Sunday, 27 September 2009

DT LOs to share.

I actually wrote a whole post yesterday went to upload and realised I had cleared all the photo from the pooter!!! Stupidly I also didn't save the post to draft so I am having to type again.... if I had a whole brain I'd be dangerous!!!Not really much to say to be honest. Not done any fun stuff, just same old same old, take some kids to school, stay at home with others, go and fetch kids from school, entertain children until the parents come to pick them up!
Pretty much sums up my Monday to!!!

Last night I did scrap which felt good. I played along with the Twisted sketch 16 the twist being to use stickers. I really like the LO and the use of stickers, even though stickers aren't usually my thing unless they are alphas. Rob pointed out last night that my LO doesn't really look like the sketch... he may have a point but it was used... honest it was. The photo was taken last weekend in the park over the road. I just have to get used to having pics of me taken... it's a bit strange scrapping pics with me on!
These LOs were done using the September Sarahscards kit. The colours were right up my street, although I thought I'd struggle using the kit as it was retro kitchen themed. As I didn't use the really kitcheny stickers and papers I have loads left to make a wall hanging thingy for my nearly finished kitchen.

I think I probably say it all the time, but this really was my favourite kit yet... gorgeous colours, gorgeous papers and lovely embellishments... and a few left over bits from previous kits were also perfect to be used too. There are a few kits left available to buy as a single purchase here. Or you could just sub here, you won't be disappointed.

We've spent quite a bit of time in the local park over the past couple of weeks since Oliver learned to ride his bike without stabilisers. The first thing he asks in the morning when he gets up is 'can we go out on my bike today'. I can see me getting fed up with Thornley Park very soon. Anyway here;s a pic of the boy on his bike... I might scrap this one tonight.

Right better go and do something boring like ironing so that I can justify playing tonight.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Upside down.... Inside out....

Well the title of this post pretty much sums up our house at the moment! We are in the middle of having a new kitchen fitted, so everything is in turmoil. It's looking good though, but is still a long way of finished as we have to have new floor put down and new tiles and a new blind... but it's mmmmmmm shiny with more cupboard space than you can shake a stick at. When I started to put things back we had a whole cupboard just for angel delight!!!
Because of the upheaval of things being everywhere and the kitchen fitter being here, and then having to clean up each day after he'd gone I have had pretty much no time to scrap... until last night. I actually made myself sit and do the latest Twisted sketch in an hour or less, and I really quite like the end result. I bought the Look at Me transparency way back in the day when I bought everything that was going, and found it hiding amongst some really bad dated papers... though it went pretty well with these photos.

Dinky isn't so dinky anymore but the name has stuck.... he's so going to hate it when he's! He is really into everything at the moment and just loves playing with new things... well new to him things.

Oliver has learned to ride his bike with no stabilisers and we have gone from screaming at him to pedal, to screaming at him to slow down... it's scary how fast he whips round the park. Bear is still very 'bear like', probably the most awkward/defiant/grumpy but at the same time adorable/lovely/sweet 2 year old ever. At the moment fast asleep clutching a chocolate snowman.... yes the Christmas confectionery is on the shelves already!!!

Right, I am off to upload and sort some more photos, before I get tea in the oven for the boys.... because mummy is out tonight.... woooohooooo!!!