Friday, 12 October 2007

Home alone

Rob has gone away for the weekend to Poole, so I am a single parent for a few days! So once the kids are in bed it's guilt free scrapping time for me:)

We need to go and get Oliver some more school shoes this afternoon... it was only when he was rolling on the floor in the playground yesterday that I saw his current shoes have holes in the bottom!!! does this make me a bad mum? I clean the shoes 2 or 3 times a week but had never noticed the wear and tear... well how often do you look at the bottom of your shoes... unless you have fabby Art company shoes like mine:) So off we will go after school and have the trauma of feet being measured, and choosing shoes that we both agree on. All I can say is thank goodness he isn't a girl because it must be 10 times worse agreeing on a pair as there is so much more choice for girls.

Bit of a strange one today... I could have taken a piccie of my tongue complete with one of those little white spot things right on the tip... OMG how much do they hurt!
I tried to take a piccie of harry's tongue... it's usually sticking out, but as soon as I point the camera at him in goes his tongue! surely he can't have learnt so young to not let mummy get any photo that will embarrass at a later age...LOL!
So today's picture is of another annoying toy that we have in our space. It's a pull along dog that barks and pants as it goes. As if this isn't annoying enough, when you stop playing with it, it whines!!! Thank god for off switches!!!


Diana said...

But that is so cute and great red tongue. Love your toy pics! I am now even more embarrassed about my shot blush!!!

Bobs said...

That's so cute!! I know what you mean about on/off switches though!! lol

Rachael said...

That's a really cute shot. Wish the tongue I used today had an on off switch! Lol

Terrie Farrell said...

At least that one posed for you LOL! Know whta you mean about being the single parent thing, pete is hardly ever home...hasn't been for over 3 years and won't be for another 5! so in the meantime i'm getting as much scrapping done as i can!

SuzyB said...

Just played catch, how cool for a fireman to give you his number! LOL
Love all the photos but the tongue one made me smile :o) x

Hazel said...

What a great choice!

Maaike said...


Charli said...

Louise - nightmare!! I have tried to comment on your blog about 4 times now and it keeps kicking me out - darn puter.

Anyhoo - love the pic - we have loads of annoying toys in our space too lol

I live near to Lancaster Louise, my ma and me, drove down to the trafford centre with the kids yesterday - how I love that place!

etteY said...

awww so cute!! and great shot!

Jemma said...

he he love your tounge.
Harry is a CLEVER boy!!!

pokettiger said...

Great tongue photo - how cute!