Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Thank you!!!

To Jemma for sending me these gorgeous stamps... a lovely surprise on yet another rainy Manchester morning... Your are a star.
I feel really spoilt as not only did the postie bring these, he also brought me a set of 4 macro lens thingies... all this and it is still a couple of weeks until my birthday!!!

Didn't get the chance to scrap last night after a rather traumatic hoover experience!!! It isn't very often I use the big hoover downstairs, as we tend to use the handheld then use floor wipes as it is all laminate... but last night, for some reason I got the big hoover out. Hoovered the living room, no problem... hall way, no problem... kitchen... OMG!!!! I moved the mop from the corner behind the door and the BIGGEST spider ran straight out at me!!! I screamed and threw the hoover, went to run away and and hit the door...OUCH!!! so that will teach me... hoovering is not a good thing to do and should be left well alone!!!

So I log on this moning to see what the photo prompt is... and it's 'hoover', set by Barry..... arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!! So out it comes again for this quick pic... our poor old Dyson... one of the original models in now looking a bit worse for wear with its scuffs and scratches. And now they come in so many funky colours... will ours give up the ghost so I can get a nice new one... oh no, on it goes and goes and goes....LOL!!!!


Jemma said...

Glad you liked them!!! - now get making some pages so i can copy what you do, (and no cutting round the letters once you have stampped them because you know i cant do that!)
SNAP on the hoover, ours is only 6 months old and the photo bar took you can see ALL The scratches already!!

Jemma said...

oh meant to say - YUCK about the spider, ROb will have to do all the house work from now on Just in case!

Vanda said...

Great photo of a trusty old friend :O) Good old Dyson, they never let us down do they xXx

nikki said...

we have that hoover too!! at least I think so havent seen it in a while - lol