Friday, 7 November 2008

Back in the land of the living!!!

Well, to cut a long story short, back in the land of t'internet!!! Our not so old laptop decided to start burning through power cables like they were going out of fashion. It got to a stage where we could only get the blimmin thing to work if we pressed and held the cable, which meant that you had burnt fingers after a few minutes... not good! So our t'internet time was VERY limited, then one night, about to reply to a message the lappy what bang... literally!!! OMG!!! Just how traumatic is life with no internet connection??? It makes me wonder how we ever managed without it. All's well that ends well though, we now have a desk top all set up and are back in the land of modern technology so it's a happy house again.
So what's been going on since I last blogged?!?! Well good news on Thing 3 front... had a rescan last week and all is good with his heart. All 4 chambers could be clearly seen, and they checked blood flow in and out and that looked good too... such a relief. The sonographer also had a quick peak between the legs and there were still extra bits, so it is certain he is in deed a he.
Last week was half term so a busy week with looked after children here all day. We did various Halloween activities which went down well, but I tell you I was glad when 6 o'clock Friday came and they had all gone home... such an exhausting week! On Sunday i missed the Warrington crop (sob) as we had a Halloween party for Oliver and a few of his friends. We fully expected the adults to leave the children, but most stayed so we had a very full house... but a good time was had by all, and the best part was that 8:00pm we had two sound asleep boys, and a whole evening to ourselves... which of course we made the most of by vegging in front of the TV!

On Sunday night bear started with a few spots on his legs which we thought was the start of chicken pox. A trip to the docs on Monday and we were told it was the pox. However, on Tuesday the red blotches/spots had turned into bruises and he had a fresh new lot of red blotches... not to mention the fact that he looked as though he had done a couple of rounds with Ricky Hatton, his face was so swollen. After an online consultation with a doctor of little brain (but we love her just as she is), a retired GP, and the expert 'Ga' parents, it was established that it wasn't the pox but more likely a viral infection of some kind. Wednesday morning, prepared to have to go into battle with the GP's receptionist (do you need a qualification in arsiness to get this job???), woke Bear up and there was not a mark in sight!!! Well there were a few very pale bruise type marks but everything else had vanished. The swelling in his face went down and now he is completely back to normal.

This weekend I am a single parent family. Rob has packed up and gone off to the back of beyond... somewhere near the Isle of Skye for his friends wedding. He is djing at the reception tomorrow night, so the car was rammed full with speakers/light/decks/records and all the other thingamabobs that probably have technical names. He got there this afternoon after an almost 9 hour journey... which is the reason why I declined my invitation, not that I would have squeezed in the car anyhow! A 9 hour journey is NOT my idea of fun, no no no no no!!!
So tomorrow I plan to run the boys ragged at the park so that they go to bed nice and early so I can get some scrapping done. I have been playing this week with the November Sarahs card kit which is divine. 3 LOs down and 1 almost done, and lots left over to possibly make a couple of cards. I can share with you the LOs I did with the last kit using the Itsy Bitsy Spider papers from Piggy Tales.
I know I keep saying it, and it's not just because I am lucky enough to be on the DT, but these kits are seriously good. I have not had one yet that I haven't really loved... and I am fussy. Really worth looking into if you want to sub to a kit.

The last LO was done for the Rough Draft blog. It was my own design and Jemma made a fab sketch from it which has now gone live. The DT interpretations are fantastic, and all so different. Why not play along, if you leave a link to your work you could win a RAK, now that can't be a bad thing can it. I'm trying to scrap some of the older photos I have still stored away... I can't see me ever being 'up to date' with all the pics I want to scrap, but I figure there will be a time when the boys won't want their pics taken, so i will have plenty to fall back on... just need to record the memories and dates that go with them!!!

Right off to do something useful before it is time to go to bed. Better not have too late a night as I can't prod Rob to get up with the boys in the morning!!!


Eileen said...

Great to have you back in the land of t'internet, hun! We have missed you. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a sub to Sarah's scrapping kit to keep my cardkit company, and if he doesn't I'll succumb on my own in the new year. Glad your second scan went OK and that The Bear is back to normal - well, normal for The Bear, that is, I suppose!

Jenga said...

Sooooooooooo glad Thing 3 still has boy bits!!! It means we can still be friends LOL

ALL those Lo's are fabilicious - yes it's a word. Just glad you are back on't'internet to share :)


Natalie said...

Fab news about the scan!! :) Back in the country so maybe we could catch up! trying to do as little work as i can!! lol! xx