Saturday, 17 January 2009

So much to do, so little time..... or energy!

Has it really been so long since I posted last? er, yes.... sorry!
The exhaustion of late pregnancy has kicked in... mentally I feel fine, physically I am knackered and achy and swelling! Oh joy, but I am not complaining much, I am really privileged to be expecting my third boy... just wish I could be one of these skinny minnies who just gets a small baby bump and doesn't put on any weight anywhere else. I have A LOT of weight to shift after this baby arrives :(
I have been asked to share bump pics, and this is the only one I have as of yet. It was taken on New Years day when I was 31 weeks... please excuse the sticky out bits... what can I say, it was!!! I plan to take another when I am closer to due date, which is only 6 1/2 weeks away.
Well Bear is now 2. He was beside himself with excitement when he ripped into his kitchen (which was rather tricky to wrap up). He happy danced and squealed, and hasn't stopped playing with it since. It seemed a really good idea at the time to buy the 120 piece food set, and the bag for life with its 20 pieces and the tea set with all its bits and pieces.... add these to the 50 piece accessory pack the kitchen came with and you have one very busy mummy forever picking up spoons, imitation fruit and veg and trying to find the missing bit of pizza!!!And of course a birthday isn't a birthday without chocolate cake!!! Although he had to wait until the Saturday when we were at mum's.... but it was a yummy cake and worth the wait!
So what else have I been up to... on Wednesday I finally met gorgeous baby Sam. He is so scrummy I could have stolen him and taken him home... but as Jen looks so taken with him I thought it might be difficult to sneak him out the door. Photo stolen from Jen's blog, and yes my legs really are THAT big!!!Today we took the boys to Bruntwood Park to run off some of their energy. There was one muddy puddle and which of the boys do you think found it???
Of course it was Bear!!!
Needless to say the grey coat wasn't grey for long, and the new Clarks shoes were just brown, rather than the khaki and orange they should have been!!!
Oliver never liked getting dirty when he was younger and still isn't that keen... this didn't stop him laughing and encouraging Harry to get really dirty and wet! Although to be honest, he really didn't need that much encouragement.

This morning I received a gorgeous bundle of goodies to play with from Sarahscards, and so wanted to get a 'nice picture' of the boys together. Shouldn't be too hard should it?!?! Well you try getting the two of them looking in the same direction at the same time, preferably smiling and not pulling a stoopid face or having their eyes shut. It took a series of over 30 photos to get 3 'nice' results. So tonight I plan to scrap!
I also had a teensy little spend with Sarah and bought this stunning wooden book... I plan to make a mini book of all Thing 3's first visitors. And the fact that we have decorated his room vehicle themed, and this book just had to be mine.
The January kits have been posted out, and my mum as a new subber (my treat as she is now a non smoker... well done mum, keep up the good effort) will be getting a box of gorgeousness on Monday. This LO has already gone live on the Sarahscards blog, so I can share it with you on here too. If you haven't already saved the blog into your favourites you really should... there is lots of stunning work on there to inspire card makers and scrappers alike.

There are still a still amount of kits for single purchase available here... you won't be disappointed.

Right, I think that is an update enough... sorry for boring you, but well done if you got this far!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ok, so it's been a while!

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and anything else I missed in my absence!!!

We had a fab Christmas. Mum and Dad came to stay for four nights, the boys got way too many presents.... although due to a massive clear out before hand the house isn't bursting at the seams like it was last year! Here are a couple of pics, of the boys with their stockings on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and the huge pile waiting for us downstairs.

Yes, Harry does look like an Inuit baby when he wakes up in the morning... his eyes do go back to normal after a couple of hours and a warm bottle of the white stuff!!!

Yes, it is a huge pile of presents but it was for 4 adults, 2 children and 2 dogs!!!Santa was good to me too. I got loads of pamper products which I have decided to save until after the baby is here. And Rob got me a Wii Ft which was a total surprise. For obvious reasons I haven't been on it yet, but I have watched others and it looks so much fun, I can't wait!

Have been busy on the scrapping front too, although quite a few of the LOs have been for Sarahscards DT so can't be shared just yet. Unfortunately the Rough Draft blog went t*ts up last week so there will be no more fab sketches from there to work with although I will still stalk the DT members blogs for inspiration. Sunday was probably my last Warrington crop for a while and I managed to get 2 LOs done. This one is quite simple but I didn't want to distract from the photo too much. The reason Rob loves the photo is because it is a rare occurrence capturing a Bear smile!!! He does smile a lot, just not when there is a camera about, so this one makes a refreshing change! The lovely shaped paper, the stripey paper and the alphas are all from Sarahscards.... how annoying is it though having to poke out all those eyelets!!!

This was one of those photos you had to get in a really awkward position to take... just glad it wasn't on a day when the window cleaner was round!! Bear had fallen asleep on the living room floor, as he does, and I had to get down and at his level to take the pic... not easy when you are the size of a MOOSE!!! The cloud paper and the striped paper are by Bella Boulevard and can be found at Sarahscards, as can the Thickers. All the other bits and pieces were from a Scarlet Lime kit. The LO is quite touchy feely as I scrunched the stripey circle so it stands up slightly from the backing card.Well today is the last day of my Bear being a 1 year old!!! Can you believe he will be 2 tomorrow.... I can't. The past couple of years has gone so quickly and my baby is getting to be a proper little boy :( I will be back with more pics tomorrow of him with his pressies... I am so excited as we have got him the sizzlin kitchen from ELC which he goes crazy over every time we go into Mothercare on the retail park near us. So tonight once they are in bed and fast asleep it's mission build kitchen and wrap kitchen and all the various bits and pieces we have got to go with it!!!

Well here's hoping the school is open tomorrow (burst pipe today which resulted in a houseful of kids). I want Bear to have the morning with his presents on his own, before he has to share them with the others.