Sunday, 25 May 2008

Anyone seen a wandering Mojo???

Because mine has up and gone!!! I sat down last night with hours of scrapping time ahead of me whilst Rob watched some boring bloke thing he had on sky+... and what did I manage to get done??? 1 LO!!! The LO is based on this fab sketch by Jems over at Scrapbook Star... thank gawd for that or I would probably have got nothing done at all!!!The papers are Love Elsie and Sassafrass Lass, and the alphas are a mixture of Heidi Swapp (doesn't do what it says on the tin) self adhesive, Thickers and BG. I replaced the stars on the sketch with the circles from a Queen Kat bubble wrap stamp.
I haven't played along with HS:MS for an age and have really missed it... I went over to have a nosey at today's prompt which is 'stitch'. Not a fabby pic as I still haven't mastered the technique of taking in focus pics of myself... but this is the scar on my neck... after 9 years you can still clearly see a couple of the stitch holes... I think they must have used a darning sized needle to sew me up!!!
I have had a busy busy morning de-pigging the house, floors have all been antibac wiped, carpets have all been hoovered, veg is all chopped and chicken is in roasting as I type... so hopefully the mojo will return this afternoon so that I can do some more scrapping with a break in the middle for LOST.
I will get back to blogging more often... it has been a busy week with Elliot starting with me, and with the school hols for the next two weeks the house will be full of kids, so I may not be around as much until school starts back!!! Probably with grey hair and on Valium!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wiikend is nearly over

On Friday night we set up the Wii and much of our weekend has been spent bowling, monkey balling, playing carnival games and training our brains at the big brain academy! As a result Oliver is fast asleep exhausted from his antics, and Rob and I are aching from muscles we didn't even know we had!!!
I did however manage to get a couple of LOs done last night. The first was using some of the garden photos from Wednesday... I didn't dress Harry in clothes to match the April Scarlet Lime kit... honestly, but OMG how perfect are those papers for that outfit...LOL!!! And yes, I used the crackle glaze from Sarah's Cards again... I think I am truly addicted.
The second LO is of the photo I made Oliver have taken with the dinosaur at Gulliver's. Jems sent me this fantastic chipboard dinosaur which I was dying to use, hence making Oliver stand near a model he was scared of!Right off to finish watching LOST then an early night as I have a 2 year old boy starting with me tomorrow for 3 weeks whilst his usually childminder has a maternity break.
More baby congratulations... this time to Monika, on the arrival of a little baby boy not yet named... hope he brings you much happiness.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Garden time...

We are loving spending time in the garden in this gorgeous weather. I managed to get some great sunny shots of H-Bear this morning. His favourite thing today was pushing his car around and around... it kept him amused for ages, that is until he tried to get it into the sand pit!!! Our sand pit is on a raised area with edging around it, so this was never going to happen... bless him he did try his best, but had to admit to defeat with the mother of all paddies! he threw himself to the floor, kicked and screamed, tore some grass up... then got up and walked away to play in the sand pit as though nothing had happened... LOL!!! Update on the camera from hell situation... it has gone back to Pentax and I have been told I will get a replacement. So all being well, I should have a working camera again soon. I did ask for a refund of the original repair and all the postage costs incurred over the past couple of months... not banking on a result there but you don't get if you don't ask eh?
This morning I got this lovely surprise in the post. My best friend Annie sent this to me... it couldn't have come at a better time to put a smile on my face... thank you so much.
And another thank you to Miss Jems. Thank you for making me smile and laugh, you know what I am on about... got to love the PM system ;)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Not a builder in sight!

HOORAY!!!! No more workmen, no more dirty floors, no more cups with plaster/brick dust/adhesive smeared all over them... our garage conversion is COMPLETE.
I cannot believe that we ever had doubts about losing the garage... our new room is fantastic, and has had such a positive impact on the rest of the house. The unit from Ikea is brilliant as it holds all of the toys that were cluttering the living room... best of all though, Harry hasn't worked out how to open the sliding doors.... yet!
Just a couple of piccies to be drawn to fill the little frames, then get the new tv and Wii in place and we have a fully functioning 'play' room for the whole family... to be honest I think I am more excited about setting the Wii up than Oliver.... LOL!!!
No scrapping been done here as the weekend was spent painting, more painting, flat pack building, and general sorting and cleaning of the whole house... I hate that having one thing done has a knock on effect to the rest of the house... I'm really NOT good at having workmen in!

I am going to do a spot or ironing now, so that tomorrow I can play.
This last photo is a quick snap taken today... is it me, or are there red horizontal lines on it!!!
Edited to add a close up... ok so the lines are feint compared to what they were, but when printed out they are very obvious!

Not happy!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

I cannot believe I have become such a bad blogger... this week has been mad busy with the builders/plasterers/electrician, and with the weather being so gorgeous I haven't been on the pooter as much as usual. Good news for us is that the garage is no longer a garage, and is now a room, with a window and a door into the hallway. No pics yet, as the flooring will be going down tomorrow, then I can paint, so I will share pics then. It's looking good though :)

More good news for me... I got my camera back this morning, and *touch wood and whispers* it seems to actually have been repaired!!! Not one, not two, but THREE repairs this time... let's just hope that's the end of the problems. So now I can take clear pics again, I decided to pop over to HS:MS... Today's prompt is 'remember', which is kind of poignant for us at the moment. Rob's aunt Hilda passed away yesterday morning, after having a stroke at the weekend. I only met her a couple of times but i can honestly say she was a wonderful woman... the kind of woman you would love to be your grandma. As she lived in South Sea she only met Oliver once when he was a baby, and unfortunately she never met Harry... this LO is a really old one but it is perfect for today's prompt as it will help us to remember the day we went to visit and she met Oliver.
I haven't been scrapping much this week, although I did manage to get this quickly LO done yesterday. I have been wanting to scrap this photo of H-Bear since it was taken last August, but have never found papers just the right shade of blue.... until the Warrington Crop. The Arctic Frog papers in this Sarah's Cards kit were absolutely perfect, and just had to be bought. I used the crackle glaze again... it's not an obsession honest ;) But I am still trying to get it to do small crackles... I don't think it likes my cheapie acrylics... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!It's only 2 more sleeps until we get H-Bear back... we are all missing him, the house is just so calm and quiet without him... it's just not right! Oliver has had a great week though being able to play in peace with his toys without destructo-boy trampling over them just for the fun of it. And he is still going on about all the rides and the dino dig at Gulliver's World, so I think he really enjoyed his day there.
The first ride he went on was the pirate ship, which he loved. I am really proud of him for going on it as he is usually a bit of a mard for things like this.
Photo number 2... you WILL have your photo taken with the dinosaur, I have gorgeous chipboard dinosaurs that Jems sent me, that I have to use... I don't care if you're scared... just smile for gawd's sake!!! (I am such a cruel mummy)
OK so if I had known I would have got my dinosaur shot, I wouldn't have subjected you to the T-Rex torture ;)
This morning I went to see him do his assembly play of the Hungry Caterpillar. Oliver had to say the line On Wednesday he ate through 3 plums, and hold up his painting of 3 plums... which I am proud to say actually looked like 3 plums!
Right, I better go and make the house ready for Freya's arrival in about 1/2 an hour... be back to blog hop later:)

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Warrington Crop Day

Today was crop day at Warrington, run by Sarah, Rebecca and Lianne. I had a productive day for me... as in I got 2 whole LOs done with 1/2 hour to spare!!!
Although I used the same papers on both LOs, and the photos were taken on the same day... they are 2 separate LOs... I decided this was the best option to reduce the amount of paper pushing time! The stripes on both LOs were created by stamping acrylic paint from a piece of corrugated card. The background paper is by Pink Paislee and is from Sarah'scards... I love it so much I had to buy another 4 sheets... just so I don't run out any time soon ;) I also used the crackle glaze again, although I need to play with this more to get the results that Sarah has... it's great stuff though, and at less than £3, you really do need to get some to play with.
And check out that number stamp down the left hand side of the 'screwed' LO... oh yeah, how cool is that! It came in the April Scarlet Lime kit, and there was a bit of doubt as to how well it would actually work... I am hooked, and think it will be making an appearance again soon.
I also used a wood grain Hambly overlay which my very good friend Jems kindly sent to me in a package full of goodies... thanks again Jems *wub* and it was fantastic actually speaking to you in real life. Keep an eye on that there post box of yours... you may be surprised with a 39 year old sized box sometime in the not so distant future... LOL!
The 'Dig It' LO was based on this fab sketch by Jems over at Scrapbook Star.

Whilst I was at the crop, Rob met my parents at Meadow Hall to do the 'passing of the baby'. They are having Harry this week, as he has been invited to a 1st birthday party down there, and of course he has to go. It does give us a week to devote to Oliver though, which he is really looking forward to. Tomorrow we are going to Gulliver's World. The last time we went Harry was only a little baby so someone always had to stay with him, but tomorrow we will all be able to join in.

On the topic of babies... a huge congratulations to team mate Nikki, on the safe arrival of Buttercup (aka Megan Elizabeth). She is beautiful:)

Friday, 2 May 2008

Building chaos!!!

After getting things back to normal after the chaos of the new bathroom, we are now in chaos again... this time with the garage conversion! Don't get me wrong it is A LOT less stressful than having the bathroom done, but I just want it to be done NOW!!! I am so impatient!!! They are doing really well, and after a day of not being able to do anything on Tuesday as the materials did not get delivered until the end of the day, they have really motored on and we now have an almost finished room. The window should be going in this afternoon... although it still hasn't been delivered, then they can do the knock through... not looking forward to this bit at all... he says it's not too messy, but I can't see that being the case. then the plasterer is booked for tomorrow...whoop whoop!!! Rob's friend is coming to put the floor down for us, then I can get busy with a roller and a huge tub of white emulsion. All of this will not cause any arguments between Rob and I.... that will come when we
(a) go to Ikea... is there a couple on this earth who can go there and not argue?!?!?
(b) try to put the unit together... at this point Rob will start being a tit which will get my back up and cause tempers to flare!
I haven't taken any pics of the conversion process... how bad is that!!! My camera has been sent back to Pentax, and I am still waiting to hear what they are going to do to it ( I could suggest a few things!!!), and I can not for the life of me find either of the 2 point and press cameras anywhere in the house!!! I think that maybe Harry has had them and they have been stashed away somewhere to be found when and where least expected!!!

I haven't done any scrapping this week as I haven't unpacked my bag from the crop on Saturday... partly because I am lazy and HATE unpacking and putting everything away, but mainly because I am going to the Warrington crop on Sunday, so there is little point unpacking to have to pack again! I have however, done 2 of the 4 cjs that I have. Nothing fancy as I really struggle with working on a small scale. The first is Nikki's cj which is 'words of wisdom'. I have a guardian angel that I went through a phase of making a few years ago, hanging in the car (I'll take a pic when I find the camera). I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that we have 'someone' watching over us.
The second cj is Jen's, and is about scrapping the unscrappable... the photos that you would normally bin or stick in a box to be forgotten. I know I have already scrapped a LO using one of the photos taken by my mum, but I still have a whole pack of them so it seemed silly to search for another piccie to use.Tonight I am going to tackle the dreaded CIRCLE shaped cj by Jems. It's not so much that I am put off by the shape, it's just that I can't decide what song to base my entry on!!! But it will be done tonight, and you can bet that as soon as I have finished it I'll think of another song that would have been better to do!!!
Right off to do something productive!