Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sketch 1 is up!

Over at Rough Draft sketch 1 has gone live. I am on the Odd team (and yes it has already been pointed out that this is probably for a reason!) and this sketch was given to us (although I will be doing the even teams sketches too as they look fab too) I love how versatile it is and will very likely be using it again. For this weeks LO I turned it on its head but stayed pretty true to the sketch as in where all the elements were placed. I LOVED scrapping in pink for a change, such a refreshing change. The photos are of Harry and Freya when we went to the little park across from our house to collect leaves for our autumn collages. There was one puddle in the par and they found it, and stamped and jumped until most of the puddle had been soaked up by their jeans! I didn't stop them, as I think it is important to let children do things like this... and I can't imagine it's something I would have been allowed to do as a child.
So get yourself over to the blog and join in with us... don't forget to leave a link to your work so we can see your interpretation.
We went into Stockport this morning to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I have done most of it already, but there was a weekend deal on the DS Lite that Oliver has asked for so we went and got that, and of course more bits and bobs fell into the trolley. I feel good that it is all under control though... I HATE shopping really near to Christmas when everybody just seems to get a bit more rude and pushy than normal. Just need to get Bear a kitchen now, we have narrowed it down to 2 possibles, but as they are in Argos we will need to buy them both to then choose which we like the best, then take one back. A kitchen seems a good idea now, but I'm sure when there are 100s of pieces of plastic food scattered all about I will wonder what we were thinking!!!

My friend Jen, is celebrating her first weekend on mat leave by going to the luxurious angels retreat in Crewe... I'm not at all jealous... really I'm not... honestly! So I am assuming she will be far too exhausted and scrapped out to be online tonight to distract me, so I am planning to get busy scrapping. I also have to do 3 cj entries... for a cj which is almost as old as Harry!!! How bad is that... but to be fair it is my fault, I keep meaning to get them done, then they get buried under other stuff and forgotten about for a few more months... well this weekend they will be done!!!

Better go and take a couple of photos whilst we still have a bit or light, all be it murky light.


Paul B said...

We think alike!!! I've used pink on the layout in my blog today! Can't believe I trapped myself into it. This is just another beautiful LO from you Lou. Plenty of collage with a very bright lively feel to it - very Mica, dare I say :)


Helsbells said...

Love the bright pink layout! Those buttons are a great touch.

I've been going through a white/kraft layout phase recently but funnily enough, I did a pink layout too yesterday. Must be something in the air!

Chris said...

Fab fun layout... love those photos and the buttons are so lovely in the it :)

Zoe said...

Great LO, Love the buttons!!! Christmas Shopping Already??????? Oh boy I best get started!

Natalie said...

Way to organised with all your shopping...I'm rubbish and leave everything til last minute and stress! I agree it's important for kids to jump in puddles and all kinds of stuff like that! :)

Jenga said...

ME distract YOU!!!???!!! :o :o

how very DARE you :P