Friday, 10 August 2007

Holiday challenge.

Tomorrow we are off on our holiday, and we are looking forward to it so much. Just praying that the weather stays lovely. But OMG how am I going to cope without internet access for a whole week *shudders at the thought*


Harry's cute little toes peeping over the edge of his car seat.
I have had so many lovely comments about the doodling I do on my LOs with people saying they wish they could do it too. Well you can, it is so easy peasy lemon squeasy.

So here is a simple 4 step guide to creating the perfect pp to match your photos.

All you need to start is a sheet of card stock (I prefer textured), an ink pad, a pencil crayon, 2 different coloured pens (I used a blue ball point and a black fine liner). If you have a background/shape stamp that you like you can use that too.

Ink some random shapes directly onto the card. This is where you can use a stamp too.
When the ink is dry, scribble around the shapes with a pencil crayon. Add circles.lines. arrows, flowers, anything you like, in the spaces.
Start doodling lines, circles, dots and other random shapes over the ink and crayon with a pen (I used the blue ball point). Do not worry about being neat, your doodling should be spontaneous... imagine you are having a really boring phone call and are scribbling on the telephone book, don't get hung up on being 'perfect'.
Use the second pen (I used black) to continue doodling. Define any areas you want to show up more, and fill any spaces left. This is a good time to go over any areas you are not totally happy with.
And that's it, it really is that easy!!! So now you don't think i'm a fantastic doodler anymore... my secret is out...LOL!!!

So for the challenge... you have a whole week to get doodling. I want you to create you own pp using this technique and use it on a LO. Time for you to drag out those photos you've been wanting to scrap but haven't found the right paper for, I know you all have them!!! Be creative with your colours and have lots of fun.
Post a link to your work here and when we return I will get an impartial judge to select a doodler to receive a stash RAK.


Jemma said...

OMG now i KNOW You are crazy, i expected a challenge i would be able to do to!!! - it may take me the week just to do the ink part!!

its easy for you because you have talent, unfortunatly for me the best doodling i do is some stars when im sitting in a meeting bored!! :O

Louise said...

stars is a good place to start, that could be the basis of your pp design and then LO. Honestly there is no right or wrong:) And you have way more talent than you allow yourself to take credit for:)

Monika said...

Picasso I ain't but it looks so darned good I will have to give it a try. Great instructions hunX

Enjoy your break.

Jen said...

aw bless, baby toes are so cute!
wow, love your doodling!

Anonymous said...

Awwww so cute.

Rachael said...

Your double has got to be the cutest and your doodling is cool. I might even have to give it a go all my doodles tend to be of grapes though - no idea why!?!

PS Have a great holiday and I hope the weather stays good.

Teena said...

Whooowoo, that's agreat workshop, I will do this!

Your double photo is so absolutely cute. Love that!

Looby said...

Aww - cute tootsies!!
Even with instructions, this doodling lark looks WAY too hard! but I will give it a go - although you're boys could probably do better - even Harry!

mum on the run said...

Great photo, sooo cute!!

Olivia said...

Oh wow I really loved the doodle!! I'm going to have a go at it!
I love the photo of your little babys toes!

Kate said...

Cute photo and great doodling tips. Will try and have a go.

The Scrapfairies said...

Great doodlign as always lou.... Have a fab holiday

Vanda said...

Awww how cute are those little piggies :O) Hope you have a fantastic week away :O) Great doodling BTW xXx

Anna said...

How cute! The doodling instructions are brilliant but I still doubt I'd be able to do it and certainly not make it look as good as yours!

Have a great holiday.

Anna said...

I forgot to say, I think the font Anita used is Susie's Hand.

SuzyB said...

Aww bless, sweetest double photo there could be :o)

Have a smashing holiday x

Debbie Nicholas said...

love your photo - i agree kiddy toes are the best, my photo for today are little toes too!

etteY said...

aww cute little toes!! and i like the doodles too! great job!

Diana said...

Sweet lttle tootsies! Thanks for the great doodling inspiration! Must try that.

Paula said...

Great challenge - hope to give it a try.
Enjoy your holiday!

Helsbells said...

Hope you're having a good holiday at the seaside :)

Well, I had a go at the doodling and loved it. Thanks for the tips!

You can see my layout here:

Thanks for the challenge!


Kate said...

Ok, my 'try' is here

Jenga said...

here is mine :)

Looby said...

Mine's all done - but the weather's too pants to take a pic - will try later!

Looby said...

Mine's now up - really enjoyed doing this Lou - thanks so much! x

pokettiger said...

Love the little piggies photo! So cute!