Wednesday, 11 July 2007


No I'm not being rude.... it is Nikki's photo prompt. Really boring photo as we don't have interesting knobs in this house... preferring drawers with handle holes iykwim...LOL!!!

I think it is my turn to prompt... have lost track a bit, so my prompt is 'wheel'. My photo is of Oliver's go cart wheel against the grass in the park.

My photo for the
HS:MS game is 'robot'. A transformer robot that is usually left lying around waiting to trip me up!!!


Vanda said...

Fab photos Louise and thanks for the prompts :O)

Barry said...

Sorry I’m playing catch up! – Thursdays prompt is up also! Great idea for the ART shot! Love the fact that the “Arts” is clear but the rest is readable out of focus (iykwim). The needle shot is a fantastic close up, I love the metal look and feel you have captured. The colours in you stationary photo are fantastic, really bright and fun photo! We don’t have knobs either so it was a difficult one! Jem would love those sparkly ones though! Great wheel shot, loce the sturdy wheel texture against the soft grass. And did Jem tell you about the transformers film – it was fantastic, highly recommend it!

Jemma said...

i do love your knobs, guess robs off the hook now ;) x

Diana said...

I love the shots - wow you girls are GREAT

Aubrey Harns said...

Nice shots. I'm playing a bit of catch up too. It's too hard making up a word myself! :)