Friday, 21 September 2007


To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something. Find ' stare' in your space today.
This wooden carving sits on my shelf staring in the direction of the door. Rob hates her as he says she stares at him and he wants to get rid of her. I love her so she is staying, end of. I'll tell you a secret now, she was a bought for me by my first love on a romantic weekend away, so she also has happy memories associated with her. Rob of course does not know her history... good job really as I think her days would definitely be numbered...LOL!!!

What a poo pants day we are having in Manchester... rainy and miserable. I was hoping to get some craft sorting done for tomorrows crop whilst Niblet is asleep, but decided to make rock buns for Rob instead. He likes something sweet at night time, and as sweet and lovely as I am, I provide him with baked goodies to keep him happy:)

Be back later:)


Bobs said...

Ok, so I'm going to stake my claim now. If you ever have to get rid of her .... I'll be waiting with open arms! :D I think she's fab and I love how you've taken the shot too.

Enjoy the crop tomorrow. As you know, I'm going to one too - my first!

Hazel said...

Great shot! Hope Rob doesn't read about its history!

Sue Nicholson said...

lol at your comment yesterday re me ironing :D

Great photo. I have some salad servers that were passed on to me by my Mum that would match your mask perfectly.

Just stopped raining here BUT very very wet today.

Bye for now


Jemma said...

im sure you are sweet enought!!

im with rob though, i cant have any pictures on the wall or anything i hate being stared at!!!

Anonymous said...

Great stare photo I love your mask... I love wooden things... hope Rob doesn't read your post

Charli said...

Fab photo - what an interesting carving! I think you're right, her days would be numbered if he found out!! But he cant complain too much, just witdraw the baked goodies, that would soon sort him out I bet lol

SuzyB said...

Great carving, but all the better for having such lovely memories attached to it x

Rachael said...

I love her she's beautiful. Hope Rob doesn't read your blog today. x

Anna said...

Lovely statue. I hope your DH doesn't read your blog!!!!