Monday, 15 October 2007

Scrapfairies LO #2

I had the opportunity to scrap scrap scrap for two whole nights whilst Rob was away, so what did I manage to get done??? 1 LO... yep 1...LOL!!! And I only finished it this morning... so although I laugh at Jems only getting 1 LO done whilst she was at crop4kids, but I am no better!!!
Another LO for the Scrapfairies DT, so I can only show a little of it at the moment... the colours are not great either as they were taken this evening using a flash.
I have been mentioned on the UK scrap smack blog... and it put a smile on my face. I haven't been 'smacked', but someone said they would choose me to be a best of British winner. As the poster was anon, I assumed it was written by Jen or Jems, but apparently not... so I have an unknown admirer of my work, and that makes me smile:)
Of course by putting this on here, I do realise I am as good as pulling down my pants for a smack... but you never know, I might just enjoy it...LOL!!!

We have loads of red stuff in our space... I love red. Harry was wearing a red top, but you must be sooooooo bored of seeing his gorgeous mug by now! I decided to take a piccie of J-Bear's red collar... just because it's days are numbered. He got it a couple of Christmases ago, and I love the little bling bling bones on it.... which I have just noticed you can't see in the photo!!! Rob hates it and says that he looks gay... can a westie really look gay?!?!? I think he looks cute... so the hunt is on now to find a new collar that is equally as 'gay' looking, just to annoy Rob...LOL!!!


Rachael said...

I think it's cute but Pete would agree with Rob and say its gay. Apparantly I'm not allowed to buy our cocker a coat as he would look gay and get laughed at! not quite sure who would laugh at him.

SuzyB said...

LOL thats the sort of comment Id come out with! My cats have 'gay' collars too, but I just think they are in touch with their feminine side. And yes, you should scrap your boobs, we should all scrap out boobs wooooo hoooooooo!

mil lunares said...

This is the cutest red I´ve seen today!

Jenga said...

Great big LOL at the smack invite!!! Did you notice they "smacked" something we kind of smacked a few months ago and we got in trouble for it cos we weren't anon??? Any hoo !

Love the red collar gay or not!! Off to google a nore gay dog collar lol


Jenga said...

Charli said...

Love the pics Louise - what a fluffy dog!!

Holy cow - just been over to the scrap smack blog - its pretty scary over there!! Vicious as heck! Good on you for getting an honourable mention!

Deanne said...

Your doggie must look well cute in that, men ~ unless its blue black or grey then its gay! lol great shot x

Jemma said...

I cant belive Jen Googled Gay dog collars!! And no westies cant look gay - they can look like girls but not gay!
Who said i would pick you for BoB :P
of course i would but thats not the point and sorry for not being the one who stood up for you! x

etteY said...

what a cute collar LOL!

Rach said...

WOW checked out the smack blog and blimey I was scared - but saved it to my faves all the same!