Friday, 2 May 2008

Building chaos!!!

After getting things back to normal after the chaos of the new bathroom, we are now in chaos again... this time with the garage conversion! Don't get me wrong it is A LOT less stressful than having the bathroom done, but I just want it to be done NOW!!! I am so impatient!!! They are doing really well, and after a day of not being able to do anything on Tuesday as the materials did not get delivered until the end of the day, they have really motored on and we now have an almost finished room. The window should be going in this afternoon... although it still hasn't been delivered, then they can do the knock through... not looking forward to this bit at all... he says it's not too messy, but I can't see that being the case. then the plasterer is booked for tomorrow...whoop whoop!!! Rob's friend is coming to put the floor down for us, then I can get busy with a roller and a huge tub of white emulsion. All of this will not cause any arguments between Rob and I.... that will come when we
(a) go to Ikea... is there a couple on this earth who can go there and not argue?!?!?
(b) try to put the unit together... at this point Rob will start being a tit which will get my back up and cause tempers to flare!
I haven't taken any pics of the conversion process... how bad is that!!! My camera has been sent back to Pentax, and I am still waiting to hear what they are going to do to it ( I could suggest a few things!!!), and I can not for the life of me find either of the 2 point and press cameras anywhere in the house!!! I think that maybe Harry has had them and they have been stashed away somewhere to be found when and where least expected!!!

I haven't done any scrapping this week as I haven't unpacked my bag from the crop on Saturday... partly because I am lazy and HATE unpacking and putting everything away, but mainly because I am going to the Warrington crop on Sunday, so there is little point unpacking to have to pack again! I have however, done 2 of the 4 cjs that I have. Nothing fancy as I really struggle with working on a small scale. The first is Nikki's cj which is 'words of wisdom'. I have a guardian angel that I went through a phase of making a few years ago, hanging in the car (I'll take a pic when I find the camera). I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that we have 'someone' watching over us.
The second cj is Jen's, and is about scrapping the unscrappable... the photos that you would normally bin or stick in a box to be forgotten. I know I have already scrapped a LO using one of the photos taken by my mum, but I still have a whole pack of them so it seemed silly to search for another piccie to use.Tonight I am going to tackle the dreaded CIRCLE shaped cj by Jems. It's not so much that I am put off by the shape, it's just that I can't decide what song to base my entry on!!! But it will be done tonight, and you can bet that as soon as I have finished it I'll think of another song that would have been better to do!!!
Right off to do something productive!


Jenga said...

Cool cj's. I hadn't unpacked from last week either.... started to try to get organised last night but cr@p TV interfered haha

Rach said...

Love the angel cj. I'm the same as you not religious at all but I think "someone" is watching over us. x

Jemma said...

ha ha love the CJ's

Ikea - no its impossible not to fight with your other half.

Men think htey can do anything without instructions, women read the instructions then point out the mens mistakes, again the men cant take this - good luck!!