Wednesday, 22 October 2008

It's a boy thing!!!

Yesterday we had our 20 week scan (even though I am actually 21 weeks). All seems to be ok with the baby, but I have to go back next week to be rescanned as they couldn't get a clear picture of the 4 chambers of the heart. Even though they said they were sure everything was fine, and that it was because baby was in an awkward position and would not move no matter how many times they poked, prodded or got me to change position, there is still a part of me that is scared that there is something wrong and they just aren't telling me! I tell you, the paranoia that sets in during pregnancy is something people never warn you about!!!
Good news is that baby is a boy *big smile*

So many people have offered sympathy when they have been told we are having another boy, and my mum couldn't disguise her disappointment at another grandson, but Rob and I both secretly wanted another blue.... and so did Oliver because girls smell! We have already been asked if we'll 'try again' for a girl... when the neighbour asked this,I said if we did 'try again' it would be for a baby, and we would be happy with what ever it was. That said, there definitely will not be anymore after this one. I can't go through the stress and worry of it all again, and to be honest I don't think my poor body could cope with another pregnancy.

So at the weekend when I go to mum's, I will be able to buy a few bits and bobs for the little guy, and hopefully find some yummy wool to knit a few cardigans for the early days... I say this like he needs them, he doesn't, I just like knitting little things.

So here is the latest pic of Thing 3...
I have been really busy on the scrap front lately too... some things I can't share as of yet because they are DT work. However I can share the sarahscards work that has already 'gone live'. This kit was yummy to work with, but to be honest, all of the kits have been yummy to work with, and I have to say the November kit I received this week is to die for... seriously my favourite yet. If you don't already sub, look out for the single purchase if/when it comes available... you will need it trust me!
Don't forget that sketch #2 is up over on the rough draft blog... it's a fab sketch and the DT interpretations are stunning. I am planning to have a go tonight when the boys are asleep... don't forget to share your LOs by leaving a link to your work so we can add you to the slide show.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Late night scrapping...

a child that woke 5 times in the night, and an early start can only mean one thing... I feel like poop today!
Rob had his Saturday night bottle of wine last night and watched Rocky 5 (very sad) and I got on with some scrapping. I actually did 2 whole LOs last night... shock horror!!! One was using the delicious November kit from Sarahscards, all yummy greens, yellows, black and white. If you aren't a subber and you get the chance to buy the kit as a one off, you will not be disappointed.

The second LO was done just for me, no DT kit, no sketch, just me and a random choice of papers that appealed last night. The topic of the LO was inspired by a LO by Anam, and means another page in the new baby's album. I used a sound button on the LO which has a recording of the baby's heartbeat on... something I think he will like to listen to when he is older. We didn't hire a doppler with Oliver or Harry, but this time round I seem to be even more worried about something going wrong so we hired one at 14 weeks... it has been a god send, on those days when you really don't feel pregnant, have no movement and panic starts to set in.
The Lo is quite a touchy feely one as I used some velvet paper and velvet thickers. The red pp behind the photo is actually a plastic bag from a past Scarlet Lime kit so feels really shiny and cool to the touch in contrast to the velvet. The decorative edge paper is by Pink Paislee and can be bought from Sarah, it is yummy and I think I am going to need some more. The red hearts wrapped around the sound button are Bazzill decorative edges, and I love using these... they're not something I thought I would use a lot, but they are really versatile.... go on, pop some in your basket, you know you need them too.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sketch 1 is up!

Over at Rough Draft sketch 1 has gone live. I am on the Odd team (and yes it has already been pointed out that this is probably for a reason!) and this sketch was given to us (although I will be doing the even teams sketches too as they look fab too) I love how versatile it is and will very likely be using it again. For this weeks LO I turned it on its head but stayed pretty true to the sketch as in where all the elements were placed. I LOVED scrapping in pink for a change, such a refreshing change. The photos are of Harry and Freya when we went to the little park across from our house to collect leaves for our autumn collages. There was one puddle in the par and they found it, and stamped and jumped until most of the puddle had been soaked up by their jeans! I didn't stop them, as I think it is important to let children do things like this... and I can't imagine it's something I would have been allowed to do as a child.
So get yourself over to the blog and join in with us... don't forget to leave a link to your work so we can see your interpretation.
We went into Stockport this morning to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I have done most of it already, but there was a weekend deal on the DS Lite that Oliver has asked for so we went and got that, and of course more bits and bobs fell into the trolley. I feel good that it is all under control though... I HATE shopping really near to Christmas when everybody just seems to get a bit more rude and pushy than normal. Just need to get Bear a kitchen now, we have narrowed it down to 2 possibles, but as they are in Argos we will need to buy them both to then choose which we like the best, then take one back. A kitchen seems a good idea now, but I'm sure when there are 100s of pieces of plastic food scattered all about I will wonder what we were thinking!!!

My friend Jen, is celebrating her first weekend on mat leave by going to the luxurious angels retreat in Crewe... I'm not at all jealous... really I'm not... honestly! So I am assuming she will be far too exhausted and scrapped out to be online tonight to distract me, so I am planning to get busy scrapping. I also have to do 3 cj entries... for a cj which is almost as old as Harry!!! How bad is that... but to be fair it is my fault, I keep meaning to get them done, then they get buried under other stuff and forgotten about for a few more months... well this weekend they will be done!!!

Better go and take a couple of photos whilst we still have a bit or light, all be it murky light.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I made it on to the Rough Draft DT!!! I am so pleased to be a part of this new venture, and as I already have the first sketch in my mits I can tell you it's a good one. This blog is defo one to watch and of course to play along with... there is a RAK up for grabs and all you have to do is leave a comment. Well, what are you waiting for?!?!?
So huge congratulation to the rest of the DT, and a big thanks to Zoe and Jems for giving me the chance to be a part of it.

So I though I better actually do some scrapping, so that I feel I have something to blog... and last night I sat 1 eye on Tess of the Durbervilles, and the other switching between the pooter and the LO, and did this.
The photos were taken on Friday when Harry decided to fall asleep in the dog's bed of all places! Now Jaspa was booked in for a hair cut on the Saturday so his bed was in dire need of a wash, and it smelt pretty rank. So after I lifted bear into his cot and he finished his sleep in the comfort of a feather pillow and duvet, his bedding and his clothes had to be washed as he smelt bleuuuurgh!!!

After school today we got busy with some leaves and glue!!! You wouldn't believe how much mess four 4 year olds and a couple of 1 year olds can make with a spot of glue... I'm sure I'll be peeling it from unexpected places for weeks!!! Harry loves doing crafty things, which I am really pleased about as Oliver shows very little interest at all.... which is very disappointing to a mummy who is an art teacher!
Not sure if I'll get any scrapping done tonight... Harry was up partying in the early hours and only settled in our bed, which meant this mummy spent an uncomfortable night with a child's size 6 digging into her back whilst clinging for dear life to the very edge of the bed! So it may well be an early night