Thursday, 20 September 2007

I scrapped last night!!!

and it felt soooooo good. I have been caught up with the mini book from hell for what seems like an eternity, so it was really good to get a quick LO done last night. I can't show you all of it just yet as it for Sam at Scrapfairies, but here is a sneaky peaky. Just need to give a big TOOT TOOT for my real life and UKS friend Monika who has had her first published LO win a prize:) You need to have a look in scrapbook inspirations at the Afro Kid LO... it is gorgeous, and even better in real life. Well done hun, you ROCK!!!


So the question for today is why do boys break their toys?!?!? I am sick and tired of putting heads/legs/arms/wheels back on Oliver's toys. This morning whilst tidying up I found this mystic force ranger lying abandoned with an arm missing. You might think why not throw it back into the toy box as I found it, but I just can't... I have to fix them before putting them away. So the hunt was on for a yellow left arm. After 20 minutes (yes I really did waste 20 minutes of my life looking) I found the arm... floating in the dogs water bowl!!!
So yellow ranger is whole again and tucked up safe and sound with the rest of the rangers... and I can relax until this afternoon when the toy wrecker returns!!!


Ruth said...

aahhh, I remember the dismembered days of my boys youth. LOL I don't know what it is about boys,but you're right, they have to take EVERYTHING apart. Great shot!

Jemma said...

bless Jaspa thought he had got himself a nice treat!!!

i want to see the LO!!!!

Charli said...

Lol its definitely a boy thing Louise isnt it!! My Shaun does this a lot!! Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Heh Heh they just can't help themselves can they!! Boys!!
Congrats to your friend on having her first LO published and can't wait to see all of yours it looks fab :)

Bobs said...

Boys just have to take things apart so they can try t put them together again. Trouble is, they all fail dismally! lol

Love the shot though. And well done for getting the minibook and some scrapping done! Yay!

Joy said...

LOL! I grew up with 3 younger bros and they would intentionally pull apart their toys and switch arms and legs, etc. All their toys were mutants! Boy thing, I suppose!

Nice shot!

Nina said...

Callum is the same. Buy a £30 starwars lego set, He builds it the breaks it up to make millions of little ships! At least he is being creative!

Sue Nicholson said...

Yes, I'm afraid you just have to accept it! It is a boy thing. Even at 14 ds still takes toy cars apart, swaps wheels etc and plays with Lego. I have given up trying to work out why!!

Great book photos too :)

I have the magazine but is still in the plastic bag unopened to take on holiday. I'll look for your friends lo whilst laying on the beach next month!


Deanne said...

a-ha yes i know 'that' power ranger - lol
That bear die of mine, it actually makes a whole bear too. I cant remember who i got it off but i know my friend has designed her own now, and thats even better! Check out this link, she has one available!

sorry for the long link, cant think of a shorter way lol x

Hazel said...

Awwww - boys and broken toys go together! Love the sneaky peeks at the LO -- a colour combination I love.

etteY said...

cool shot! i remember KC removing her barbie dolls' heads and legs and I would always put them together, sigh! kids! kids! and kids! LOL!

nikki said...

glad it is not just my boys - girls do it too tho not as much :) - definite TOOTTOOT for Monika that LO is fab!

Anonymous said...

I so understand re the broken/lost toys. I will ponder for as long as it takes regardless of what I am doing until I remember where a lost item can be, & often will go find it there & then.