Thursday, 4 October 2007

I've been tagged!!!

OK so I have been tagged by lovely Sam... so here goes

4 Places I have worked ~ my first job was as a catering assistant at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, when I was 16. I loved it there, not the job, but working with a dreamboat called Tim *swoon*. I then worked at the COOP in Edwinstowe on the delicatessen. I worked there for 5 years whilst I did my A-levels and degree. This is where I met my first love Keith... so happy memories all round. My first teaching post was at the Dukeries Community College in Ollerton. I had a fabby time there and met some of the best people... and taught some wonderful kiddywinkles. My last teaching post was at the Manchester Academy, which was horrid from day 1. I did make a few fantastic friends, but don't get me started on the management team!!!

4 Places I've visited ~ My favourite 'before marriage and kids' holiday had to be in Ibiza where I met a footballer and went on to have a short but lovely relationship with him:) My favourite beach is at Llanbedr in Wales, I love it so much I took a couple of school trips there. The place I have been to a couple of times but would love to go back to is Cairo... I just need to go back with a good camera. I would also love to go back to Rudesheim in Germany... gorgeous scenery, lovely walks and great beer in the evening!

4 Favourite foods ~ olives, houmous, pizza, sushi, chocloate, twiglets, phish food, bombay mix, chinese crispy beef, (lets face it, you can't narrow this category down to just 4)

4 Places I would rather be ~ In Canada with Jem's and Jen (I would have included Barry had it not have been for his not wise in the head comment :P), In Burton Joyce with Annie. In Jake with an empty trolley and 5 minutes to do a dash. In bed.

Right I am tagging



Helen said...

I spent many family and school holidays in Rudesheim - would love to go back as an adult and experience the beerhalls!

Helsbells said...

That comment was from me in case you were wondering :) Wrong google account!

Jenga said...

Well your replies are more sensible than mine!!! Ah Canada with you and Jems - what a lovely thought :)