Monday, 12 May 2008

Not a builder in sight!

HOORAY!!!! No more workmen, no more dirty floors, no more cups with plaster/brick dust/adhesive smeared all over them... our garage conversion is COMPLETE.
I cannot believe that we ever had doubts about losing the garage... our new room is fantastic, and has had such a positive impact on the rest of the house. The unit from Ikea is brilliant as it holds all of the toys that were cluttering the living room... best of all though, Harry hasn't worked out how to open the sliding doors.... yet!
Just a couple of piccies to be drawn to fill the little frames, then get the new tv and Wii in place and we have a fully functioning 'play' room for the whole family... to be honest I think I am more excited about setting the Wii up than Oliver.... LOL!!!
No scrapping been done here as the weekend was spent painting, more painting, flat pack building, and general sorting and cleaning of the whole house... I hate that having one thing done has a knock on effect to the rest of the house... I'm really NOT good at having workmen in!

I am going to do a spot or ironing now, so that tomorrow I can play.
This last photo is a quick snap taken today... is it me, or are there red horizontal lines on it!!!
Edited to add a close up... ok so the lines are feint compared to what they were, but when printed out they are very obvious!

Not happy!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks wonderful, Lou! What a great and stylish space! Won't you be tempted to banish the kids and just scrap in it? Oh, bad news about the camera. My heart is sinking as I type ... Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow! Hope you really enjoy your beautiful space ... Alexa

Eileen said...

Wow, that 'play room' looks fab! It is a bit eerily tidy at the moment, but I'm sure the boys can help you out with that side of things!

Sounds like you've been horribly busy, glad things are going well.

And please stop tempting me to indulge in that crackle glaze - I took it out of my basket on Sarah's site the other day, but now I'm kicking myself!

Enjoy your space, and enjoy having both your boys back.

MommyBa said...

Such a cute boy you have :)

Cool place you have too :)

Jemma said...

I think that *yet* was VERY well placed!!

ROom looks fantastic, enjoy wii-ing!!

lOve the picture of Harry im guessing hes loving the huge room to zoom backwards and fowards in

my screen is a bit iffy so i cant tell about the pic but nooooooooooo thats such a joke, can you report them to the better business beuro (spe??) or is that just a canadian thing???


Natalie said...

New room looks amazing. I'm a massive lover of the Wii and you'll need all the space you can get if your competitive like we are when we play. I think people are cheating if they get too close to me!

Gosh, doesn't Harry look grown up there! A real sweetie!!

Rach said...

Loving your new room I'm sure lots of fun will be had in it. x

Paul B said...

Lovely room - bet you're glad all the building is over :) Now's the fun part.

Have looked at your photo of Harry but cannot see any red lines - if you can mark a circle round where they are - maybe we can all look in the right place?


Monika said...

Love it. Very tidy. Harry is so cute in that piccie and I think it is you with your horizontal lines. The camera seems fine to me.

Jenga said...

WOW that room looks fab!!! So excited about mine now :)

Can't enlarge the pic of Harry so can't see any lines...

Emailed you yesterday - got the next mag for you :)

Paul B said...

Yup I can see them too now - so youre not going loopy.