Friday, 6 July 2007


Barry's prompt for today is 'beans'. You've got to go and look at his pics, they are amazing... I love the smell of coffee beans, but can't drink 'real' coffee as it sends me hyper!!! So what beans do we have in our space? We have chilli beans.

Oliver won't eat kidney beans, but he loves 'chilli' beans... LOL!!!

On the subject of Oliver and his faddy eating... we now have him eating sandwiches. They have to be cut into the shape of a dinosaur but who cares if he eats them... so my trauma over what to put in his packed lunch in September is over. The boy eats sandwiches....wooooohooooooo for cookie cutters!!!


Barry said...

I love chilli beans - but then I do tend to have chilli nearly every day for lunch! I really like just how red they look and how they really glisten!

Jemma said...

He he that is so cute, thanks for the idea, barry got heart shaped sandwiches for his picnic thanks to you!

Vanda said...

Great photo Louise. What a fab colour they are. No one will touch them in our house ~ lol xXx