Friday, 9 May 2008

I cannot believe I have become such a bad blogger... this week has been mad busy with the builders/plasterers/electrician, and with the weather being so gorgeous I haven't been on the pooter as much as usual. Good news for us is that the garage is no longer a garage, and is now a room, with a window and a door into the hallway. No pics yet, as the flooring will be going down tomorrow, then I can paint, so I will share pics then. It's looking good though :)

More good news for me... I got my camera back this morning, and *touch wood and whispers* it seems to actually have been repaired!!! Not one, not two, but THREE repairs this time... let's just hope that's the end of the problems. So now I can take clear pics again, I decided to pop over to HS:MS... Today's prompt is 'remember', which is kind of poignant for us at the moment. Rob's aunt Hilda passed away yesterday morning, after having a stroke at the weekend. I only met her a couple of times but i can honestly say she was a wonderful woman... the kind of woman you would love to be your grandma. As she lived in South Sea she only met Oliver once when he was a baby, and unfortunately she never met Harry... this LO is a really old one but it is perfect for today's prompt as it will help us to remember the day we went to visit and she met Oliver.
I haven't been scrapping much this week, although I did manage to get this quickly LO done yesterday. I have been wanting to scrap this photo of H-Bear since it was taken last August, but have never found papers just the right shade of blue.... until the Warrington Crop. The Arctic Frog papers in this Sarah's Cards kit were absolutely perfect, and just had to be bought. I used the crackle glaze again... it's not an obsession honest ;) But I am still trying to get it to do small crackles... I don't think it likes my cheapie acrylics... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!It's only 2 more sleeps until we get H-Bear back... we are all missing him, the house is just so calm and quiet without him... it's just not right! Oliver has had a great week though being able to play in peace with his toys without destructo-boy trampling over them just for the fun of it. And he is still going on about all the rides and the dino dig at Gulliver's World, so I think he really enjoyed his day there.
The first ride he went on was the pirate ship, which he loved. I am really proud of him for going on it as he is usually a bit of a mard for things like this.
Photo number 2... you WILL have your photo taken with the dinosaur, I have gorgeous chipboard dinosaurs that Jems sent me, that I have to use... I don't care if you're scared... just smile for gawd's sake!!! (I am such a cruel mummy)
OK so if I had known I would have got my dinosaur shot, I wouldn't have subjected you to the T-Rex torture ;)
This morning I went to see him do his assembly play of the Hungry Caterpillar. Oliver had to say the line On Wednesday he ate through 3 plums, and hold up his painting of 3 plums... which I am proud to say actually looked like 3 plums!
Right, I better go and make the house ready for Freya's arrival in about 1/2 an hour... be back to blog hop later:)


Bambi said...

nice LO to remember her by (^_^)

Diana said...

Awhhh what a lovely remember.

Igotmebabe said...

Lovely reminder of Hilda

Paul B said...

Great LOs Lou - the dinosaur one especially - made me laugh :)

Lovely to see your scrapbook page of Hilda brings you fond memories


SuzyB said...

Lovely layouts, specially your Aunt Hilda one, lovely to remember her by x

JanMary said...

Lovely LO to remember with.

Also love the close-up shot of that little blue/white heart.

Jenga said...

Love the LO's. The H bear one turned out great :)

Is it fixed then???? is it is it???

Rach said...

Gorgeous LO. Glad the building work is going well, Looking forward to seeing the final results. x

Jemma said...

yes you are a bad blogger :P

love the photos poor Oli i cant believe you did that to him!! lol lol

hope all is well with you guys and you have H back!! And that your camera is all working!!