Friday, 5 October 2007


Didn't get round to posting yesterdays pic as the batteries on the camera died and I couldn't find the charger. This prompted a mass clear up and a furniture change around... the charger is found and so too were bits of toys that Oliver has been looking for for a while!

the only metal mesh we have is on the hamster cage, and so not interesting no matter how you photograph it... to I went for the mesh keeping those pesky pairs in their box!!! Love how the shot has turned out... now must remember to eat the pears before they turn to mush!

It had to be the blade on my craft knife... I get through so many it is untrue. I love this knife as it just feels right when I hold it. I used to get the replacement blades through school and had a mild panic when I started to run low. Thank goodness for the internet and ebay, as I have tracked down a supplier in the UK... let the hand cutting commence...LOL!!!
The final LOs for the Masterchef competition can be seen HERE. There have been some fabulous LOs produced over the course of the competition and I feel really proud of myself to have got through to the final. If I don't get any further I am happy to have got this far. Good luck to all the finalists... we should know by Sunday who got through.


Diana said...

Great mesh and blade and what a lovely LO. Have a great weekend
Love Di

Jemma said...

great pics and good luck!!!

Hazel said...

Love your photos, particularly the blade (glad you were able to track down some on the internet). Gorgeous LO.

SmileyCarrie said...

love those pics... especially teh blade picture!
That layout is fantastic too... love the colours :) Good luck on the competition :)

Charli said...

Good luck with the masterchef competition Louise!!

Fab mesh pic, and love the blade pic too!

Eleanor said...

Ooh, love that layout,just fab.
Very original mesh, EAT THOSE PEARS.
And that knife. THAT KNIFE. I had a handle like that, it vanished without trace, (think now that it must have fallen into the bin) and I have never found one I like as much - the blades are nice and whippy in it.

Bobs said...

Two great shots for today and yesterday! I also loved reading the '4 things' tag!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great photos! Wonderful LO too!

Bobs said...

You've been tagged (again)! See my blog for details!

Natalie said...

Good luck with the competition. x

etteY said...

great mesh and blade pics!

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow AWESOME layout Louise... I'm not surprised you have gotten this far though your layouts are always beautiful:D

Great shots for HS/MS too, would never have thought of the mesh covering the pears :D

SuzyB said...

But I want to see the hamster? Please?

I like the DOF on your blade too, could be a B & Q advert!

Good luck with the Masterchef comp! x

Anonymous said...

good luck louise, i really mean that! let us know how you get on, roll on sunday!