Monday, 9 July 2007

Eeek a picture of me!!!

This picture was taken at my friends wedding... and although I hate it of me, I thought it was important to scrap as I don't have many of me with Harry as I normally the one doing the snapping. But isn't Harry the most gorgeous little chappie... I could eat him all up:)

The journaling reads 'you made my heart happy again'. I saw friends at the wedding who I hadn't seen for months... the same friends who had seen me at my lowest in the months following the miscarriages and through the trauma of TTC. They commented on how happy I looked, and it is all thanks to this little fella...

Now for my latest trauma.... COLOUR BLOCKING!!!!!! Nikki's TT set last week was to use this technique.... and I just can't do it. I have spent ages pushing bits of paper and photos around and no matter where I place them, it all looks like poop!!! I am determined that I WILL complete this tomorrow, so hold on to your hats and prepare for a LO that will make you giggle at its rubbishness!!!


Jemma said...

He is such a sweetheart and im so glad he has brought you so much happiness. Love the lo and im going to have a go at Nikkis challenge tonight also!

Jenga said...

Cute pic - and yes it is important to scrap pics of you :)

I haven't even attempted Nikki's TT yet!!

Jolanda said...

Nice LO! Not such a bad picture!
You asked about the font I used for "Eraser". It is called SF Diego Sans.
I could send it to you if you mail me your adress.

mail to: