Sunday, 29 July 2007

Yey I got through!!!

To the next round of the Masterchef Sprinkles comp! Thank you to all of you who voted for me. I was really pleased with my LO, which will be a pressie for my friend Billie as it is of her gorgeous little girl, Eva. I hope I can produce another piece I am as happy with for the next round, the ingredients are

1 sheet of plain cardstock
3 patterned papers (1/2 sheet of each)
3 buttons
2 x 12 inch lengths of ribbon
1 large blossom
1 slide mount

Will get my thinking head on tomorrow after the strongbow haze has gone...LOL!!!

The Pencil Lines sketch went live again tonight, and although I have done it, I am not happy with it... drunken scrapping is so not a good thing... will give it another go when I find time *rolls eyes*

Here are the flowers I made for the teacher pressies... they were very happy with them, or so they said. I really like them too, and have 5 sat on my mantel piece. Rob isn't so keen, but what does he know eh?!?!
And last but not least a few piccies of my big 4 year old on his new bike. We have had a few accidents already resulting in scraped knees and elbows, but he is loving being a 'big boy' on posh wheels!


willowthewysp said...

Loving your layout...and drunk too?!Good going!
Flowers are fab too!...I must get round to making some!
Well done on getting through to round 2!...(so it was your layout that was the stunner!)

Tracie H said...

Well I wish my scrappin was as good as that after Ive had a few too many glasses of falling down water!
Congrats on round 2 BTW :)
Great flowers too!

Jemma said...

Congrats - is that your page, i voted for that one cos i thought it was fab!!!!
Love the lo of Harry, OMG it totally looks like hes enjoying that ice cream!!!
And GO OLIVER!!! on his funky green big bike!!!
You have two cute cute wee men!!

Jenga said...

Well I love the LO!!! and I didn't really like the sketch but I might try it now !! Your boys are so like mine - stuffin his face and showing off on a new bike :D We really should get them together over the summer :)

nikki said...

well done Louise - it is a fab layout and glad others thought so too - cant wait to see what you produce for the next round!!

Looby said...

well done on getting through to the next round lou! (and god I hate you for being able to doodle like that! ;-)LOL - seriously amazing LO)
And just how cute is your little man on his "big" bike?!

Helsbells said...

Amazing layout - is that doodling and machine stitching? It's fabby anyway!!! :)

You deserved all those votes!

Julie said...

Louise I popped in here to see your interpretation of the pencil lines layout and was really pleased to see you had made it in the sprinkles comp. I voted for your lay-out cos I thought it stood out amongst all the others...its really fab. I got knocked out in the first round and was absolutely gutted to go out so early so I shall be routing for you now so good luck in the next round. :)

30 July 2007 12:26

Jules said...

Well done on getting through, that is a really "wow" layout, no wonder you are pleased with it! I rather like your "drunken" creation too :o)

Anam_Kihaku said...

well done you!!! i love both layouts (ps a lot of my best work is done after a bailey or two - sets me free from the rules)

MJ said...

Loved this LO, one of my favourites, good luck


Eleanor said...

Just blown away by your Eva LO. Too gorgeous for words.