Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I'm back, and I'm smiling:):):)

Sorry for the moany post... I am smiling again:) And thank you for all the kind comments:)

Tonight I have been decorating chipboard flowers ala Anita Mundt in SI, for teachers presents... I have taken pics but the light is pants so I will take more in the morning:)

Tomorrow is Oliver's 4th birthday... OMG where did that time go?!?!?! scary!!! I am so excited... all his friends have 'big boys bikes' and Oliver has a baby trike... we have told him that as he can still ride the trike he doesn't need a bike, and can have one when he is 7. We obviously have got him a bike, and it is so funky... he will be given his power rangers in the morning, then Mama and Grandad are going to surprise him by collecting him from nursery, and I will be in the playground with his new bike:) Then it is Pizza Hut for tea with a yummo chocolate button birthday cake:)

Will be back with piccies tomorrow:)


Jemma said...

sorry you had a crappy week, mojo obviously dont have a clue!!!!

however i wish you were my mam - give bar some hints for my next birthdayxx

Jenga said...

awwwwwwwwwwww - now who is more excited you or Oliver?!?!?!?!! haha x

Monika said...

glad you're smiling again.

Jules said...

i'm visiting your blog for the first time and had a flick looksie through your layouts. Wow, they are soooooo good! i hope to aspire to being as good one day :o)

Craftydramaqueen said...

First time visitor! Your scrapbook pages are really good. Pictures are so cute. Hope you can hang on to your mojo!!!

Julie said...
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