Monday, 16 July 2007

Pencil Lines #41

I haven't blogged for a few days as I have been to my mum's. Had a good couple of days there, and Oliver and Harry had fun too.

Came back to find out that I had made it through the first round of the Spoonful of Sprinkles DT comp.... woooohooooo!!! only to find out today that round 2 does not allow the use of patterned paper... so as pp is my thing, that's me out then... still I am pleased that I got through the first stage:)

Being away from home meant that I haven't had the chance to scrap, so it was a real joy tonight to sit down to Pencil Lines sketch 40. These photos were taken last weekend at our local park. Oliver has got to the stage now where he is happy to pose for one piccie... any more than that and I have to resort to threats or bribery!!! So I decided to just snap away, and am actually really pleased with these random photos.
I also want to TOOT TOOT for Monika... she has just been asked to take part in the sketch challenge for Scrapbook Inspirations. Way to go Mon, it's about time you were in print:)


Anam_Kihaku said...

love the layout :)

ps.. cardstock can be wetting, crumbled, stamped on, painted, ... think textures and you'll be fine.. btw!! well done on getting through round 1 :)

Jemma said...

wooo hooo for getting through round one!! I love this lo, im loving these colours at the moment! Oliver is turning in to such a wee man, iykwim glad you are back x

Looby said...

Love these photos - nice and natural!
Well done on getting through to the next round of the sprinkles DT - I'm sure you'll breeze through the next round too!
oh, and Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous layout, congratulations on getting through round one on sprinkles... don't give up though, I'm sure you will manage to do a wonderful layout without patterned papers :)

Roz Roz said...

Girly, what you on about, thats you out, rubbish, get inspired by plain paper, and make patterns on it yourself. fantastic layout and pics btw.