Friday, 14 November 2008

How stoopid am I???

OK so you don't need to answer that... I already know!!!
Tell me, why, when it is raining here (just for a change) do I decide to get out all of the 2-3 clothes from the loft and wash them (12 full loads later), then have wet washing draped over all the radiators, the tumble drier spinning itself into an early grave and the, which then results in the ironing pile from hell!!! Not good planning on my part! On the upside though, Bear has lots of (new to him) clothes to wear... some of which I had totally forgotten about.

In between the washing, drying, ironing and the odd child to look after, I managed to get this quickie LO done. Well it would have been quick if it hadn't been for the dymo journalling... just how long does that take!!! Quite impressed that I actually used some Blonde Moments paper and made it look good. OK so I stamped on it, put an overlay and lace papers over it, used a biggish photo, and added chipboard and dymo so you can't actually see that much of the paper... but still, I used it, and it's only been hanging around at the bottom of the stash pile for a few years!!!
Bear is going to my mum's tomorrow for the week, so I better go and make the most of his nap time and pack his bags.... wonder if I could persuade her to keep him until he is 18?!?!?!


Jenga said...

size 2-3??!!!?? Already???? But he isn't 2 for 2 more months!!!!! Joshy is still in 18-24 months and he is 2yrs2months!!!!! One pair of jeans still fit that are 1-1.5!!!! My son is a dwarf waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Lovely LO though - don't even recognise the BM paper LOL

Have fun with the ironing - you know how I feel about that!!! LOL

Paul B said...

Blue, Red & Grey!!! Gorgeous! My fave colour scheme of the moment. I didn't think they would go together but I'm seeing it everywhere, papers, packaging, wallpaper etc and of course your lovely LO. VERY creative alternating blue & red dymo. Don't think I've seen anyone else do that. Lots of fantastic repetiton and visual triangles (r u sure you're not doing CZs class?)


Jemma said...

Love this LO, looks amazing really great!!