Wednesday, 22 October 2008

It's a boy thing!!!

Yesterday we had our 20 week scan (even though I am actually 21 weeks). All seems to be ok with the baby, but I have to go back next week to be rescanned as they couldn't get a clear picture of the 4 chambers of the heart. Even though they said they were sure everything was fine, and that it was because baby was in an awkward position and would not move no matter how many times they poked, prodded or got me to change position, there is still a part of me that is scared that there is something wrong and they just aren't telling me! I tell you, the paranoia that sets in during pregnancy is something people never warn you about!!!
Good news is that baby is a boy *big smile*

So many people have offered sympathy when they have been told we are having another boy, and my mum couldn't disguise her disappointment at another grandson, but Rob and I both secretly wanted another blue.... and so did Oliver because girls smell! We have already been asked if we'll 'try again' for a girl... when the neighbour asked this,I said if we did 'try again' it would be for a baby, and we would be happy with what ever it was. That said, there definitely will not be anymore after this one. I can't go through the stress and worry of it all again, and to be honest I don't think my poor body could cope with another pregnancy.

So at the weekend when I go to mum's, I will be able to buy a few bits and bobs for the little guy, and hopefully find some yummy wool to knit a few cardigans for the early days... I say this like he needs them, he doesn't, I just like knitting little things.

So here is the latest pic of Thing 3...
I have been really busy on the scrap front lately too... some things I can't share as of yet because they are DT work. However I can share the sarahscards work that has already 'gone live'. This kit was yummy to work with, but to be honest, all of the kits have been yummy to work with, and I have to say the November kit I received this week is to die for... seriously my favourite yet. If you don't already sub, look out for the single purchase if/when it comes available... you will need it trust me!
Don't forget that sketch #2 is up over on the rough draft blog... it's a fab sketch and the DT interpretations are stunning. I am planning to have a go tonight when the boys are asleep... don't forget to share your LOs by leaving a link to your work so we can add you to the slide show.


Paul B said...

eek do I say congrats!!! Already said that about you having a thing! Does one congrat on now finding out its a boy??? What a minefield :)

Lovely LOs - you have been a busy bee especially if these aren't the only ones. Lots of green & red - do I detect that you've been playing with Xmas themed kits :)

Love the acetate idea, haven't seen that before

Take lots of care of that bod of yours, lots of rest and chocolate :)


Helsbells said...

Gorgeous layouts! Really love the unconditional love one - the photo is lovely :)

Denise said...

Glad everything is ok ,great news 3 boys between you & Jen you will have a 6aside football team !!
Denise x

Zoe said...

OH WOW congraulations on *another* boy! Ignore everyone else! they dont have all the important things in thier own lives to think that *you* have anything missing! If your happy your having a boy FABBYTASTIC. Please try not to worry about the scan thing, I had to go back with all my 3 becuase they laid funny, the sent me for long walks etc trying to get them to budge! I hear you on the 3rd child beng enough on your body! doesnt stop me feeling broody though! :-p

Jemma said...

PMSL at Paul!!! Congrats on Boy 3!! im sure he will be just as amazingly cute as Boy 1 and Boy 2!! Although since H and O are so different i hate to think what this one will get up to ;)

I will keep my fingers crossed for next week although im sure everything is fine!! Try not to worry too much. As for the LOs missy they are fantastic!!! cant wait to see what you come up with tonight!!


Jenga said...

OMG so we will have 2 wuss puss's, 2 jungle jim's ..... what will our number 3's be??!!??!!? Welcome to the 4 against 1 club!!!

Love the LO's - when I get the energy to scrap can I lift some of them? xxx

whizzy said...

Hurray for 3 boys! So glad to hear that this such a positive! Hubby is one of three boys & they match the pattern! As for number three....well I daren't tell you!! lol!

Eileen said...

Great news on the scan front - don't forget these scans weren't even around a few years ago - Alice was one of the first to have one around here, and that was only because the radiologist was doing the scan and wanted to show off his new toy to Mike, they weren't routine then, I'm pretty certain Liam didn't have one at all.

I love the work you are doing at the moment, and I agree that Sarah's kits are scrumptious (and she's a poppet) I've got a sub to the scrapping kit on the top of my Christmas wish list, because if Mike gets it for me I will be able to justify not cancelling the yummy card kit!

I can't help thinking that your latest young man is going to have to be a bit of a toughie on account of his .... errrm ... 'characterful' big bro!

Eileen said...

Oops, I mean good news that all was well on what they did see on the scan and that the HEART scans weren't routine when I was pregnant, I'm not THAT old that I didn't have routine scans!

Natalie said...

Congrats i think that it is great news you are having a boy! xxx

Anonymous said...

Delicious LOs, Lou - love the Unconditional one in particular. Nice to see you scrapping with such talent again :). Many congrats on the baby boy (yeh! the world needs more nice men!), and hoping all will be well with the scan ... xx alexa