Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Garden time...

We are loving spending time in the garden in this gorgeous weather. I managed to get some great sunny shots of H-Bear this morning. His favourite thing today was pushing his car around and around... it kept him amused for ages, that is until he tried to get it into the sand pit!!! Our sand pit is on a raised area with edging around it, so this was never going to happen... bless him he did try his best, but had to admit to defeat with the mother of all paddies! he threw himself to the floor, kicked and screamed, tore some grass up... then got up and walked away to play in the sand pit as though nothing had happened... LOL!!! Update on the camera from hell situation... it has gone back to Pentax and I have been told I will get a replacement. So all being well, I should have a working camera again soon. I did ask for a refund of the original repair and all the postage costs incurred over the past couple of months... not banking on a result there but you don't get if you don't ask eh?
This morning I got this lovely surprise in the post. My best friend Annie sent this to me... it couldn't have come at a better time to put a smile on my face... thank you so much.
And another thank you to Miss Jems. Thank you for making me smile and laugh, you know what I am on about... got to love the PM system ;)


Anonymous said...

Just love those photos, Lou - fab colours, AND they tell a great story! Think you have the makings of a good LO there! Glad to hear about the camera - yep, complain loudly and persistently and don't take no for an answer. Threaten to expose them on your blog, and tell them you'll get all your friends to send them angry emails on your behalf! ;) Alexa

Jemma said...

me? im going to have to look at what i wrote now!! H's paddy is almost as good as yours on my blog =P Love your doll and pics of Harry!! right im off to scrap becuase its either that or speak to bar! LOL xx