Thursday, 9 August 2007

I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged as a Rockin Girl Blogger, which is an honour in itself, but the double whammy is that I was tagged by the highly talented and inspirational Helsbels... thanks Helen you have made my day:) So I need to pass the honour on... such a difficult choice as I want to tag all my friends as I love reading all of their blogs, and I don't want to upset anyone or make anyone feel that I have 'favourites', oh dear oh dear this is harder than I thought, it's like choosing people to be on your team in junior school:( But I am going to tag Jemma, as her blog is always so interesting to read, her LOs are fantastic, her journalling is always heartfelt and she posts regularly with eye candy for us girlies with unromantic hubbies...LOL!!!
I'm also going to tag Jen for being a supportive friend whilst I was struggling with the whole TTC trauma, for being a cropping buddy, for giving me good ideas on where to take my boys, and for having a wicked streak that makes mine show more.... and you know what I mean Jen:P
Also it is voting time again for the next round of the Masterchef DT comp. You can see the artwork here, and vote for you favourite here. Some absolutely fab work again, so many talented ladies out there, it's going to be a hard round to get through this time.

Earing a little something to adorn the ear.

I used to love wearing earings, but for some reason since I had radiotherapy 6 years ago I cnnot wear them. Wether I try expensive or cheapies after 1/2 an hour my ears get really sore and blister. These earings were bought for a night out and spent most of the night in my bag...LOL!!! I have given up now and so this is the only pair of earings I own... but my bracelet collection is growing to compensate:)


Jemma said...

you are such a sweetie, i think im actually blushing!! THANK YOU! love the earing, i cant wear them either so i let my ears close up!:(

im ROckin' - yeah

Diana said...

Love those earrings! so sorry you have difficulty wearing them (i fortunately am ok with gold and reasonable with silver)

Rachael said...

They are very pretty earrings. I too can only wear earrings for about 30 minutes before I have to take them out unless they are solid gold. Most of my earrings just sit in a box.

Sue Nicholson said...

I am lucky that years of practice means I can wear junk in my ears for several hours :)

DD likes the multi earring look and so she combines traditional ones with magnetic studs. Have you tried these? From Claires I think.

Also she bought the lotion from Claires that you use after ears have been pierced. She regulary cleanses her ears which seems to help when she wears cheap pairs.

They are pretty special ear-rings . . . Maybe one day :)

mum on the run said...

Beautiful earrings and a great photo :)

Elena said...

wow those earrings are very pretty and thanks for the comment

Olivia said...

They are really pretty earrings, it's a shame you can't wear
Thanks for your comment aswell!

Jenga said...

:BLUSH: fank you for the tag :wub: but I just don't get the wicked streak thing??? I sit in watching paint dry me!! No wickedness here ;) ;)

SuzyB said...

Very pretty earrings :o)
It seems lots of us cant wear the damn things though doesnt it!!

Vanda said...

Oh they are pretty Louise. I can't wear them either so this photo prompt has made me feel loads better because neither can a lot of the other girlies :O)

Debbie Nicholas said...

ooh they are really pretty, sorry you have bother wearing them though :( My ears get really itchy when i wear ANY earrings for longer than a couple of hours!

Anna said...

They're pretty earrings. I'm the same though, can't wear them for very long at all.