Thursday, 4 October 2007

Scrapfairies LOs

I showed you the senaks, and if you followed the links to Scrapfairies you will have already seen the LOs in full, but here they are blogged to share.
I loved working with the black and white, although I did add coloured cardstock. I gave the LO of my mum and dad to my mum and she loved much so we had to go and get her a 12x12 album and she has now started scrapping that size too!

The trust is earned LO is my first LO without a photo. I wanted to scrap a poem that Rob wrote for me when we first met. I had just come out of a violent relationship and wasn't in the place to be trusting men... let alone a man who I had met on the internet...LOL!!! There is a line in the poem that reads 'trust is earned and may take time, this being the reason for this rhyme', so now the title should make sence to you. I must say that I am loving the hot pink and electric blue with the black and white... will have to have another go with this colour combination.

The third LO was a back to school LO with a difference. I have already done the 'stand there in your uniform and smile LO', but felt that I wanted to include something about the start of the new academic year. So I decided to scrap about the loathsome job of sewing in name labels! Normally I would have bought iron in or stick in labels, but oh no... Oliver wanted the ones with a picture of a car on, and they only came in the sew in variety... gggggrrrrrrrrr!!!

And I thought I had done a good job of stitching them in... only for Sam to say that I needed sewing lessons...LOL!!!
Went shopping this morning and bought a new pair of jeans and a top, and fell in love with the most gorgeous pair of shoes... just need to be VERY nice to Rob as they were a little on the pricey side, and to be honest I don't really need another pair of Art shoes.... what!!! am I mad!!! of course I NEED another pair... these ones are yellow, and I don't have a yellow pair...
Right, off to Jem's blog for a workout... be back tomorrow with some new scrapping to show you:)


Helsbells said...

Great ideas for layouts. Especially like the poem one.

Love your Sprinkles layout too especially your use of the waste piece! Good luck hun xx

Jenga said...

What the heck are art shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!

Rach said...

Fab LOs!

See Helen agrees with me about the sprinkles lo! :P