Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I feel so icky:(

I don't know whether it is because I am over tired or because I am coming down with something, but I feel so ick! and before anyone says I might be pregnant, I'm not... wish I was though, but lets not go there as I am starting to struggle with the broodiness again:( I thought it might be because I was hungry, but I have had a little brekkie and that has made me worse... whatever it is I hope it goes soon!

Today's prompt for HSMS is jug... we only have one jug in our space, and it is this one we use for juice. I t holds the 8 glasses your are supposed to drink in a day to stay hydrated, and I fill it to try and make myself drink enough... never seems to work though. If I did drink that much I would be constantly up and down the stairs to the loo!!!!
Yesterday I made a little altered clipboard using the September goodies from Scrapfairies. It is going to hang in our kitchen so we can write things to go on the shopping list... this will stop any of the 'why didn't you get such and such?'.... er because I am not psychic and didn't know that you had ruin out of shaving gel/branston pickle/sandwich bags!!!!

I have emailed the images across to Sam so you can see the 3 LOs and the clipboard over on the site HERE. Please let me know what you think.
What's going on with the Masterchef competition? well out of the 7 that got through to round 5, 2 dropped out, so the remaining 5 are all through to the final. Caroline is sending us each a kit with which we are to design a class with written instructions. There will be a mini crop on Saturday 6th October on the forum, where members can choose which class they want to do. If you want to join in the fun you can buy one if the kits HERE.


Bobs said...

Love the colour of the liquid in your jug. Unless it's cranberry juice, which is vile! lol

Good luck with the mini crop!

Jenga said...

Love the Scrapfairies DT Lo's and the clipboard. You tallented little Scrap Fairy!!! lol

Good luck with the Masterchef final - you deserve to win :)

Joy said...

I had a difficult time finding a jug in my space too! But I like the color of your juice. Makes the shot look interesting. :D

Terrie Farrell said...

Great photo, good luck in the competition, love the colours you're choosing, one of my favourite combos. X

etteY said...

I don't take that much liquid in my body that why I'm fat!LOL! I love your picture, makes me want to drink it :P

Linda said...

That juice looks tasty, or maybe I'm just thirsty! Love the bottom photo too. :-)