Monday, 10 November 2008

Cabin Fever!!!

So I survived my weekend of being a single parent, more importantly he kids survived the weekend too. The dog is walking a fine line between here and the sausage factory... he is being so naughty lately. You let his out in the garden and he spends all his time barking at nothing, you call him in and a few many later he wees all over the kitchen floor!!! We have started to take him out on his lead to make sure that he does his business, to see if that will do any good... if not watch the post box Ham Spam, you could have a playmate being delivered soon!!!

It was really nice having time just me and the boys, but having no car was not fun. Even though I didn't have to go anywhere, t was the knowing I couldn't that made it tough. By Sunday afternoon I think we all had cabin fever and were itching to get out... we couldn't even go to the park as it was tipping it down for most of the day!!!
I had so many good intentions about scrapping this, and scrapping that whilst I had the weekend evenings to myself, but at the end of the day, the lure of a double bed with fresh sheets was far more appealing and I was in bed ridiculously early Friday and Saturday night.... such a light weight these days, although not literally!!!

Last night I did make myself sit down and scrap, and I am so glad I did... I love this LO, one of my faves I have done for ages. You know when you just do something that you really, really like, even though you can't explain why... well this is just one of those LOs. I am loving the puffy thickers from Sarahscards (Sarah if you read this make sure you have some at the next crop, I NEED more), although OMG they are so super sticky!I had to move a couple and they ripped the backing paper, although you can tell, i think I got away with it... just. The pictures were taken on Halloween when I took the kids to the park. Whilst all the others played on the roundabout, Bear discovered the tyres. He tried for ages to balance on them, unsuccessfully, then gave it up as a bad job before trying to leap on to a fast spinning roundabout!!!

The tags were part of a Scarlet Lime kit, which we will be getting only one more of. It's the little bits inside the kit like this that I really like... but so so simple to do. I'm sure we could get an in crop swap thing going where we all use a couple of the stamps we have to create x amount of tags/cards etc, so every member of the swap ends up with gorgeous embellies to use... might see if anyone is up for this... let me know if you read this and are interested :)
I had a little stash spend last night, and hopefully the order will come tomorrow... stuff I absolutely definitely needed to be able to scrap this gorgeous pic.I intended to scrap this one last night but had nothing whatsoever in the stash pile that would do! So tonight I have to catch up with my childminding paperwork so that tomorrow night I can play... so with that I better go and get started.... boooooooo to paperwork!!!


Jenga said...

Love the LO hun. Glad you all survived the weekend even if Jasper only just survived LOL

I'll do an embellie makey swappy thingy :)

Paul B said...

I can see why you like this LO, it is gorgeous. It feels so warm and easy on the eye - it reminds me of banoffee pie. The photos tell the story all on their own and yes, even I smiled. I love your technique of folding back the corners too


Cassandra West said...

Love the LO!!! Great stitching and fun photos!!! That is a great idea on the embellishment swap!! I stopped getting Scarlet Lime Kit because I just didn't like fav kit club is Studio Calico!!! If you haven't checked them out you should!!!!!


Jemma said...

hahahaha we will take j-bear no problem

i cant believe how long since i commented on your blog, but i havent really been loged in myself - winters coming time for girly saturday nights again ;)