Monday, 8 October 2007

Pencil Lines #53

I started this LO last night and managed to finish it this afternoon whilst Reuben and Harry had a nap. I had to scrap a picture of this toy before it ends up buried under a pile of other unplayed with toys!
Mum has a bit of an obsession with the grabber machines you get at the seaside, you know the ones... it picks the toy up, moves towards the hatch, then drops it!!! On our holiday to Mablethorpe this year, she spotted this mushabelly toy in one of the machines along the main street, and wanted to win it for Harry. It took all week and god knows how many £ coins before the machine finally gave up the prize!

And after all that, Harry isn't the least bit bothered about it...LOL!!!

I based the LO on the pencil lines #53, and used the Imaginisce papers from Sam at Scrapfairies. The papers are so versatile, I have used them on 4 LOs now and they all look so different. The journaling stamp in the bottom left corner is also available from Sam... even if you have other journaling stamps such as the AL ones, you really need this set as they are smaller and so cute. The small typewriter font stamps are also available from Sam... seriuosly, get yourself over to her shop now... you know you want to... correction, you know you NEED to:)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of a mushabelly! but love your LO - your lettering in your titles is always inspirational and I like the addition of the green: pops off the page. :) Alexa

Rach said...

this is fab, love the papers you've used

Craftyangel said...

lovely layout, great colours.....fab!

ania said...

Ooo I love your colorchoices!! And aww sucha cute ladybug hehe :D (well, ladybuglike :) )