Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm back.... again!

Not doing very well with the new years resolutions am I? Well to be fair the only one I'm not keeping up with is the blogging... oh and the weight loss, I guess something things never change!
So where have I been and what have I been doing this time to count for the lack of blog activity?

Well unfortunately not been anywhere, but I have had a mini trauma. At the end of January someone reported me to Ofsted for a number of reasons... I didn't know about this until I got a knock on the door from a particularly uppity Ofsted inspector one afternoon. She went through all the complaints/allegations that had been made, and by her attitude it felt as though I was guilty until proven innocent. Fortunately I had all paperwork up to date, and the children I had with me that day responded well to her questions. When she left her parting shot was about discussing the case with a colleague to decide if any further action was going to be taken. So as you can imagine I as left pretty shaken and upset. Even though I knew that all the complaints were totally untrue, it still shook me that someone could be so spiteful as to want to try and get me into trouble. It was only last week that I got a letter from Ofsted stating that there 'was no evidence of non-compliance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Requirements'.

So after all the tears, then the anger I am now calm and collected. My initial thought was to try and keep it all quiet, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. So there you go... reported and cleared and still being a good childminder.... even if I do say so myself.

So now all that is done and dusted I will once again try to make every effort to blog update each week.

I have a few LOs to share. These were done using the January kit from Sarahscards... gorgeous delicate colours, and even though I'm not a huge fan of floral papers I really liked using these. This LO was done last night... back to my favourite bright mix and match... I had a bit of an American Crafts thing going on last night... there are 3 different ranges on this LO and I have to say I am loving the new Heat Wave range... will be defo buying more of this at the crop on Sunday.Right not really much more to say at the moment... it was meant to be a quick post while the kiddos are napping after being at playgroup this morning... will be back soon as no traumas are planned to be happening in this life anytime soon ;)