Monday, 8 October 2007


After reading Jem's blog, she has prompted us to think about what we are thankful for, so here is my list.

1) Rob, a wonderful (if annoying at times) husband who loves me even when I am a nightmare to live with.

2) - as without this chatroom I wouldn't have met Rob!

3) Oliver and Harry - my two gorgeous boys who I adore.

4) Dr Eyong - without him I wouldn't have my gorgeous boys.

5) Jaspa - the cutest westie this side of the world, Ham holds the title for the other side of the world.

6) Friends who have put up with my selfish attitude when ttc... you know who you are and I love you X

7) My wonderful Invader friends who keep me laughing and smiling at the silliest things... moments like those make life rich, thank you X

8) My parents, fantastic grandparents and they do so much for us I couldn't even start to list.

Take time today to think about what you are grateful for... if it is a person, let them know and put a smile on their face.


Well Autumn is well and truly here for us... and although I do love this time of year for it's beauty, I HATE the tree outside our house that drops its leaves!!! We end up with them everywhere and it drives me insane!!!I have already swept the leaves brought in yesterday up and cleaned the floor in the hall, but now that the double buggy has been brought in we have leaves everywhere again... and don't even get me started on when the wind blows them in when you open the front door...LOL!!!


Jenga said...

Lol we have just blogged an almost identical entry to each other!!

Thanks for being a brill friend xxx

Diana said...

LOL, it is spring here and I STILL have loads of leaves around. lovely pic.

Bobs said...

Fabby shot, Louise. It was nice to read the things you are thankful for. I should do that to.

cass said...

oh wow that is the most perfect Autumn leaf and i love the contrast with the stones too

Charli said...

We have the same problem at our house Louise - but I have learned to love them now! Fab autumn pic - the leaf looks great against the stony background x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant shot Louise, love the textures with the gravel and leaf :D

Jemma said...

Love the photo and the list! its great thinking of what you thankful for isnt it! - however the leaves issue!!! - so good to live in an apt sometimes and i get to chose the tree for my new house im thinking a pine tree (or fern tree as barry thinks they are called!)

Jemma said...

OH PS - when i went to get my boots the lady was like, we only have one pair left and unless you have huge feet they wont fit, they are a size 11, (UK 8), i was like, yeah thats my size!! But at least ill be a cute yetti! xx

Hazel said...

Simply beautiful photo. I know what you mean about the leaves!

Eleanor said...

Beautiful against the peagravel.
Your gratitude is humbling.

Rachael said...

Great shot it contrasts brilliantly against the gravel.x

Aubrey Harns said...

Beautiful shot Louise! I love the texture of the leaf against the pebbles!

Joy said...

What a lovely shot!!! Love the leaf against the pebbles!

etteY said...

gorgeous shot Louise!

Jolanda said...

Love your take on the word. Beautiful contrast between leaf and rocks!