing!
Oliver has chosen the names Adam and Jamie for the new family members. I suspect that any further additions will also be named after his classmates...LOL!!!

This game is on the dining room table from last night. It is a Thomas the Tank Engine version of the old classic, frustration. Although it is deemed as being 'uncool' to like Thomas when you get to the grand old age of 4... Oliver still loves to play with his trains and this game, but only when his friends are not here of course!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Apart from taking a picture of our very boring, very normal carpeted stairs, the only steps we have in our space are the ones from the back door into the garden. They are nothing special, just 2 functional steps built by Rob to replace the 1 very steep step that was there when we moved in. It took him sooooooo long to build these steps... I was getting really frustrated that a 'simple' job could take so long. He said it had to be done properly, and he was so proud of himself when he had finished. A couple of weeks after they were built Oliver knocked a brick out of place by driving into it with his sit in car.... so perhaps the steps weren't built properly after all...LOL!!!
*edited in case of letterboxes*

Tuesday, 9 October 2007



I always find this word quite funny... I don't know why, I just think it's odd, and it makes me smile.
Just a very quick photo today as the boys haven't given me a minute!!! So just our boring everyday bowls from Ikea... cheap as chips, you've got to love Ikea!
Week 4 of my childminding course tonight... 1/2 way there. I have cleared away all evidence of my latest scrapping, so my desk is nice and clear. I am hoping that when I get in tonight I will be able to get something quick done as I won't have to spend ages sorting and tidying. In theory it sounds like it'll work... let's see!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Pencil Lines #53

I started this LO last night and managed to finish it this afternoon whilst Reuben and Harry had a nap. I had to scrap a picture of this toy before it ends up buried under a pile of other unplayed with toys!
Mum has a bit of an obsession with the grabber machines you get at the seaside, you know the ones... it picks the toy up, moves towards the hatch, then drops it!!! On our holiday to Mablethorpe this year, she spotted this mushabelly toy in one of the machines along the main street, and wanted to win it for Harry. It took all week and god knows how many £ coins before the machine finally gave up the prize!

And after all that, Harry isn't the least bit bothered about it...LOL!!!

I based the LO on the pencil lines #53, and used the Imaginisce papers from Sam at Scrapfairies. The papers are so versatile, I have used them on 4 LOs now and they all look so different. The journaling stamp in the bottom left corner is also available from Sam... even if you have other journaling stamps such as the AL ones, you really need this set as they are smaller and so cute. The small typewriter font stamps are also available from Sam... seriuosly, get yourself over to her shop now... you know you want to... correction, you know you NEED to:)


After reading Jem's blog, she has prompted us to think about what we are thankful for, so here is my list.

1) Rob, a wonderful (if annoying at times) husband who loves me even when I am a nightmare to live with.

2) - as without this chatroom I wouldn't have met Rob!

3) Oliver and Harry - my two gorgeous boys who I adore.

4) Dr Eyong - without him I wouldn't have my gorgeous boys.

5) Jaspa - the cutest westie this side of the world, Ham holds the title for the other side of the world.

6) Friends who have put up with my selfish attitude when ttc... you know who you are and I love you X

7) My wonderful Invader friends who keep me laughing and smiling at the silliest things... moments like those make life rich, thank you X

8) My parents, fantastic grandparents and they do so much for us I couldn't even start to list.

Take time today to think about what you are grateful for... if it is a person, let them know and put a smile on their face.


Well Autumn is well and truly here for us... and although I do love this time of year for it's beauty, I HATE the tree outside our house that drops its leaves!!! We end up with them everywhere and it drives me insane!!!I have already swept the leaves brought in yesterday up and cleaned the floor in the hall, but now that the double buggy has been brought in we have leaves everywhere again... and don't even get me started on when the wind blows them in when you open the front door...LOL!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Pencil Lines #52

2 posts in one day!!! I got a little me time this afternoon whilst Rob took the boys and the dog to the park. I decided to have a go at pencil lines #52.
We got Harry a baby walker as he was getting so frustrated being on his back... and he is showing no signs of wanting to crawl. From the moment he learnt how to move in the walker he made a bee line for the tv. We don't have the tv on much during the day, but on this day i put the baby channel on for him and he sat staring at the really annoying singing and dancing children for ages!
The word 'Addict' was a home made rub-on... OMG if you haven't made

these before you have to... they are fantastic. (Jen I have put a couple of sheets to one side for you... you're going to love them).

Toot Toot for me!

Because I got on the Spoonful of Sprinkles DT!
3 of us made it through, so we also need to say congratulations to Willow and Jay.

Last night was one of the best stay at home nights I have ever had all thanks to Jems and Jen (in alphabetical order coz I don't do favouritism :P), a few bottles of beer, cheesy music and the house to myself. Thanks girls, I wubs you!

I also managed in my worse for wear state to do a LO... and do you know when I got up this morning I actually couldn't remember what I had done, so was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn't a disaster, and I am liking it. I made quite a mess with the acrylic paint though, and didn't clean the brush I used... or the cookie cutters which now have paint and kitchen roll stuck to them...LOL!!! Good job acrylic peels is all I can say.

This LO is actually based on the Pencil Lines sketch by Anna Bowkis. I didn't want to do a double as I find them quite stressful. I am hoping to get another of the sketches done this afternoon when the boys are taken out... but to be honest the way I feel at the moment I will probably just crawl back into bed!!! I must be getting old as I get a hangover just by sniffing alcohol these days!!!

Friday, 5 October 2007


Didn't get round to posting yesterdays pic as the batteries on the camera died and I couldn't find the charger. This prompted a mass clear up and a furniture change around... the charger is found and so too were bits of toys that Oliver has been looking for for a while!

the only metal mesh we have is on the hamster cage, and so not interesting no matter how you photograph it... to I went for the mesh keeping those pesky pairs in their box!!! Love how the shot has turned out... now must remember to eat the pears before they turn to mush!

It had to be the blade on my craft knife... I get through so many it is untrue. I love this knife as it just feels right when I hold it. I used to get the replacement blades through school and had a mild panic when I started to run low. Thank goodness for the internet and ebay, as I have tracked down a supplier in the UK... let the hand cutting commence...LOL!!!
The final LOs for the Masterchef competition can be seen HERE. There have been some fabulous LOs produced over the course of the competition and I feel really proud of myself to have got through to the final. If I don't get any further I am happy to have got this far. Good luck to all the finalists... we should know by Sunday who got through.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

I've been tagged!!!

OK so I have been tagged by lovely Sam... so here goes

4 Places I have worked ~ my first job was as a catering assistant at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, when I was 16. I loved it there, not the job, but working with a dreamboat called Tim *swoon*. I then worked at the COOP in Edwinstowe on the delicatessen. I worked there for 5 years whilst I did my A-levels and degree. This is where I met my first love Keith... so happy memories all round. My first teaching post was at the Dukeries Community College in Ollerton. I had a fabby time there and met some of the best people... and taught some wonderful kiddywinkles. My last teaching post was at the Manchester Academy, which was horrid from day 1. I did make a few fantastic friends, but don't get me started on the management team!!!

4 Places I've visited ~ My favourite 'before marriage and kids' holiday had to be in Ibiza where I met a footballer and went on to have a short but lovely relationship with him:) My favourite beach is at Llanbedr in Wales, I love it so much I took a couple of school trips there. The place I have been to a couple of times but would love to go back to is Cairo... I just need to go back with a good camera. I would also love to go back to Rudesheim in Germany... gorgeous scenery, lovely walks and great beer in the evening!

4 Favourite foods ~ olives, houmous, pizza, sushi, chocloate, twiglets, phish food, bombay mix, chinese crispy beef, (lets face it, you can't narrow this category down to just 4)

4 Places I would rather be ~ In Canada with Jem's and Jen (I would have included Barry had it not have been for his not wise in the head comment :P), In Burton Joyce with Annie. In Jake with an empty trolley and 5 minutes to do a dash. In bed.

Right I am tagging


Scrapfairies LOs

I showed you the senaks, and if you followed the links to Scrapfairies you will have already seen the LOs in full, but here they are blogged to share.
I loved working with the black and white, although I did add coloured cardstock. I gave the LO of my mum and dad to my mum and she loved much so we had to go and get her a 12x12 album and she has now started scrapping that size too!

The trust is earned LO is my first LO without a photo. I wanted to scrap a poem that Rob wrote for me when we first met. I had just come out of a violent relationship and wasn't in the place to be trusting men... let alone a man who I had met on the internet...LOL!!! There is a line in the poem that reads 'trust is earned and may take time, this being the reason for this rhyme', so now the title should make sence to you. I must say that I am loving the hot pink and electric blue with the black and white... will have to have another go with this colour combination.

The third LO was a back to school LO with a difference. I have already done the 'stand there in your uniform and smile LO', but felt that I wanted to include something about the start of the new academic year. So I decided to scrap about the loathsome job of sewing in name labels! Normally I would have bought iron in or stick in labels, but oh no... Oliver wanted the ones with a picture of a car on, and they only came in the sew in variety... gggggrrrrrrrrr!!!

And I thought I had done a good job of stitching them in... only for Sam to say that I needed sewing lessons...LOL!!!
Went shopping this morning and bought a new pair of jeans and a top, and fell in love with the most gorgeous pair of shoes... just need to be VERY nice to Rob as they were a little on the pricey side, and to be honest I don't really need another pair of Art shoes.... what!!! am I mad!!! of course I NEED another pair... these ones are yellow, and I don't have a yellow pair...
Right, off to Jem's blog for a workout... be back tomorrow with some new scrapping to show you:)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007



We don't have any normal size trays in our space, but we do have this sandwhich tray. I bought it at the start of spring ready for the summer days where we would have picinics in the garden... unfortunately due to our wet summer it is still waiting to be used!
Hoping to be back online later, even though I have a heoooge amount of work to do... I've been neglecting my blog lately but I will get back on track and start posting properly. X

Tuesday, 2 October 2007



An easy one for the crafters out there I am sure I ma not the only one who had oodles of the stuff!!! This is the 12x12 card stock that I keep in an artbin downstairs for easy access. What I find very strange though, is that no matter how much card you have, you never have the right shade for the project you are wanting to start...LOL!!!
Yesterday I sat with the kit to be used for the masterchef final in front of me, I tried this, I tried that and everything just turned out pants! I must have ripped into every piece of paper, cut more bits of ribbon and so wasted half of the kit in the process... gggrrrrrrrr!!!! Seems my mojo may still be convalescing. I now have a half done LO sat on my desk, which is less than inspirational... and I'm not just saying that, but really thinking yeah this LO rocks.... it truly is very disappointing!!! I guess that was half the challenge though, to use a kit provided... and isn't it typical that I don't have the pp in my stash to replace the ones I have ruined! So watch this space on Saturday when all will be revealed!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Back and better

I'm back blogging and feeling much better. I spent the weekend at my mum's, and had a great time. I took her to the Range for the first time and she spent a small fortune... probably would have been a lot more if my dad hadn't have been with us too...LOL!!!

Got to do the school run now so will leave you with my HSMS photo and be back later for a better catch up.