Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Last minute madness!!!

So I have known about the spoonful of sprinkle DT challenge for ages, so I have had plenty of time to

a) think of an idea
b) have a photo taken when I have been spot free
c) create a LO without in my own good time

So what do I actually do? I leave it until 7:40pm on the deadline date...LOL!!!

Need to take a piccie of me... OMG where did that spot come from (find concealer and do a rush cover up job)
Need to print photo... laptop says printer can't be found (how is this possible when it is sat at the side of it and is connected by a wire)
Need to come up with a design... choose papers first... decide against 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice of papers.... rummage through scraps box... find the perfect papers.
Push pieces of paper around the page for ages before DH tells you that you need to just get on with it (what does he know....grrrrrrrr)
OK so DH is right (this time only but don't tell him) so get on with it, and actually quite like the end result :)

So that's 2 LOs of me in as many days... I must say I am actually quite enjoying my BOM:)

I really enjoyed making the paper doll and the outfits... wouldn't it be fab if you could get clothes in the exact pattern as scrapping papers... I'd love a dress in the AL French Twist green, but then again I'd love a figure like the doll more...LOL!!!

Photo prompt catch up... as set by Barry the prompt is 'stationary'. I knew straight away that I had to take a piccie of my favourite pens... I just love these, the colours the shape, the case they are in, the way the write... is it possible to love a pen?


Jemma said...

great lo cant belive you cut all that out by hand! i cant belive it wasnt picked up! - so come on where is your colour blocking lo???

MaaikeV said...

yes you can
they're waiting to be written with I think
lovely colours

Laura G said...

hi Lou! Tried replying to your entry but email bounced back. we've got it and good luck!! lauxx

Rach said...

Lou I love the LO - fab!

Helsbells said...

I love those pens too - it's the case that does it for me.

Can I be cheeky and ask what pens they are as I quite fancy some :D

Monika said...

Lou I just think this is the best page ever. Love it.