Thursday, 30 August 2007



The only dishes we have, apart from the very boring sky dish, are these very dated pasta dishes. They were one of my first 'bottom drawer' buys when I knew I was buying my own home. They don't get used that often as they are tucked away in the back of a cupboard.

This morning we are off to mum's until Sunday, before the new school term starts, so please keep my place warm:) I will take my photo on Saturday and catch up with all you HSMS guys on Sunday, and I'll reveal the finished LO, just for you Jems:)

Have a great weekend:)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A sneaky peaky

I have never had the opportunity to put a sneaky peaky in my blog, until now!!! Now that the masterchef competition is no longer anon I can share my LO for round 4 on here. But just humour me right, I want to do a sneaky peaky so that I can feel like a 'professional' scrapper...LOL!!!
Tonight was Cheadle crop night and I am so glad I went... we had a real giggle. Naughty Sam was there too with some beautiful new goodies, go check out the Scrapfairies shop, you really do NEED the papers by Bo Bunny!!! So I spent too much of Rob's money again, but I did get some lovely stamps, and they are not consumables, so that has to be a good investment, right?!?!?
At the next Saturday crop I will resist all temptation, I will, I will, I will!!!


A mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.

Plenty of cloud in our sky today, but there is also blue sky too, so here's hoping for another dry day:)
Hope there aren't too many clouds in your space today:)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

Now if you have read my blog for a while you will know that Oliver is a bit of a faddy eater. He will eat apples, but only if they are Granny Smiths. He won't eat the skin, so they have to be peeled, cored and cut into wedges... but at least he eats them. I have tried giving him other apples, thinking once they are peeled and chopped he wouldn't know the difference... but that didn't work!!!

I started my LO for the next round of the masterchef comp last night... spent ages makes two things then decided I didn't like them. Gave up, went to bed... then had an idea, so had to go back downstairs to have another play...LOL!!! It is far from finished, but at least I have more of an idea as to how I want the end result to look.

Monday, 27 August 2007


An object that gives light and warmth. Find 'sun' in your space today.
Typical, we have had lovely sunshine here for the past few days, we get the prompt 'sun' and what do we have? cloud, cloud and more cloud...LOL!!!

So I took a photo of the golden windmill we have stuck into our garden... it's our sunshine on a stick:)

Hope you are having better weather where you are today.

Pencil Lines #47

I have had a break from doing the pencil lines sketches for a couple of weeks, firstly because I was on hols and then because I had to get my LO for the masterchef competition done. I loved this weeks sketch and it is defo one that could be used time and time again with lots of different outcomes.

And look at my little chubbly bubbly in his sun suit... he so loved the sand, the feel of it, the taste of it!!! It didn't matter how many times we scraped the stuff out of his mouth he kept putting more in.And to think we go to the effort of sterilising bottles and he eats East coast sand!!!

This is the LO I did for round 3 of the masterchef competition. It has to be my favourite round so far. The camper van has sat on our shelf for the past year and it was only when Monika came round a couple of months ago and I told her the story of the van that she suggested I should scrap it.

The system has changed in the competition now. It is no longer anon and the voting will be done by the design team and note open to the public vote. For the next round we are only allowed to use plain cardstock and basic tools. Will have a rummage through my photos tomorrow before deciding how I am going to tackle this one.

I have been kissed by a celebrity.

Well that is not strictly true, but that's what it feels like. Look at my 'you gotta roll with it' LO and see who left a comment. *happy dancing* she is only one of the bestest scrappers out there *more happy dancing*

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Show off Sunday

HS:MS has introduced this new feature where we can show our own choice photo each Sunday. It is supposed to be a photo you are really pleased with for whatever reason, but to be honest I haven't really got any that are stunning in any special way. So for today I have chosen this photo of Oliver taken whilst we were on hollibobs. I really like this one as the memory associated with it make me smile. Over the summer holidays we have been getting Oliver to dress and undress himself in preparation for PE lessons when he starts 'big' school in September. On this day I asked him to take his hoodie off... the next time I turned around he had his hoodie off, and his shorts, and his pants... I grabbed the camera and managed to get a couple of shots of him getting the t-shirt off to be left totally in the nuddy bum...LOL!!!

I won't be a cruel mummy today by showing the next few photos of him running around on the beach starkers!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Now I know why I don't do doubles!!!

Because they take sooooooo long!!! Twice the space to fill means twice the faffing!!! This LO has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to complete. I have placed things, moved things, replaced them and moved them some more before finally sticking them into place. Even Oliver commented that I was taking a long time to 'finish the picture'...LOL!!!
It had to be a double LO as I wanted to show the photos of Harry rolling in sequence and didn't want to make them too small. So now my baby can roll and he looks so sweet doing it... it is a new one for me too as Oliver NEVER rolled. The problem we have now is that he rolls onto his front as soon as you put him down, and that is it... he can see toys in front of him and toys to the side of him, but can't get to them. He did manage to move backwards yesterday out of sheer temper and frustration. He pressed his head so hard into the floor (whilst growling) that he moved himself back... of course this only moved him further away from the toys he wanted to get to which made him more and more cross...LOL!!!


HS:MS has only gone and introduced 'self portrait Saturday', meaning I am going to have to have my photo taken every week.... not good!!!
So here is today's delight... took me ages to work out how to use the self timer.

I suppose it might help me stay focused on healthy eating and exercise... now everybody else will be able to see if I manage to lose a couple of chins along the way...LOL!

Friday, 24 August 2007

DCM buttons card

I made this card this morning whilst Niblet was happy chomping on one of Oliver's cars...LOL!!!
It is for Reuben (obviously) whose party we are going to this afternoon. The challenge by Daring Cardmakers was to use buttons... job done:)


A hard solid mineral.

We may not have many plants in the garden but we do have 'rockosaurs'. And we have turtle, and he's a little stoney too. We have a family of hedgehogs but they are a little shy and didn't want their photo taking.... ok so that isn't entirely true... there was a spider on mummy hedgehog so there is no way I am going near them...LOL!!!

Another beautiful sunny day in Manchester and we have a birthday party to go to this afternoon:) I have printed out loads of piccies and tonight I am going to scrap. I have drawn two sketches and I WILL get them both done... I really really need to speed my scrapping up, I faff for far too long... and am far too easily distracted by the internet... which isn't entirely my fault.. I like to blame Jen and Jems *runs to hide before they throw anything at me*

Thursday, 23 August 2007


The palest colour and sign of purity.

My surname used to be White before I got married. It wasn't the name on my birth certificate but this is the document that says I legally became a White after my mum and dad got married.

After looking on the Altered Pencil Lines blog and seeing the fabby lino prints by Anam, I remembered that I had a heap of lino blocks somewhere.... now where is beyond me, I have searched everywhere and can I find them.... oh no!!! Well I did find this print I did whilst at college. a really simple cut but it gives a really sharp, clear print. I will get Rob to look in the loft spaces when he gets in and hopefully he will find the blocks.

It is that time again folks. Voting for the Masterchef competition has opened. You can see the artwork HERE. And vote for you favourite LO HERE. You have until Saturday so go and vote, there are some amazing entries this round... it's a difficult choice.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


A person you know particularly well.

Unfortunately my bestest friend is not in my space. She lives in Nottingham and I am in Manchester and we don't see each other anywhere near enough... both guilty of letting this happen!!!

So this is a piccie of Annie and me taken on her wedding day... didn't she look beautiful:) and this is the lovely little friendship card she sent me after I had Harry bear. She is the bestest and I am really lucky that she wants to be my friend.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Covered or saturated with water.

After the lousy summer we have had finding wet in my space is not really a challenge. After hanging the washing out this morning (being optimistic and ignoring the looming black clouds) my garden clogs are nice and wet, again!

I had 15 minutes spare time this afternoon whilst Oliver was at a friends and Harry was having a nap, so I knocked up these two cards. They both have frilled ribbon on after I saw the prompt on DCM. I am going to try and do the card challenges each week as I never have cards ready for emergency birthdays and events. Since scrapping took over my life I haven't really made cards that much so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. And the third card was quickly made tonight whilst watching CSI. This time it is for the dots and stripes challenge. Simple but I quite like it.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Scrapdragons sketch challenge

After following a link from Jemma's blog I found this new challenge blog. It looks like it's going to be a goodie. Challenge number 2 is a sketch challenge, so tonight I decided to give it a go. Not only that but I set myself the challenge to complete the LO in less than an hour... and I managed it, which is why the LO is quite plain compared to what I normally do. But I like it all the same, and OMG I only went and used lilac, which has to be the ickiest colour ever, and I am liking that too... must be the lack of sleep...LOL!!!

The photo was taken at my friends wedding, and is of Oliver and Elijah running around the grounds of the hall. I love the picture as it is so far away from being posed and it sums up how the two boys are every time they get together... fast and generally quite noisy!

Last night I did my LO for the next round of the sprinkles comp, and I love it... I though i'd struggle with not being able to scrap anything living, but I really enjoyed the challenge. And I used papers I had for ages and didn't know how to use, so pretty pleased all round, even though Rob did put doubt in my mind by questioning a couple of area on the LO.... Men!!! how does the saying go.... when I want your opinion I will give it to you...LOL!!!


A green living organism. Show us a 'plant' in your space today.

This is one of the two plants we have in the garden. I have no idea what it is but it is quite pretty. Apparently I am meant to cut the red bits off, but I always forget... oops!!!

I loved looking at all the doodles everybody did and have picked up some ideas from you all too... so thank you. I gave the job of choosing the RAK winner to Rob and Oliver as I didn't want to be biased in any way. They both chose the same LO, which I have to agree is pretty cool, so it is a unanimous decision that LOOBY is doodling fantastic. A stash rak will be winging it's way to you as soon as I get your addy:)
Please don't give up on the doodling your own pp... it is a great way to make your LOs look unique.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


A container for food or liquid.I have missed the photo prompts so much whilst away... but now I am back and playing:)
We don't have many cans in our house, but one thing I always have in is cans of chick peas ready to whizz up to make yummy houmous. I just love cans with these ring pulls as it is always a trauma getting the tin opener out of the drawer... too much crammed in a little space and everything is so difficult to get at!!!

I tried to do some scrapping last night but it seems the mojo is still on hols, so nothing much got done. I have to get the house into order today so that I can play tonight. Hopefully I will be back later with a LO or 2 to share.
Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Honey I'm home!!!

We are back after a fabby time away. We had 4 good days on the beach so we are happy, and a little healthier looking than before!

The boys had such a great time in the fresh air. Oliver loved the sand train, the Thomas road train the donkeys and the fair. Harry loved putting his toes in the sand and putting the sand in his mouth...LOL!!!

Even though we had a great time I am glad to be back... there is too much temptation at the seaside for a person like me, and I have eaten nothing but cr*p for the WHOLE week... eeek!!! don't want to think about getting on the scales tomorrow. But I have been to Morrisons and done a huge healthy shop for the week, so the damage will soon be undone.
I also had to come back or there was a serious danger that we would have to take out a second mortgage to feed my two pence machine addiction!!! you know the ones where the shelves slide back and forth and push the coins.... I LOVE them. But just what is it that makes normal, intelligent adults become so obsessed with arcade machines?!?!? If it isn't me on the 2p machines just 'having' to make the cheap tack keyring or the toy car fall, then it is my mum spending god knows how much on the grabber machines as Harry just 'had to have' the lady bird MushaBelly...LOL!!! Trouble is I never learn, I did the same last year in Newquay, and more than likely will do the same again next year!!!

We went to Skegness for the day on Wednesday as Rob had never been, and let's face it, you haven't really lived if you haven't done Skeggy!!! So I was really sad to see the pics of the fire that destroyed some of the attractions in the early hours of Thursday morning:( It's not the most glamorous of places,and you see all sorts of undesirables there, but Skegness will always have a special little place in the hearts of all that holidayed there as a child.

I got through to the next round of the masterchef competition, so THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me. I love the LO I did as it has all of us on and it uses my fave papers from My Minds Eye. I took a close up too as the 'magic' buttons can't be seen too clearly on the scanned image and I wanted to prove they are there.
I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do for the next round as my head is full of boring jobs that need doing... the downside of coming back from holidays... unpacking, washing, ironing, blah blah blah!!! Hopefully I will get some time tomorrow afternoon to go through my stash and photos to get inspired.

I am so pleased to see that people are giving the doodling a go too:) I have looked at the work that has been linked to the previous post and it is fantastic. Anyone else wanting to be in with a chance for a stash RAK has until 8:00pm tomorrow to add a link.... go on, you have nothing to lose:)

Friday, 10 August 2007

Holiday challenge.

Tomorrow we are off on our holiday, and we are looking forward to it so much. Just praying that the weather stays lovely. But OMG how am I going to cope without internet access for a whole week *shudders at the thought*


Harry's cute little toes peeping over the edge of his car seat.
I have had so many lovely comments about the doodling I do on my LOs with people saying they wish they could do it too. Well you can, it is so easy peasy lemon squeasy.

So here is a simple 4 step guide to creating the perfect pp to match your photos.

All you need to start is a sheet of card stock (I prefer textured), an ink pad, a pencil crayon, 2 different coloured pens (I used a blue ball point and a black fine liner). If you have a background/shape stamp that you like you can use that too.

Ink some random shapes directly onto the card. This is where you can use a stamp too.
When the ink is dry, scribble around the shapes with a pencil crayon. Add circles.lines. arrows, flowers, anything you like, in the spaces.
Start doodling lines, circles, dots and other random shapes over the ink and crayon with a pen (I used the blue ball point). Do not worry about being neat, your doodling should be spontaneous... imagine you are having a really boring phone call and are scribbling on the telephone book, don't get hung up on being 'perfect'.
Use the second pen (I used black) to continue doodling. Define any areas you want to show up more, and fill any spaces left. This is a good time to go over any areas you are not totally happy with.
And that's it, it really is that easy!!! So now you don't think i'm a fantastic doodler anymore... my secret is out...LOL!!!

So for the challenge... you have a whole week to get doodling. I want you to create you own pp using this technique and use it on a LO. Time for you to drag out those photos you've been wanting to scrap but haven't found the right paper for, I know you all have them!!! Be creative with your colours and have lots of fun.
Post a link to your work here and when we return I will get an impartial judge to select a doodler to receive a stash RAK.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged as a Rockin Girl Blogger, which is an honour in itself, but the double whammy is that I was tagged by the highly talented and inspirational Helsbels... thanks Helen you have made my day:) So I need to pass the honour on... such a difficult choice as I want to tag all my friends as I love reading all of their blogs, and I don't want to upset anyone or make anyone feel that I have 'favourites', oh dear oh dear this is harder than I thought, it's like choosing people to be on your team in junior school:( But I am going to tag Jemma, as her blog is always so interesting to read, her LOs are fantastic, her journalling is always heartfelt and she posts regularly with eye candy for us girlies with unromantic hubbies...LOL!!!
I'm also going to tag Jen for being a supportive friend whilst I was struggling with the whole TTC trauma, for being a cropping buddy, for giving me good ideas on where to take my boys, and for having a wicked streak that makes mine show more.... and you know what I mean Jen:P
Also it is voting time again for the next round of the Masterchef DT comp. You can see the artwork here, and vote for you favourite here. Some absolutely fab work again, so many talented ladies out there, it's going to be a hard round to get through this time.

Earing a little something to adorn the ear.

I used to love wearing earings, but for some reason since I had radiotherapy 6 years ago I cnnot wear them. Wether I try expensive or cheapies after 1/2 an hour my ears get really sore and blister. These earings were bought for a night out and spent most of the night in my bag...LOL!!! I have given up now and so this is the only pair of earings I own... but my bracelet collection is growing to compensate:)

Mojo scraplift challenge.

Over on the mojo blog there is a scrap lift challenge, and I have decided to have a go. Jen has done a fab LO of her gorgeous little man, and I love the fact that she has used the chipboard title whilst I am still stroking mine...LOL!!! And Jems has done a great LO too, and we've got to give the girl a big WOOOOOHOOOOO for handcutting of the non quickutz variety:)
Had a lot of fun doing this LO, but you are going to get bored with me doodling soon... it's just so much fun to do and is perfect when you don't have matching paper.... I think you should have a go. I also splattered the purple card with paint to make it look a bit more interesting. But I am quite impressed that I used purple.... I just don't do purple, unless it is dairy milk!!!

Oliver will not be impressed that I have scrapped the picture of him in the 'baby' helmet. As his bike was a surprise for his birthday I couldn't get a big boys helmet for him... he had to be with me to try it on and I didn't want to give the game away. We had to coax him into the froggy helmet with the promise of him being able to choose whichever he wanted the next day... he is now the proud wearer of a black transformers safety helmet... designed only to be worn by 'cool big boys' according to Oliver.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Team challenge

In our UKS team we have 'Technique Tuesday'. Each week a member sets the team a challenge and we have the week to give it a go... now as a team it has to be said we are pretty poor at working to deadlines... but it is all meant in fun and no one stresses about it. But guess what?!?! this week I got the TT done before tomorrow's is set....YEY for me!!!
Jen chose a LO of Monika's for us to lift. This was a challenge in that the original was so fab, there is no way it could be improved on. Monika has a great style and is a dab hand at altering stuff too... check out her blog.

So here is my scrap lift. It is of Oliver on the bouncy castle at Bruntwood Park the day after his birthday. The last time we went to the park he would not go on the castle... the lad can be a bit of a wuss puss at times!!! So when he said he wanted to go on it I was gob smacked... I told him he didn't like them, and he just turned round and said, very matter of fact, 'but now I am 4 I do'.


The window to the soul, which eyes are watching in your space today ?

I knew which eyes I was going to photograph straight away... the biggest green eyes in our house belong to.... the sandpit...LOL!!!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Pencil Lines #44

We have had a wonderful day today. Spent this morning in the garden playing with water pistols and draeing on the slabs with chalks. Our patio looks like a CSI set as I have drawn round Oliver in various poses... either that or a Keith Haring drawing:) This afternoon we went to a BBQ at a friends house and had a great time. The kids were busy playing *mostly* nice with each other, and squirting each other with spray bottles... all ended up dripping wet an most went home just in undies...LOL!!! Lots of laughs with the adults too... real belly laughs where you think you may split if you laugh any more. And all this enjoyed in glorious sunshine.

Finally got round to doing some scrapping, but not until 9:45pm, once we were in, the boys in pjs and bed, bottles sterilised and milk made, washing put in the machine ready for the line in the morning, snap made for Rob for tomorrow and a quick shower to remove all traces of icky sun cream.
So this weeks PL sketch is inspired by Jems. She always does such lovely LOs of her and her man, that I thought i'd have a go. Rob and I have never been lovey dovey, we are always putting each other down and making sarky comments, but it is all done in an affectionate way. When he wants something he calls me Honey Bunny Light of My Life, and I always respond with Knobbly Flob Thorn in My Side... I don't know where the knobbly or the flob comes from, he isn't knobbly or flobby, but it rhymes with Rob so that's good enough. This is just our way, and if either of us changed we would think that there was something wrong. We both know that we are loved by the other, and I hope that our silliness and sarcasm lasts forever:)


A period of greatest beauty, find 'bloom' in your space today.

We don't do flowers or plants in this house or garden... mainly because I forget to water them or the dog eats them. However, this little fella was a birthday pressie from my bestest friend, Annie. And I love him so much I am taking very special care not to kill him!!! So while the pepper plant is in bloom, it iss also a play on words as the peppers are 'bloomin hot'. I chopped one very finely and added it to a salad, but didn't tell Rob... so funny!!! He drank so much water he ran the risk of bursting..LOL!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Something a little rounder than it could be. Find fat in your space.
I couldn't believe it when I read todays promt... I had just come downstairs from a mass trying on session of all my clothes that are way too tight. I am feeling particularly down at the moment about my weight, as nothing I do will shift the extra stone and half I am carrying. W

After I had Oliver the weight came off easy peasy, but this time it just doesn't want to shift.

My goal is to be able to wear a pair of linen trousers I wore on Oliver's first birthday, on Harry's first birthday... it seemed a realistic goal to set myself, but the months are rolling by so quickly and I am still no nearer to being able to wearing them.

So this morning I dug out the exercise vids, and I am going to start them today... not putting it off until tomorrow, it has to be today.

In my next life I hope I come back as a thin person.
Well yesterday I said i'd be back with that I did last night... well I didn't get round to doing anything as I got distracted by Casualty and Jaws 2...LOL!!! by the time the film had finished I had to make bottles up for Niblet, and then I went to bed... but tonight I will be on the scrapping case:)

Saturday, 4 August 2007


A lifting of the corners of the mouth to express happiness. Show us a smile in your space today.

Harry is a very smiley baby, but what makes him smile even when he is getting tired and grumpy, is lying him on the grass underneath the washing line:)

This photo was taken this morning whilst I hung the washing out (even though there are few dark clouds about). And before anyone thinks I am cruel putting him straight onto the grass, he was on a nice waterproof backed picnic blanket... but his current method of moving is to dig his heels in, lift his bum up and push himself backwards!!! Can't leave him anywhere now as he is off in the blink of an eye!!!

I will be back later with whatever I do tonight whilst I have the house to myself!!!

Friday, 3 August 2007


A thin flexible sheet of metal, find foil in your space.

Whilst foil packs are great at keeping your crisps crispy... you just can't have shrink plastic fun with the packets!!!

You know you used to do it too...LOL!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2007


The most important meal of the day. Show us breakfast in your space today.

Well by the time the prompt was put up today we had had breakfast, so this is a staged shot. Oliver didn't eat cereal until we found this Power Ranger Star Force cereal... in fact he will only eat Asda own rice crispies, as they have a shark on the packet and we said they are called shark snaps...LOL!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

HS:MS is back!!!

After a looooong holiday Kirsty and Anita are back.... YAY!!!! and the prompt to get is all started is summer.

Well we haven't had much of a summer... but ours started on Saturday when we went to Bruntwood park... we spent the day there basking in the glorious sunshine... wearing jeans because it started off very cloudy and the sun caught us unawares...LOL!!!

I took soooooo many photos that day, Harry's first ice cream cornet, Harry's first go on a swing, Oliver and Mama on the tyre swing.... but I have chosen two to represent the start of summer.

Oliver and Grandad eating ice cream... a photo taken whilst they were both in deep ice cream eating concentration, and Oliver on the bouncy castle... lets face it, no summer is complete without a bit of bouncy castle action...LOL!!!